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Impressment Riot


I trust you spent the week celebrating the 267th anniversary of the Boston Impressment Riot appropriately.

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  • cpinva

    I made it a point to drive down to the international terminals, in Norfolk, every day this week, and smack an unsuspecting brit sailor upside the head. I live for this week!

  • Redwood Rhiadra

    I’m honestly surprised that Erik hasn’t yet mentioned the other notable anniversary today – Joe Hill’s execution..

    • Lee Rudolph

      Wait for the morning; give Erik time for the dream interview.

      • I covered that in the labor history series a couple years ago.

        • Jhoosier

          That’s why we need the book!

  • I didn’t know about that one. I enjoy wishing the Brits online a happy Evacuation Day in April March (which I always confuse with Patriots Day which also happens on the 17th).

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