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Two Awful Tastes That Taste Even Worse Together



This seems about right:

The Republican front-runner spoke to approximately 10,000 people at the downtown Albany arena Monday night but had to stop five times due to demonstrators.


Opening the rally, businessman Carl Paladino, who is organizing Trump’s efforts in New York, spoke about the candidate and the groundswell of support he has received.

“They call us the silent majority … how silent are you?” he asked the crowd, which erupted in a roar.

Using a theme that would repeat throughout the evening, Paladino asked, “Are we going to build that wall? Are we going to make Mexico pay for it?”

The thousands of supporters responded with a thundering “yes,” and followed up with their chant, “Build that wall. Build that wall.”

Ah, yes, Carl Palidino — the man who rode anti-Muslim demagoguery to the Republican nomination and then ran a disastrous general election campaign involving yet more racism, threats of violence, stuff like that there. Trump before Trump, one might say. Perfect.

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  • Humpty-Dumpty

    Is he also the guy who sent out the campaign mailer that was scratch’n’sniff garbage? Or am I thinking of some other lunatic?

    • Sly

      For all the hand-wringing about the moral parade of horribles Republicans like to do about gay rights, its totally perplexing fitting that they don’t consider a prominent bestiality enthusiast to be persona non grata.

      Just something to think about.

  • TheBreeze

    Wonder if Roger Waters would donate “Up Against the Wall” and then Trump can shave his eyebrows, etc

  • Wow, those are some fucked-up glasses Carl. Makes you look like a drunk gramps at Thanksgiving who fell asleep in the barcalounger….

    • tsam

      His glasses are trying to run away.

      • Thirtyish

        Can you blame them?

    • Barry Freed

      The glasses thing is a bit reminescent of Gene Scott.

    • DAS

      Would it be irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to!

  • brad

    I thought the Donald only had the best and most wonderful, amazing, really great people working for him. Proven winners.
    Paladino lost by 30 goddamn points.

    • Proven winners who can’t afford to get their glasses adjusted. Got it. Definite winners, there….

    • Of course, he was endorsed by Princess Dumbass of he Northwoods, so MULTIPLE LOSER….even if you count her reality TV shows…

      • brad

        She did win one or two elections, first. Paladino only barely managed to win a primary in which his top competition was Rick Lazio.

        • tsam

          In an Alaskan jerk water sewer, sure.

  • E-mail w/ a bestiality video attached. (I just don’t understand how I remember such vile stuff.)

    • Woodrowfan

      i remembered that too, probably because it was both appalling and bewildering.

      1. Who the hell would think that was worth showing to other people?
      2. Who the hell would think it’s a turn-on??!?!!?!?!?!?

    • AttorneyAtPaw

      Carl Palomino.

  • cpinva

    i think Mr. Trump has proven, convincingly (as if there were any real question), that he’s definitely captured the asshole vote.

    • tsam

      Yeah. There’s ample evidence that supporting Trump just means you’re a lousy, rotten person.

    • DAS

      Chris Christie is probably very upset about this. He was hoping to glide to the GOP nomination on the basis that GOoPs would vote for the biggest asshole in the race. But then Trump simply out-assholed Christie.

  • tsam

    There’s a couple of Real Americans. Yessiree. I wonder if they share a taste in “porn”.

    • N__B

      I’m pretty sure Pakadino is willing to fap to pictures of Ivanka.

      • Thirtyish

        It is certain.

  • kmannkoopa

    Although I didn’t and wouldn’t support him for Governor or any other statewide office. I suspect many here don’t know that he ran and currently holds a seat on the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education. In fact Carl Paladino’s faction has a majority (I’m not sure if all are Republicans)

    Since he was elected, there has been complete and utter disfunction at the board; with lots of lawyers and alleged open meetings law violations. Yet, Buffalo’s graduation rate has risen from 47% to 61% today.

    Rather than be an incoherent rabble rouser like Palin, he chose to find something that he could change and took the opportunity. I have to respect him for that.

    • JG

      I suppose but I’d rather the crazies just stay out of everything.

