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Bernie’s Staff Going to Clinton’s Campaign



To what extent Bernie Sanders’ success among young people was due to especially skilled campaign staffers, I cannot really say, but I suppose it’s an encouraging sign that Sanders’ director of student organizing, Kunoor Ohja, has taken a job with the Clinton campaign as her national campus and student organizing director.

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  • Yes, I’m very excited by this news. And still get a thrill when I see even fragments of phrases like “her national campaign.”

    • Tis very sweet!

    • efgoldman

      I’m very excited by this news.

      This is oldish news, but has Sanders actually said, out loud so the Berniacs might pay attention, something like “The Democratic party has made its choice, I support that choice, my campaign is over. It’s time for all of us to work together to elect Hillary Clinton and keep the Monitor Lizard out of the White House.”

      As far as I know, he still hasn’t supported anybody downticket by name except Russ Feingold and the wacko crazy guy who’s running against DWS.

      • brendalu

        And pro-lifer Marcy Kaptur.

        He’s said the part about the Monitor lizard but none of the rest.

        • Dennis Orphen

          Maybe he thought he was endorsing Mitzi Kapture.

      • Marek

        Unfair to Monitor Lizards.

        And Bernie’s endorsed other House candidates.

      • los

        NV-04 US House. Lucy Flores. Lost primary. 2nd D behind Ruben Kihuen
        Bao Nguyen CA-46 US HouseLou Correa (D) and Bob Peterson (R) will compete in the general election on November 8, 2016. Correa and Peterson defeated Joe Dunn (D), Bao Nguyen (D), Louie Contreras (R), Rodolfo Rudy Gaona (R), Lynn Schott (R), and Nancy Trinidad Marin (Independent) in the top-two primary on June 7, 2016
        D Lou Correa 41.6%
        R Bob Peterson 14.5%
        D Bao Nguyen 13.7%

        There are others…

        but the idea of hardcore support within primaries seems prejudicial. Who did Clinton push during 2008 (or 2016) primaries?

  • To be expected, and a good thing overall. If these people start to leave her campaign, then it will be an issue.

    • “If the good things happen reverse themselves it will be bad.”

      Profound, dude!

    • Hogan

      That would depend on why they leave, no?

  • cleek

    and Trump picked up Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann’s former national campaign manager.

    • efgoldman

      Trump picked up Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann’s former national campaign manager.

      I’m not sure it matters, one way or the other.

      • Ken

        It moves Minnesota into the (R) column. With New York and California also switching, that means Trump is our next President.

        • los

          Bachmann single-handedly wrangled West Lakeland Township into the Trump Camp. (Trump marshmallow twigs are the coolest marshmallow twigs)

  • Karen24

    Politico had a story today that other Sanders campaign personnel were moving over to Clinton’s team including some of his data collection and analysis experts, which is nice since her opponent doesn’t think data is a thing.

    • My wife and I did some phone banking and canvassing for Sanders in the run-up to the NY primary. The data and analysis operation was remarkable to me, and eye-opening. I’d assumed that the money in an campaign was mostly pissed away on media buys, but that was not the case in this instance. The tech was high, and the data was very fine-grained.

      • Moondog

        From where does it come, this fine data? My credit card purchases?

        • los

          likely, some from redditors…

  • We are about to see the same phenomenon in this campaign as we do when people run those simulations: separate the students into red and green teams, or blue eyed against brown eyed, and you get massive hostility and complete opposition. Bring them back together, remix them, and start again and you get a new team dynamic and former enemies discover they have a new commonality.

  • DrDick

    I must say that I take this for a positive sign that she is moving more to the left.

    • Lasker

      I don’t think you can reasonably draw any conclusions about policy from campaign staff in this case. This kind of move is normal after a nominee is chosen. Hopefully Clinton will hire the people who did some of his ads (like the Erica Garner one) as well.

      • NeonTrotsky

        It’s also worth noting that this is the exact kind of thing that isn’t happening on the Republican side. Trump explicitly said he doesn’t want to work with anybody who worked for his opponents.

        • cleek

          well, they did pretty much all run terrible campaigns.. except maybe Cruz. but screw that guy.

          • los

            still couldn’t keep Cruz from looking like a Reptilian Vampire

            • djw

              Yeah but c’mon. That’s an unrealistic expectation.

  • randy khan

    I guess this shows that, if nothing else, his staff knows it’s over.

    I do think it’s a good sign that people are moving over. You want the nominee to have the best staff possible, and that includes the best people from other candidates’ staffs.

    • CrunchyFrog

      Well, perhaps even more than that. In their meeting last week I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders said “I’ve got some great people on my staff, I think they could be of tremendous assistance to you – it would be really nice if you could give them jobs.” By reaching out Clinton strengthens her own staff and also starts the word-of-mouth process of ex-Sanders staffers telling Sanders followers that Clinton is saying and doing the right things.

      Really excellent bridge-building all around.

      • Marek


    • Davis X. Machina

      I guess this shows that, if nothing else, his staff knows it’s over.

      It’s April, 1945. Do you surrender to the Allies, or to the Red Army? Because you’re beaten…

  • jamesepowell

    It’s summer solstice, time to put the spring behind us. Now we come together to work together to defeat the forces of darkness.

    November is coming.

    • Hogan

      And the White Walkers have arisen.

    • Moondog

      Out west, where you vacation, the aspens are turning.

      • N__B

        the aspens are turning.

        On whom?

  • rea

    So, Bernie is opposed to spending federal money on paleontology? “Stop Funding Fossils”?

    • Gwen


    • i8kraft

      I legitimately have no idea what that scarf means. Can anyone help me out here?

      • wjts

        Three possibilities, in ascending order of likelihood:

        1. Stop making political donations to “fossil” candidates like Hilary Clinton and instead donate to vibrant youngsters like Bernie Sanders.

        2. Stop spending money on fossil fuel extraction.

        3. Stop sending welfare checks to lazy australopiths who will just blow them on antelope carcasses and Cadillacs that their tiny cranial capacities will prevent them from driving.

      • JL

        I figured it was an anti-fossil-fuels thing, and Google suggests it is this particular anti-fossil-fuels thing.

  • Regulust

    Obviously this means that Bernie Sander’s campaign staff are neoliberal sellouts & intentionally sabotaged his campaign to let Hillary win.

    • junker

      Yeah, I was gonna say, come on Ohja! Don’t you know there is a revolution going on here?

  • Quite Likely

    I’d say roughly 0% of Sanders’ success was due to unusually skilled staffers. If you assume staffers in general know what they’re doing it’s probably the reverse, since Clinton had a much deeper bench of professional political operatives to draw from. The big thing Sanders had going for him was being able to draw on grassroots forces outside of the usual hierarchical campaign staff structures, not staff brilliance.

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