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Donald Trump, Who Profits from Outsourcing



Sure, Donald Trump is lying about his opposition to outsourcing and about his caring whether Americans have manufacturing jobs, but if you are Cornel West, at least he’s doing so authentically!

Donald Trump has been tough on American companies that have moved jobs to other countries. That hasn’t stopped the presumptive Republican presidential nominee from investing in them.

Trump has denounced units of United Technologies Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Mondelez International Inc. on the campaign trail — and has received income of as much as $75,000 from bonds issued by all three since January 2015, according to his latest financial disclosure form released Tuesday. He also has invested in Apple Inc.’s stock and bonds even though in February he called for a boycott of the company for refusing to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation unlock an iPhone used by a terrorist in San Bernardino, California.

I mean, sure, we can talk about how bad these companies are. It’s so much easier for me to do that when a piece of their profits are going into my Swiss bank accounts!

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  • DilbertSucks

    Unfortunately I’m not sure this will hurt him. He and his supporters will just spin this as: “See, Trump knows how to game the system! That means he’s exactly the person we need to get in there and shake things up, because he knows how corrupt the system is and he’s ruthless enough to do something about it.”

    What that “something” is remains vague, but this line has sustained him thus far whenever his hypocrisy on outsourcing is mentioned.

    The other day, Hillary referred Trump as a “bully,” which has me concerned because it’s the same attack that Jeb Bush used, and look how that worked out for him. I don’t think she realizes that “bully” makes him sound appealing to a significant percentage of Americans, and not just the Republican base, who want someone with a ruthless streak in office.

    I’m convinced that the most effective way to kill Trump’s appeal is to make him look weak. No one wants a weak leader. It’s electoral death. Elizabeth Warren called him weak during one of her Twitterstorms, and I’d wish she’d follow up on that and stick with that approach.

    Heck, I’d make that his nickname. “Weak Donald.” It might not be alliterative or rhyme, but the same is true of Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco and Crooked Hillary. The point of the nickname is to force the media to write “Weak Donald” in the headlines over and over again until it’s drilled into people’s heads.

    • Crusty

      Correct on all counts. Outsources Trump crap to China? Brilliant management that we could use in our own government!

      A bully? Good! We need a bully to stand up to the terrorists, not like that pussy, Obama. And Hillary? I mean, she’s a women, if the Saudi King is mean to her, she’ll probably cry and run out of the room to fix her makeup.

      And yes, Trump needs to be made to look weak, because he is fundamentally a weak, thin-skinned, small man. He needs to be hit on his flip flops, his desire for public approval before he ever entered politics, and his tax returns, which he is not releasing because he a) doesn’t make as much as he says), b) pays very little in taxes, and c) gives nothing to veterans charities or charities in general. This should be repeated again, and again, and again. Bottom line, someone who is really that great doesn’t need to say how great he is so much. That he does shows that he is weak. Weak!

      But at least the brother is keeping it real.

      • CP

        Merely calling someone a bully, also, conjures up the image of the person calling him that as the middle school weakling getting his face pushed into water fountains because he can’t defend himself. People sympathize with the kid, but don’t want to make him their leader – as Dilbert said, no one likes what they perceive as weakness in a leader. So yeah, calling Trump a bully wouldn’t work. I like the Warren approach though.

        • DilbertSucks

          Not only that, but if the rumors are true, then the reason Trump won’t release his tax returns is that he’s not nearly as rich as he claims. His image as a successful businessman relies on his accumulated wealth. It’s not impressive if he’s just barely holding on to what he inherited. If Hillary were to start the Weak Donald meme now while putting more and more pressure on him to release his tax returns, then that final reveal could be the coup de grace for his campaign. Imagine the headlines:

          “Tax Returns Reveal Weak Donald Not a Billionaire After All: Sad!”


          “Weak Donald Has a Weak Bank Account”


          “Weak Donald Squandered Fortune on Weak Business Ventures”

          etc etc.

        • addicted44

          Why wouldn’t it work?

          The people who think bullying should be ok in school, and the kids are getting too soft are voting Republican anyways.

          Hillary’s goal is to motivate Dem leaners against Donald Trump enough to get them to the voting booths.

          She does that and she will succeed.

    • katal

      I’ve been found of the nickname Creepy Donald, myself.

      It’s absolutely frustrating to watch Hillary attempt to refute Trump by the same methods Jeb tried.

      • UJmmm… not the same at all. She is dismissive, which is the worst thing for Danald; treating him as inconsequential.

        Then she leaves the attacks to surrogates.

        • Crusty

          Yes, she needs to treat him like Barrack Obama did at the correspondent’s dinner, my favorite thing in the world.

        • random

          That’s my preference for how she deal with him too (i.e. as little as possible, let others handle that. I think she can only lose if she gets dragged into a name-calling contest).