      At least the grad rate is rising…

    • Rob in CT

      Since he was elected, there has been complete and utter disfunction at the board; with lots of lawyers and alleged open meetings law violations. Yet, Buffalo’s graduation rate has risen from 47% to 61% today.

      It seems unlikely that he’s caused that rise, given the above.

      • kmannkoopa

        You mean correlation does not equal causation? My whole worldview is shaken! ;)

        • Rob in CT

          Sorry, your comment was unclear to me.

  • Manju

    So they are like the Vodka-Ketchup of politics or something.

    • Thirtyish

      No, vodka’s a good mixer, and ketchup has its uses from time to time.

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO


  • JG

    About a week before Paladino endorsed Trump I was randomly thinking about him and how ridiculous and inept his campaign was. I suppose Trump’s insanity made me think of him but I did not want to relive the dark days of the 2010 midterms.

  • Yes. Build that wall. And put all these yahoos on the other side of it.

  • Paladino? Ain’t that kind of furrin sounding? You sure he ain’t one o’ them there immigrants?

  • Rob in CT

    OT: Chait has a sad:


    New York is a hotbed of anti-testing activism, especially in affluent suburban districts, where parents who equate testing with excessive curriculum pressure have joined forces with teachers unions who see standardized tests as a tool that subjects them to unwanted accountability.

    I love that he doesn’t even bother to pretend to consider that teachers might have reasons other than base self-interest to oppose the present testing regime. I mean, hell, I’m not as anti- “ed reform” as some here (possible/likely because I’m not an educator), but that made me laugh out loud.

    He then hand-waves a bit about how of course you can overdo testing, but then moves on to more complaining about teachers unions.

    For once, though, he actually mentions his wife’s career. I don’t recall him owning up to that before.

    That said, the Bill Clinton quote he pulled is not good. I think it’s clear at this point that Bill has lost his fastball.

    “She thinks [the tests] are just too much, that it’s national overreach,” he said, “and the most it could ever do is to help people at the very bottom levels of achievement.”


    • Scott Lemieux

      Not only has Bill Clinton lost his fastball, I’m not sure he can even get the ball 60 feet anymore.

    • JG

      I thought opt-outs were more common with poorer, urban students in NY. Even if I’m wrong the opt-outs certainly aren’t limited to wealthy suburbanites (who are kind of an endangered species in the NY metro area anyway).

    • Davis X. Machina

      Chait is heavily invested in the school ‘reform’ movement. He goes home to it every night.

      • Rob in CT


        For once, though, he actually mentions his wife’s career. I don’t recall him owning up to that before.

        Though your link points out that he has disclosed it in the past, just that he’s been inconsistent about such disclosure.

  • CP

    They call us the silent majority

    Who the fuck calls you that? What is this, the sixties?

    • Rob in CT

      Well, look at those guys. As far as I can tell, for many, many Republicans, it’s still the 1970s.

      • Very true. Limbaugh is still going on about hippies and feminists like it’s 1972.

        • cpinva

          “Limbaugh is still going on about hippies and feminists like it’s 1972.”

          his audience consists, for the most part, of those in their dotage. for them, mentally, it is and always will be, the 60’s/70’s. those dirty hippies are why the US “lost” in Vietnam. Limbaugh’s no fool, he knows exactly who sits in Medicaid provided wheelchairs, in social security paid for apts., listening to his show, and railing against the “incompetent” federal government.

      • Davis X. Machina

        And for a lot of soi-disant Democrats. I see more references to ‘Rockefeller Republicans’ now than I ever did then…

    • Edogg

      It is even more stupid than you think. Trump calls his supporters the silent majority.

  • DAS

    Am I the only one whom this wall talk brings to mind Child Abduction is not Funny? I can just imagine Trump calling on the owner of wherever he gets his Chinese take-out from to “build the wall because you people are so good at it”.

  • cs

    Trying to read the sign he is holding….


    That’s the best I can do.

    I can see the value of posting such a rule, but it seems like a funny thing to be gesturing with at a Republican event.

  • John F

    I know some people who once had the displeasure of working with Andrew Cuomo- they all despised him intensely… one to,d me a few years ago they he now personally hates Paladino…

    Because of Paladino he was forced to vote for Andrew Cuomo, something he’d swore he’d never do.

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