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Maintenance Results



Apart from general WordPress upgrade compliance, recent maintenance was intended to resolve some hitches that had developed in commenter registration. In particular, the sending of confirmation e-mails, as well as password change request e-mails, had grown sporadic and sketchy.  If folks continue to have any problems, please let me know at the address on the far right sidebar.



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  • so-in-so

    Well, since the update I have to log-in more often to comment, and when I do it rarely takes me from the log-in page back to where I tried to comment. Other than that, I don’t see a change.

    • gorillagogo

      Im testing the mobile site to see if i can reply in thread to another comment. Hasn’t worked before.

      ETA: woo hoo!

  • Robert Farley

    Is anyone having trouble with the dashboard bar on the mobile version?

    • were-witch


      I see a speedometer and a generic face image floating awkwardly in dark darkness.

    • LNM_in_LA

      Yes, sir. I am, sir. Every time, sir.

      Leetle tiny sliver of the LGM logo peeks out underneath, though, so if I enlarge the page, I can sometimes hit it to get to the top menu.

      Chrome browser, Moto X Pure, Android. Latest OS update. Screenshot on request.

  • ThrottleJockey

    I was hitting a lot of slow scripts these past couple of weeks.

    • bender

      Me too. Incessantly. On this visit, in fact. Played a computer game for a few minutes waiting for it to clear.

      IMac running El Capitan.

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