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WWC Final


Breaking footage from Vancouver:


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  • Bill Murray

    Carly Lloyd has certainly cemented her big game reputation with the hat trick and two against Japan in the last Olympic Final. That half field chip was quite incredible

    • timb

      That was an amazing goal!

      • howard

        great goal: reminded me of ronaldinho’s chip over david seaman in the 2002 world cup, but that wss only a what, a quarter final iirc.

        • Bill Murray

          or Beckham’s goal against West Ham from around 1994


          • Ahenobarbus

            Or Charley Adam’s goal last season. The Ronaldhino goal wasn’t nealy that long, IIRC, and may have been a mishit cross.

  • Ahenobarbus

    Hat trick in 15 minutes, but Japan are coming back.

    What happened to Julie Johnston? She’s been terrible the last two matches.

    • Epsilon

      I wouldn’t quite say she was terrible. The O.G. was mostly just bad luck; it’s not as if it would have been a smarter play to let a Japanese player head the ball in that spot. The penalty against Germany was poor, but those high bouncing balls are notoriously difficult to deal with and pretty much any defender could have been caught on that when an attacker makes a well-timed run on it.

      Let’s not forget that she was really the key in Lloyd’s second goal yesterday. She made a great feint to the inside as the free kick was struck, then curled away from her marker to get to the ball and made a brilliant back heel center (which actually resulted in an uncalled handball by Japan) which Lloyd found and buried.

      • catclub

        (which actually resulted in an uncalled handball by Japan)

        I thought I saw that!

  • Karen24

    I’m sure someone will scold you for using that picture, but I do love it so. Great final game, which was the only one I got to watch. Woo hoo!

    • Ramon A. Clef

      I’m sure someone will scold you for using that picture

      I’ll do it. It’s a cheap shot, totally uncalled for. We’re not re-fighting World War II. I’ve been very disappointed at the people in my timeline tweeting Hiroshima comments, and this isn’t any better.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        well, yeah, Hiroshima is too much, but this doesn’t seem nearly that terrible

        • Bill Murray

          the >2000 Japanese that died on those carriers might disagree some

          • MobiusKlein

            Then they should not have sunk the Bismark to start WWII then!

          • rea

            Actually, no Japanese died on those carriers–they’re models in a diorama.

            • Bill Murray

              are you saying models aren’t people?

      • JohnT

        I’m also with the scolds. If the Iraqis beat us at baseball or whatever and then put up a picture of a Humvee getting incinerated by an IED, I don’t think that would be well received in the USA. Or perhaps the Vietnamese celebrating an American own goal with a picture of the Forrestal on fire…
        Do as you would be done by.

        • Robert Farley

          Scold away. Apart from the obvious point that no one should be comparing Midway and Hiroshima, I wouldn’t even faintly mind a Vietnamese fan celebrating a goal against the US by posting a picture of a shot-down B-52.

          • Buckeye623

            Vietnam is currently ranked 18th in ASEAN for the qualifying for the 2018WC, behind the obvious heavyweight Maldives but ahead of such powers as Tajikstan, Guam, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.
            Iran, SKorea, Japan, Uzbekistan, and UAE are the favorites for the 5 slots from Asia.. and all of them SHOULD be extraordinarily happy if they score a single goal at the WC.

            None of them will advance to the second round.

            • RobertL

              No – Australia are the current Asian Football Confederation champions and should fill one of the qualifying spots for the next WC.

              • timb

                Why does Australia compete for an Asian spot. It ain’t in Asia

                • Bill Murray

                  Australia found Oceania way too easy to win, so were allowed to compete in Asia

                  In 2002 WC qualifying group stage action, Australia was perfect with 4 wins: 22-0 against Tonga, then 31-0 against American Samoa (a world record scoreline), 2-0 against Fiji, and 11-0 against Samoa

                • EliHawk

                  And, because Oceania is way easy, they actually had a harder road to the World Cup because Oceania only gets half a spot, and has to qualify via a home and away playoff with another team (either the 4th best team in North America or the fifth best team in South America or Asia), which means flying a very, very long distance for a hostile road qualfier. In 2016 that meant Oceania (now New Zealand) had to play Mexico. In 2006, the Aussies finally beat Uruguay on penalties to make it, having previously lost to them, Iran, and Argentina over the years.

          • Bill Murray

            much like many white guys don’t mind getting called cracker or honky, eta: so don’t understand why they shouldn’t say the n word

            • Arouet

              That makes no sense whatsoever. In the white guy context it’s because white people are not systematically discriminated against so it doesn’t come freighted with the same meaning. What’s your standard for applying that to two belligerents in a war… the more developed country can’t mock the less developed one? We didn’t even win the Vietnam war for gods sake!

