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Bowl Mania Wrap

Cementerio Maria Magdalena, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photograph by author.

Apologies for the sparse posting; I continue to endure the sunny warmth of Puerto Rico, and to… um… immerse myself in conference related activities.  Like, for example, this evening’s rum tasting, presented by the Southern Political Science Association!

Life is hard.

Anyways, looks like it’s all she wrote for the LGM Bowl Mania League:

1 38 718 99.8
2 4 659 96.0
3 34 654 95.3
4 9 649 94.6
5 1 647 94.3
6 29 628 90.8
7 35 624 90.0
8 33 623 89.8
9 39 620 89.1
10 12 606 85.5


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an insurmountable lead.  Mr. or Ms. TMTZac should feel free to contact me (address on right sidebar) regarding prize info.

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  • Manju

    What is this? The new names for the Bowls? Stone Cold Lead Pipes Bowl? That’s almost as crazy as Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.

  • mojrim

    Did you find my uncle’s grave, Robert? Pedro Albizu-Campos is in there, I promise.

  • mch

    I am neither a rum-drinker nor someone in whose head dance visions of Caribbean beaches. But when we visited our daughter while she was teaching in Guadeloupe, I discovered the beauty of local rums, of local banana varieties, of different beaches with different sands, so much…. There are worlds in the Caribbean.

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