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My Search for Near-Constant Validation and Attention Won’t End Today


But vote for me in this poll, anyway!


Or don’t vote for me (and vote for one of the other great artists instead)…but do please vote if you have the time/inclination.

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  • N__B

    I voted for you, but I’m not sure my conscience is clear. Isn’t that cover a still from the first scene with Megan Fox in the first Transformers movie?

  • AlanInSF

    There was some great artwork among the 12 covers. But, maybe because I virtually know you a little bit, or maybe just the art, yours was the only one that seemed like it took place in a living world.

  • Downpuppy

    Apex has some really strong covers. Billy Norby’s is alllmost as good.

    (And with all these artists available, Apartment 3G…Arrrgh!)

    • MaxUtility

      Agreed. Whoever picks artwork over there has good taste.
      I think BSpencer’s stands out a lot because so many of the pieces use a washed out look. But Norby’s was really nice too.

  • Warren Terra

    I quite liked the saxophone / cello cover, except that the arm swung back with the bow seemed like it was poised to strike.

  • Kathleen

    Voted. Beautiful work on all of the covers but I really did like yours the best.

  • Done.

  • DrDick

    But of course, my dear. It is done.

  • Hogan

    I voted for you and bought a Kindle subscription. DON’T MAKE ME SORRY.

  • I have made it so.

    1. Spencer
    Runner up, Norby

  • dp

    That wasn’t even hard.

  • Halloween Jack

    Done, although tougher that I thought.

  • Thanks, everybody. Whether you voted for me or not I appreciate your taking the time.

  • politicalfootball

    Hadn’t heard of Apex, and the cover art is indeed very good. I thought the second-best one was “Dancing in the Rain III.”

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