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LGM Typesetters Hard at Work…

For those of you who still use RSS (a dying breed, you’d think, but then I get e-mails) one of our two feeds has disabled because of the bankruptcy of the company we used to sell RSS ads to. Please subscribe to this feed (  Let me know in comments if you have any problems. FWIW, I still use RSS extensively (Feedly), and share a lot of things directly to twitter from my feed.

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  • Brett

    Looks like I had the right feed set up already, so that’s comforting.

    I don’t get why RSS is dying either, and I use it extensively through Feedly. It’s a tremendously useful way to keep track of posts from literally hundreds of blogs and news sources. What, are people just clicking on links that show up in their twitter feed? Are they using Facebook?

    • Robert Farley

      Snapchat, I think.

      • Brett

        Bleh. I tried out Snapchat, and was mostly just irritated. Good way to send dirty pictures, though.

        • Ransom Stoddard

          They’re actually using Peach.

      • Philip

        Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Things get linked around, so people don’t bother maintaining a big list of RSS feeds anymore. (I don’t get it, I still have something like 60, mostly infrequently updated, but that’s what people have moved to).

    • Turkle

      I wonder this as well. I’d be lost without RSS… I use Digg Reader.

      • los

        newsfox or just the browser, but rss work for threading.

        • los

          rss doesn’t work

    • Almost everything I write about comes from Twitter or Google Alerts I set up, a bit from Facebook. The only website I read daily are TPM, and that more from habit and the Kos election page because I’m interested in state-level electoral politics, having lived in so many of them.

  • Jeff R.

    I noticed the old feed went bad about 3 weeks ago. New one is fine. I used google reader, which I really liked, and then found The Old Reader which is reasonably close. I pretty much use the reader for all my blogging needs. There are a few people I liked to read, tbogg and Ed Kilgore for example, who’ve moved to sites that don’t have rss feeds. I don’t read them anymore; I can’t be bothered to go directly to their sites.

    • Brett

      There’s a couple of sites out there that let you create RSS feeds where there are none. I’ve used the free version of Feedity a lot for that – it comes with a 24 hour delay on posts in the free version, but if they’re not time-sensitive pieces with interesting comment sections who cares.

      That’s the easiest one. FiveFilters is better than feedity, but you have to create a feed using the source code for a website.

      I’m mostly just annoyed when sites won’t even offer title-only RSS feeds anymore. I get it if you want people to click through, but at least let me know there’s stuff there.

      • Jeff R.

        I tried one of those sites but I was pretty to tricky to set up. I’ll try feedity and see if it’s easier. Spork_incident: thanks for the tbogg feed; I couldn’t find it when he moved to rawstory.

        • Try feedly. Seemed fairly easy to set up, no 24-hr. delays.

    • tbogg’s feed is

      I don’t know about Kilgore.


  • gizmomathboy

    Just want to add in my like of RSS.

    I mostly lurk be I do read almost exclusively via RSS.

    Thanks for keeping it working.

    I also noticed the feed going wonky a few weeks ago and changed.

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

    RSS rules: thus far, the only alternatives I’ve seen are SMS notifications, emails and platform-based stuff like Facebook, and they end up just clogging my phone/ inbox etc. . At some point, I hope folks wise up and start using RSS more, because they’re only scratching the surface of its usefulness.

    Then again, I thought OpenID was a great idea too (as well as several Democratic primary candidates who went down in legendary fashion…I have a weakness for wonky uncharismatic technocrats, what can I say?).

    • Yep, strictly feedly here. Even post-employment I haven’t time to trawl all that other crap.

    • LiveFreeOrShop

      Ditto. I’d be lost without RSS. I like Inoreader on the laptop, although it’s $15/year to use all its features. FeeddlerPro on the iStuff.

  • skate

    Thx. i was thinking there must be something wonky with the LGM RSS feed, but as I have about 20 other sites in my Feedly feed, its absence was not so glaring that I had gotten around to investigating what was wrong.

    I think there’s a way of accessing RSS feeds with Apple’s iPhone News app, which I have inexplicably found myself using a lot in the last month or two. Must explore that further.

    • skate

      Yay, figured it out. I now have the LGM feed showing up in the Apple News app on my iPhone.

      Of course, I’ll still be using the website regularly since the comments are almost the best part of the site.

  • nonunique

    I use Feedly as well (RIP Google Reader), and have been aware for a while that it wasn’t updating. I hoped you’d find it eventually, but have been struggling through the web interface nonetheless. Thanks for the tip!

  • los

    there’s no page 2 on feed pages.
    also feeds based on searches don’t merge the same urls, IOW the user must plow through duplicates.

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