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At the end of next week, I am lucky enough to be going to Munich for a conference. As one does in these situations unless they are making poor decisions in life, I am staying a few extra days, heading from Munich to Salzburg and then to Vienna. Be gone total for a bit more than a week. This is the somewhat rare perk of academia–this will be my 4th trip to Europe in my life and 3 of them have been for conferences (Lisbon and Dublin, honeymoon in Barcelona).

For you world travelers out there, what do you recommend in these cities? Not so much the most major sites, but food and drink options? Beer recommendations particularly welcomed. Recommended hotels? Out of the way or obscure recommendations? I don’t have too much time in Munich because of the conference but I do need to know some great places to go in one of the world’s great beer cities. And then the Austrian cities are pretty open as I haven’t really done any planning yet.

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    Second the recommendation of ProgressiveLiberal about transit – if you come in from the airport, get in to town however, on the S8 or S1, and then buy a day/week/weekend pass. Many hotels have them. Jump on and off subway/tram/buses without having to worry about fare machines or change.
    All of the S-bahn trains go through the same 4-5 stations & same platforms in central Munich. You can take any S train downtown and get off, and the one you need will come through within 15 minutes.
    I use the train through Salzburg to Villach, lots of scenery, I imagine a train to Vienna will be as good. But they have gone to airline style pricing – a same day express ticket can be 5 times an advance purchase. I’d like to wait until the night before to make my plans. But regional passes on the slower trains are still cheap. Next time, try to schedule some more days and take a trip up to Regensburg. Visit the 800 year old sausage kitchen. Instruct them on their use of condiments…
    Even if you are not traveling by train, get off the S or U at the Hauptbahnhof for a quick look at the main platforms and departure hall. See what we have thrown away.
    In Regensburg I had my first roggenbier. Can’t remember the brand, but the label proclaimed it “the beer that is your strong friend”. In Munich the Augustiner beer hall, garden or restaurant are my favorites. The Bräustuben is fun but smaller and usually mobbed.

    Have fun!

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