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This is One Scandinavian Policy Trump Could Get Behind



Shame on Denmark:

The UN Refugee Agency is condemning a Danish plan to seize cash and valuables from would-be-refugees crossing the border, calling it “an affront to human dignity.”

On Wednesday, the Danish parliament appeared poised to overhaul the country’s immigration system, which would include empowering border authorities to confiscate possessions valued at over $1,450. That money, supporters of the measure say, would help Denmark defray the costs of the more than 20,000 asylum-seekers who crossed into the country in the past year.

“In Denmark, you should support yourself if you can,” said Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg, defending the idea.

How are you supposed to support yourself if the government takes all the assets you might bring that would help you get started in Denmark? The bootstraps rhetoric makes absolutely no sense here and of course isn’t what this is about. It’s racism.

Right-wing parties scored a major victory in Denmark in last year’s election, and in recent months, the center-right coalition government has staked out an anti-refugee position. Government ministers and ruling-party leaders routinely make it clear that the country has no interest in becoming a haven for asylum-seekers. Last month, Rasmussen said that the UN 1951 refugee convention, a law created in the aftermath of the Holocaust, should be reconsidered and the international community should re-think the “rules of the game.”

Shame on Switzerland as well for copying the Danes on this policy.

At least President Trump will have some European allies in the larger front of white nationalism.

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