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UPDATE: OoS Reading Group – December 3d


He hasn’t said much about it, but Erik Loomis has written a book. No! Not that one. This one:

On Thursday, December 3, we’ll discuss Introduction: The Scourge of Capital Mobility.

I’ll shoot a couple of questions to Loomis a few days before. However, if anyone else would like to pose a question, please drop it in the comments, and I’ll pick one or two.


Q1. Will drinks be served?

A1. That’s between you and your drinks cabinet.

Q2. What time will the discussion begin?

A2. I usually take lunch around 2 pm ET, so probably then.

Q3. When will it end?

A3. I haven’t considered a formal cut-off time, should I? (No.)

Q4. Can we discuss the Ketchup Book instead?

A4. Maybe later.

Q5. Would you care to address the ugly yet persistent rumors that Armstrong Williams is Erik Loomis’ agent?

A5. No comment.

Original post below the RM line

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in an Out of Sight  reading group on the blog. I contacted Erik’s agent* about it, and he’d be up for answering a couple of questions about a chapter each month. That would form the basis for the post/comments.

This would start at the beginning of December if that works for people and occur each month until we finish the book.

Thoughts, suggestions, questions?

*By some strange coincidence his agent’s name is Erik Loomis.

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  • I’ve already read OoS but I’d be happy to read it again and contribute my thoughts and bad jokes.

  • advocatethis

    I’m in. I started reading it on my phone the other night. Considering what could be dry subject matter, it’s actually a very readable book.

    • Lee Rudolph

      dry subject matter

      As Erik has since clarified, that’s between you and your drinks cabinet.

  • Turkle

    I’d be in. I purchased the book at the reading event in Brooklyn (which I believe N__B also attended?) but it hasn’t made its way to the top of my formidable “to-read” list yet. So this would be a fun way to do it.

    • I was in a middle row, leaning on the right-hand wall.

      • Warren Terra

        I’m imagining N__B suitably attired.

        • He’s a distinguished fellow, but not part of the __B clan.

  • Hogan

    I’m in.

  • Malaclypse

    Will there be drinks?

    I’m in either way.

    • sapient

      My guess is yes.

  • By some strange coincidence his agent’s name is Erik Loomis.

    As long as he’s not repped by Armstrong Williams.

    • Well, there is a chapter about Mannatech in here…

  • Vance Maverick

    I’m in! Though really we should be paying people to read it for us, maybe via Mechanical Turk.

    • Lee Rudolph

      International outsourcing is the only way to go.

  • Anna in PDX

    I’m in. Always up for a group discussion about books. Will ask my dad to send my book back.

  • Ruviana

    I’ll do it. I think I might want to use it in a class next year and this’ll give me a further push to read it. Then we should do the ketchup book.

  • sapient

    Me too.

  • Ahenobarbus

    I would be willing to participate in a reading group for the ketchup book, which I think Eric would actually be OK with. Homemade recipes, not the mass produced bland stuff.

    • Warren Terra

      I could see Erik supporting ketchup in its original iteration, a sauce based on pickled fish and spices.

  • kg

    Yay! my first book club.

  • Actually, I think I need to hire Shakezula as my agent.

    • Hogan


  • Jhoosier

    Yes, I’d be very interested in this.

    I wouldn’t be able to participate, as I’m usually asleep when everyone’s commenting, but I do enjoy the aftermath.

    • Lee Rudolph

      as I’m usually asleep when everyone’s commenting

      So (apparently) are some of the people commenting. Why worry?

  • sibusisodan

    I also would be in!

  • Emma in Sydney

    You all want to pay someone offshore to read it, I am waiting for the call. Will even provide a post publication copy edit.

    • Lee Rudolph

      a post publication copy edit

      Aussie rules spelling?

  • Jordan

    Oh, awesome! I even made some notes back in june or july when I was hoping that something like this would happen, have to go dig them up.

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