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“…really just glorified beer salesmen”

Zuikaku Indian Ocean April 1942.jpg
“Zuikaku Indian Ocean April 1942” by Not stated – Hata, Ikuhito and Yasuho Izawa (translated by Don Cyril Gorham), Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 1989, p. 8.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

My second career as a content provider continues.

Five most dangerous Iranian tools of statecraft:

However, Iran retains a set of lethal tools for pursuing its interests in the Middle East.  Iran’s regional presence has always amounted to more than the nuclear weapon threat; before the Revolution, Iran played a central role in the politics of the region.  After the Revolution it continued to play this role, only in far more disruptive fashion.

Here are five lethal “tools,” arrayed across the spectrum of strategic violence and influence, that Tehran can use to protect its position and further its ends:

Five most “lethal” aircraft carriers of all time:

By the end of 1941, carriers would become the world’s dominant capital ship. These are the five most lethal carriers to serve in the world’s navies, selected on the basis of their contribution to critical operations, and on their longevity and resilience.

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  • Woodrowfan

    the article on “lethal” carriers was interesting, but the comments section, sheesh. It quickly devolves into Obama-bashing.

    “This was a great carrier!”

    Slightly OT: I wish they’d go back to the “classic” carrier names, like Hornet or Yorktown, and stop with naming ships after ex-presidents, esp living ones..

    • I want a carrier to be named the USS Mary Mallon.

    • Alan Tomlinson

      How does the US function without the would-be geniuses that offer up their pearls of wisdom in the comments? Inquiring minds want to know.


      Alan Tomlinson

  • MacK

    A typo in your carrier description – you give the cruising speed of the Yorktown class carrier Enterprise as 33 knots (“Capable of cruising at 33 knots”): that was its maximum speed, not sustainable for long periods of cruising, its actual cruising speed was around 15 knots.

  • matt w

    I clicked through the links looking for something about either Iran or aircraft carriers as glorified beer salesmen, but I was disappointed.

    • NBarnes

      I NO RITE?

    • Vance Maverick

      Google says it’s a line by James McMurtry describing musicians.

      • matt w

        Well I didn’t get to read about James McMurtry or musicians either!

  • wengler

    If there was a ship worthy of becoming a museum it was the Enterprise. Her service and namesake was second to none. It had to have just been stupid timing that preserved the Intrepid and not the Enterprise.

    • Redwood Rhiadra

      It was kind of hard to turn the Enterprise into a museum after Kirk set off the self-destruct. And while the Intrepid’s entire crew was killed by a giant space amoeba, the ship itself was left intact…


      • Of course, after Commodore Decker over-emoted the Constellation to death, it wasn’t an option.

  • j_kay

    Shrub hoped a carrier would be named him, for him, for he said so. Only, you can’t be so lame you can’t even be a Buchanan, aww….

    What bugs me about the carrier thread is the part about how our carriers are about to be sunk by imminent war with the Klingon Empire, Russia, and China.

    I just realized that the neocons are bugged about losing their favorite government in Iran, unconstitutional monarchy. That’s why the Axis of Evil beyond bullshit. The neocons have only had 36 years of failing to adjust to reality.

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