          +1 for ‘Creepy Donald’ though. That’s the sort of thing that actually does seem to get under his skin, in addition to making him look a lot weaker than just calling him ‘weak’. I think Lady Diana described him as ‘creepy’.

          • I think Lady Diana described him as ‘creepy’.

            Is Lady Diana Mr. Trump’s Vince Foster? It would be irresponsible not to speculate!

            • O.J.’s glove did not fit.
              Trump has small hands.
              The glove was a golf glove.
              Trump owns several golf courses.

              Who knows what the above facts mean, they are interesting though aren’t they?

              • The Lorax

                People are asking these questions. I’m just pointing out that the questions are being asked.

      • Dennis Orphen

        That nickname is awfully close to Bad Ronald.

      • How about “Donald Dick”? It’s snappy and IMHO gets to the essence. I thought first of “Donald F*ck” but it’s unusable in the MSM.

    • Donny Short Fingers is his mob name.

      • Dennis Orphen

        And his office is the pay phone outside of Umberto’s Clam House.

    • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

      I’m convinced that the most effective way to kill Trump’s appeal is to make him look weak.

      I agree 100%, and as I said before, for a guy who thinks Dilbert sucks, you sure do think similarly to his creator.

  • Donald Trump: activist shareholder.

  • ThrottleJockey

    I’m not sure that lending money to Apple is the same as supporting them. In fact, outside of his real estate, marketing and licensing empire, I doubt that he manages his money at all.

    • Crusty

      Either way, he can tell whoever does his investments, I don’t want to invest in companies that outsource jobs to China. And lending money to them seems like the biggest support there is. In any event, he isn’t going to do that because the companies that outsource jobs to China are profitable, and therefore good investments, if that’s all you care about.

      • I don’t want to invest in companies that outsource jobs to China.

        Wouldn’t that involve not investing in The Trump Organization, Inc.

        • Ahuitzotl

          Well, sure, only an idiot would invest in TTO anyway

  • That picture reminded me of something:

    “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  • Alex.S

    I’m sure his tax returns will explain everything and show that Donald Trump only invests in good American companies.

    • petesh

      No, no: undervalued American companies with lousy management that he can turn to gold with his Midas touch, so they can become really classy-looking low-end auto-repair joints that he can tear down and replace with high-end condos, thus keep the American dream alive.

  • randy khan

    I do think that outsourcing is a potential fruitful area to address in ads, but not by talking about his investments in other companies. IIRC, all of the Trump clothing line is made in China, not here. That’s a good ad. (And I realize that it’s licensed, but that’s not important in an ad, and if he’s forced to explain that he doesn’t really control it, well, that’s even better.)

    The ad is pretty simple, too: “Donald Trump says he’s against outsourcing. Why is he using it in his own business?”

    • ChrisTS

      Some of the clothing line is made in Mexico, too.

      • The rest are made in China.

      • N__B

        They’re strangling ligatures, auto-asphyxiation aids, and rags; and some, I assume, are good ties.

  • Crebit

    How different is this argument from those frequently posed in bad faith to Democrats. “If you think we should have higher taxes, you should just pay more voluntarily.” “If Obama was truly opposed to big money in politics, he shouldn’t have raised all that money, used super PACs.” These are silly arguments that conflate views on policy with reasonable responses to existing policy. Maybe this is a tad different, because Trump is saying that Apple and the other companies shouldn’t outsource, even though it is a reasonable response to existing policy. But that slices the bologna a bit thin.

    • Trump hasn’t just made policy arguments (“companies should be penalized for outsourcing”, say). He’s specifically claimed to be personally boycotting several of these companies.

      • addicted44

        Exactly. Trump isn’t saying “we need to change the laws so companies have less reason to outsource”.

        Trump is saying “Apple outsources. Boycott them!” all while he is doing the same thing.

        The argument would be similar if Democrats were saying we should boycott Apple products because they are using loopholes to pay no corporate taxes within the US, while the Dems themselves were using similar loopholes to lower their own taxes.

        • Brad Nailer

          Boycott Apple? I’m sure all the Trump people carrying iPhones are saying, “Ha! Now we know he’s kidding!”

          • Ahuitzotl

            Oh, no. THey’ll all be going, ‘Yes! boycott Apple! I’ll send that to all my friends on my iPhone’

  • Alex.S

    Speaking of awkward segues that transition from “outsourcing” to “relying on outside sources to raise money for charity to avoid donating money to charity”…



    It looks like the “I’ll skip a debate and raise money for the vets!” event that Trump did raised around 3.3-4.5 million dollars from other people. And Trump’s promise of kicking in one million dollars has gone unfulfilled.

    From every non-Trump source — the only person who has not given money for Trump “raising money for veterans” is Donald Trump.

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