              • Bill Murray

                I did not know that Farley was a belligerent in a war. The things one learns here

    • ajay

      I’m sure someone will scold you for using that picture, but I do love it so.

      Me too! The only quibble I have is that this was the Women’s World Cup and the 2,500 Japanese who were incinerated, blown to rags or drowned on those carriers were all men, so the analogy isn’t quite as close as it might be. Maybe you could have used a picture of a Japanese woman with massive third-degree flash/radiation burns from the bombing of Hiroshima instead? That would have been even funnier.

      Speaking of which, if the USA women’s team ever beats the Vietnamese women’s team, I know exactly the photo you could post. It’s by a guy called Nick Ut.

      • timb

        Won’t work. You have to win the war to use a pic like that. The Vietnamese would just say “scoreboard” and the whole thing would be done.

    • witlesschum

      Farley would make a worse hotel manager than Basil Fawlty, what with mentioning the war.

    • As someone who joined in the WW2 fun on Twitter, I think the bitching is overblown. It’s a healthy sign that we’ve enough distance from the war that we can tease about it.

      Otherwise, what’s the statute of limitations? Lots of folks died in the Civil War – no Pickett’s Charge comparisons? Had England beaten France, would Waterloo jokes be tacky? Is the Battle of Cannae too sensitive to bring up if the Italian team fails to hold its flanks?

      • timb

        This a million times over.

        Plus, as terrible as the fate of those men were, they represented genocide and repression over a hundred million people. People in the Japanese Navy weren’t fighting the good fight. they, those guys, specifically started that war

  • Keaaukane

    Lighten up, Francis. The score at Midway was 5-2 also.

    • Gregor Sansa

      Is that actually true in some clear sense? I mean, I know nothing about midway, other than that a lot of people died and it lasted some time… were there 5 and 2 capital ships sunk or something?

      • Keaaukane

        Yep. We lost a carrier and a destroyer, the IJN lost 4 carriers and a cruiser.

      • Ahenobarbus

        “A lot of people died” and “lasted some time” are two things I wouldn’t say about Midway, at least not by the standards of WW2.

        • timb

          Yeah, not by the standards of WW2.

    • timb

      I think the final at Midway was actually 4-1

      • Bill Murray

        or 228-145

        or -340 to -3057

    • I know it’s late, but I have to point out that the score matches if you add Coral Sea to Midway.

  • Stag Party Palin

    My favorite comment from the broadcast was they guy who lauded Japan for scoring two terrific (beautiful? laudable? I can’t remember) goals, one of which was by Julie Johnson. OTOH they never gave up, so good on them for that.

    Stag’s First Law of Football: it is better to allow an own goal when you’re ahead 4-1 early in the second half, than to allow one in stoppage time when you’re tied.

    • cpinva

      I’m still trying to figure out how Julie Johnson managed to do that, from that far away. I imagine she couldn’t believe it herself. bummer for her.

      • Epsilon

        It was mostly bad luck, really. Probably 95% of the time that ball goes somewhere harmless or Solo reacts just well enough to keep it out.

    • Glad JJ did that in a game where we could shrug & go “meh.”

    • timb

      That first Japanese goal was a thing of beauty

  • rm

    1. I am with the scolds. Soccer is not war, people are dead in that photo, and there is a lot of friendship between these two teams. Some are pro teammates, and women’s soccer is a small world.

    2. Stag, the Japanese attack made that own goal happen. If I recall correctly, the Japanese player got a header which Johnston tried desperately to deflect, and it wasn’t enough. I may have the action a little wrong in memory, but basically it was a desperate touch on a ball that was already going into the net. No shame in that.

    • cpinva

      ok, I guess. still seems a bit far out for no one else to be able to get between the goal and the ball though.

      and yeah, gotta go with the scolds here Farley, really bad taste. took me a moment to recognize that picture, and I was a bit disappointed when I did, you guys are normally a bit higher class than this.

    • rea

      people are dead in that photo

      Again, read the caption–it’s a diorama

      • Robert Farley

        Yes, it is a diorama, but I posted a lot of real photos in my twitter feed, so I wouldn’t stand on that defense.

        What I am happy to do is draw a bright line between, in national sporting competitions, favorable reference to atrocities (Hiroshima, Holocaust) and favorable reference to the outcome of battles/conflicts which were more or less conducted in an appropriate manner by both sides, and which both sides regarded as more or less honorable. But that said, I doubt I’d begrudge a Japanese fan a Pearl Harbor reference if the circumstances warranted.

        • rea

          Now you’re going to offend me by implying my mom was a war criminal over Hiroshima :(

        • timb

          Well said

    • Epsilon

      Your memory on the second Japanese goal is incorrect. Johnston was the only player to make contact with the ball until Solo got to it just a bit late in the net. Johnston beat the Japanese player to the ball but was unfortunate in a similar way that Bassett was in that she happened to hit it to the one place that Solo couldn’t get to it (Solo took a very slight step in the wrong direction initially but otherwise made a miraculous effort to even get close to it.)

