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“Hey Maurice! Two Minutes For Looking So Good!”


I solemnly bring to you the immensely important news that the greatest ad in the history of television advertising is available on the internets:

You’re welcome, America.

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  • Judas Peckerwood

    Zee look, you Rocket!

  • keta

    One of the most famous pictures in hockey, from the 1952 Stanley Cup semifinal.

    Goalie Sugar Jim Henry shakes victor Rocket Richard’s hand after the Rocket had scored the game seven late-third period winner after returning from being knocked unconscious in the second period. Henry’s black eyes are courtesy of a Doug Harvey shot that broke his nose in the previous game.

    It can’t be underestimated how revered the Rocket still is in Canada, and especially Quebec. He’s perhaps the most storied player, from the most storied hockey club, in the game’s history.

    And yeah, this ad. Everyone I knew at the time this came out used the catch-phrase. (Except my Mom, who always seemed to find fault.) Shit, some of us still use the phrase today…generally around day four of a five day camping/fishing trip.

  • efgoldman

    He looks really good, for a corpse.

    • Captain Oblivious

      Shit, he looks pretty damned good for an ex-NHL player.

  • nixnutz

    Is this some kind of trap for Ted Cruz?

    • Captain Oblivious

      Do NOT mention that name in the same post with Le Rocket.

  • Matt McIrvin

    I just learned that the active ingredient in Grecian Formula is lead acetate, a toxic substance once used as an artificial sweetener.

    • Lee Rudolph

      Combs made of lead were once used for the same purpose.

  • I feel like I’m confessing a great ignorance here, but I had never seen that before. Whatever else may come today, getting out of bed has not been a waste. Two minutes, indeed.

  • First Time Caller

    Richard makes a fine pitchman. However, when it comes to emotional pull, few Southerners can resist this one:

  • wkiernan

    Do you know what the active ingredient in Grecian Formula 16 is? No kidding, it’s lead acetate.

    No kidding. Imagine rubbing a water-soluble lead compound on your head.

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