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A couple months back I asked SEK if he wanted to do a collaborative post with me, wherein I’d post the funny cat piece I’d recently finished and he’d riff on it. Well, if you follow him on Facebook, you’d know that SEK has had a rough run of it lately, to put it mildly. So I don’t think riffing on funny cat pictures is at the very top of his “to do” list. So, with a very respectful nod to Scott, I’m going to try my hand at this silly cat stuff. Enjoy…PLEASE.

“Bad Disguise”

Me: What the hell are you doing?

Oldmanesque Cat: You can’t see me, I’m in a disguise.

Me: What? No, I can see you.

Olmanesque Cat: No. Disguise.

Me: Um, OK. What’s with the antlers?

OC: I am a mighty stag.

Me: A mighty stag? Then what’s with the  monocle?

OC: A mighty stag that’s going to an opera.

Me: And the crown?

OC: It’s a formal opera.

Me: Quite formal I’d say.

OC: I’m just paying respect to the performers.

Me: With fairy wings?

OC: No, those are just for fun.

Me: Mmmmhmm. And the Christmas balls–what are they for?

OC: Decoration.

Me: Well, I walked right into that one, didn’t I?

OC: You can’t see me, I’m in a disguise.


Here is my latest piece.

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  • SEK

    Not offended at all, still just trying to do you justice. And, well, all the awful rest of it.

    • If you ever have the time/inclination, we’ll just go ahead and do the post again. Or, heck, maybe I’ll have another cat piece to work with.


    • jim, some guy in iowa

      SEK: whatever’s up, best wishes (not a facebook user here)

      • Captain Splendid

        Same here, not on FB, so best of luck with your troubles.

        • c u n d gulag


          • Barry Freed

            Same here, not on the FB. SEK: one of my favorite people anywhere. Good luck with everything.

    • Please be ok, SEK. I will be holding you in my thoughts.

    • rhino

      I’m not on facebook, and I am having a hell of a hard time myself right now, so instead of shouting down into the well to see if you’re okay, I will just reach out and pat you on the shoulder.

      Things will get better for both of us.

  • c u n d gulag

    Great art piece!
    Hilarious cat dialogue.
    Quite Scott-like, imo!

  • Joseph Slater

    SEK: Best wishes.

    BSpencer: Nicely done, although I’m kind of partial to the pure ALL CAPS of the true Oldman Cat. I’ve had cats as pets before, and I’m pretty sure they think and express themselves in ALL CAPS.

    • I bet you’re right. And thanks!

  • Origami Isopod

    Much safer than trying to dress the cat up like that IRL!

    • I can’t imagine a real cat tolerating that for more than a nanosecond.

  • tsam

    I really needed this today and worked perfectly.

    Well done, b!

    • YES. And I needed this feedback! So well done, tsam!

  • Armadillo

    Bspencer: how did you get a photo of my cat a friend’s cat a cat I have never seen before and about which I have no knowledge? Really.

    SEK: not on FB, but best wishes, sir.

  • JustRuss

    Nice riff on Old Man Cat, it’s almost like he was here! SEK, hoping for the best for you.

  • Anna in PDX

    SEK, best wishes. I follow Oldman Cat on Facebook but not you. I will go do that…

    Beth, love this picture.

  • Hope you’re doing well, SEK — sorry to hear times have been rough. :(

  • slothrop

    I hope you do the game of thrones Podcast. Really enjoyed those.

  • Halloween Jack

    Jeez, sorry to hear about your troubles. Fucking Baton Rouge, man.

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