      It was kind of hilarious that the commentator credited Japanese execution on the goal, but only in the context that they were just discussing that it was a clear O.G. by Johnston. It’s fair to say Miyama’s execution on the free kick was solid (if not spectacular.) I think what’s overlooked is that I think the foul call to give Japan that particular free kick opportunity was exceptionally soft, but that’s the kind of call you’re likely to get when you’re down by 3 goals.

      • It looked to me like Solo pulled up just a bit short because she was running into teammates who were also trying to do something about the ball.

  • rm

    2a. I would say even Laura Bassett’s own goal was bad luck and not a mistake. She had to do something to the ball or it was going to the attacker that had her beat and would have been one on one in the box. She got a desperate touch to give it to the goalie. One of the biggest difficulties of soccer is that the big puffy balloon they call a ball is so hard to control. Bad luck happens.

  • Thlayli

    There was some Outrage Olympics in my Twitter feed. A few examples of “You’re bitching about WW2 references, but you’re OK with ‘Hope Solo beating people up’ jokes?”

  • I heard the Japanese coach was asking Douglas MacArthur to intervene in the 17th minute.

    • Keaaukane

      He would not leave his dugout though…

      • Bill Murray

        but MacArthur did return for the second half

    • witlesschum

      Futile, that. MacArthur only attacks groups of unarmed civilians when they’re in the open, not in a soccer stadium.

  • Kurzleg

    Not often during a World Cup Final that you can’t even send off a text to a friend cheering a goal before the next one is scored. That first 10-15 minutes was the football equivalent of a blitzkrieg. The US just overwhelmed the Japanese with their speed and aggressive offensive play. Clear to me, at least, that they caught Japan completely off guard. Smart strategy by Jill Ellis, and terrific execution by her team.

    • Epsilon

      Absolutely. You could tell from the opening kickoff that all the talk about the U.S. chomping at the bit for a revenge match for 2011 was quite accurate. I think Ellis deserves a lot of credit, even though in retrospect it seems kind of crazy that she kept Lloyd in the cage for the first four games. Maybe she felt that it would be better to save her for the tougher games down the road and didn’t want her to run out of gas at the wrong time.

      I think it’s also pretty likely that Ellis had scripted that brilliant corner kick play for the first opportunity, and Rapinoe and Lloyd executed to perfection. What a terrific run and touch by Lloyd, but it also required a perfectly placed and paced ball through by Rapinoe. Just a gorgeous sight to see. From there it was off to the races.

      About the text message bit, I totally hear you. I sent a text to a friend at 3-0 saying how incredible this was, only to see Lloyd’s utterly ridiculous midfield goal go in as it was in the process of sending.

      • “I think it’s also pretty likely that Ellis had scripted that brilliant corner kick play for the first opportunity”

        Yes. That looked beautifully put together.

      • Mark Field

        Assistant coach Tony Gustavvson handles the corner kicks. So, credit to Ellis for giving him the job and credit to Tony for the design, and credit to Rapinoe and Lloyd for the execution.

        • Epsilon

          Duly noted, thanks. I figured that was likely an assistant but there was something about the way Ellis was smirking after the goal that made me think she had something specific to do with that decision.

      • Kurzleg

        As I’ve enjoyed Rapinoe’s tenaciously skilled game ever since the 2011 WC, I was really happy to see her assist on that goal and later, to hold the trophy aloft.

        • Ahenobarbus

          She had that pinpoint cross to Wambaugh in the Brazil game.

          There aren’t too many in the women’s game who curl it as well as she does.

      • Kurzleg

        I just took another look at that first goal. Very shrewd to keep the ball on the ground when Japan was more than likely worried about defending a header, and as you say, it only works if the placement and pace on the corner are just right. Plus, Lloyd came from a long ways off to meet the ball and deliver the goal.

        • Epsilon

          Indeed, and what made Lloyd’s run even more impressive was the way she managed to subtly change direction while seemingly not losing any speed. And the temptation to “overshoot” that ball is generally really strong in that spot, especially early in the game; she basically let the existing velocity on the ball do the work for her and just redirected it. Such a brilliant play on so many levels. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing that replay (even though we’ll likely see her third goal replayed more often, and rightfully so.)

    • Arouet

      Woah, Blitzkrieg? That seems sort of offensive to the French, Poles, etc….

      I mean since the war analogy morality cops are out today.

      • Kurzleg

        Oh, I chose that word specifically to see who’d take the bait. Also, conceptually it was exactly what the US did against Japan. They overwhelmed them before Japan could get their bearings and get re-organized.

  • The Temporary Name

    I initially thought it was a joke about the smoke.

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