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Democrats: The Real Racists


Mary Landrieu mentioned the history of racism in the South. Naturally, Louisiana Republicans were outraged that she would do so.

Obviously, like all Democrats, Mary Landrieu is the real racist here. It’s hard being a conservative white person in this country.

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  • dp

    The ginned-up moral outrage here is beyond ridiculous. They are so defensive, and so ready for anything to whine about, that they are denying a statement that is objectively, verifiably true and that everyone knows is true. I despair of the future of my state on an hourly basis, because its leadership is apparently fully invested in ignorance and stupidity, and the populace is simply lapping it up.

  • navarro

    “It’s hard being a conservative white person in this country.”

    obviously it isn’t hard enough.

    • Derelict

      Well, add to this that Rick Santorum (colossal dick) stated in an interview this weekend that the U.S. is on its way to having religious persecution “worse than it was in Nazi Germany.”

      I guess the new working definition of persecution consists of anything that rises to or beyond the level of minor annoyance for White, Christian, conservative males.

  • MAJeff

    Conservative white identity is some fucked up shit.

    • DrDick

      And they are damned proud of it!

  • divadab

    WHat is it about the wingers that they flee from honest debate and discussion? The local Republicans avoid candidates’ meetings run by people they don;t like (League of Women Voters), they get all in a huff when called on their shit. they get defensively outraged when difficult truths are brought up, and they accuse others of exactly what they themselves do.

    WHat a bunch of timid little wusses these big tough wingers are.

    • DrDick

      WHat is it about the wingers that they flee from honest debate and discussion?

      They always lose under those conditions.

  • c u n d gulag

    Conservatives think they’re Teflon – and we liberals, are glue.

    The more we call them out for their bigotry, the more bigoted they say we are!

    Right now, Freud is on a couch with God in His/Her/Its armchair, screaming, “Do you see what I meant about ‘projection?!?!?!?!?!?!’

    And then, a few seconds later, God gets to utter His/Her/Its favorite phrase:
    “Your time is up…”

    • God is also fond of reminding his analysands that if they don’t pay his bills, they don’t get better.

      • DocAmazing

        And exorcists who fall behind get repossessed.

        • cpinva


    • Derelict

      The more we call them out for their bigotry, the more bigoted they say we are!

      We are bigoted! We’re bigoted against bigots!

    • MAJeff

      Josh Marshall had something on this a while back. The Palin’s were derping about their fight, claiming it was all about violence against women, and therefore liberals were hypocrites. His basic point is that, on the right, issues of racial and gender inequality have simply never been important. Instead of real issues affecting real people, “racism” and “sexism” are nothing more than rhetorical weapons. Thus, whenever race comes up as an issue, the right just derps out whatever fuckwittery they can, simply to be on the offensive. They recognize that “being a racist” is bad. But, in their world it’s not an actual state of being, it’s merely a political tool.

      • brugroffil

        Ta-Nehisi Coates had something on this, too:


        The conservative movement doesn’t understand anti-racism as a value, only as a rhetorical pose. This is how you end up tarring the oldest integrationist group in the country (the NAACP) as racist. The slur has no real moral content to them. It’s all a game of who can embarrass who. If you don’t think racism is an actual force in the country, then you can only understand it’s invocation as a tactic.

        • Aimai

          This is also their attitude towards women’s rights and the anti-bullying campaign. Since they dont’ see anything wrong with keeping women in their place, or the bullying of “fags” and children who are at all perceived as weak or different, they seen no reason to support regulations or practices which would promote women’s interests or that of abused children. Instead they attack feminists as “misandrists” and the anti-bullying organizations as “the real bullies.”

          Sorry: I just read Bruggoffil’s post and didn’t read the entire thread or I would have noticed that of course MAJeff made thi s exact same point long before I did. Must always refresh and read entire thread before posting. Must.Always.

  • Davis

    I saw some ugly shit during my years in Baton Rouge, 1965-1970. And yes, bigots are everywhere, but it really is worse in the South.

  • Nobdy

    State Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere issued a statement late Thursday calling Landrieu’s remarks “insulting to me and to every other Louisianian.”

    “Louisiana deserves better than a senator who denigrates her own people by questioning and projecting insidious motives on the very people she claims to represent,”

    This enrages me. What about all the times Republicans insinuate or just flat out say that the African Americans they are supposed to represent are lazy, criminal, or looking for a handout?

    Republicans can constantly insult the people they are supposed to represent with no repercussions let alone apology, but when a Democrat speaks the obvious truth about them, oh how the outrage flows.

    It’s tear-inducing to have to deal with so many people who are willing to lie and deny the truth even when it’s obvious that’s what they’re doing. Sociopaths, the lot of them.

    • joe from Lowell

      What about all the times Republicans insinuate or just flat out say that the African Americans they are supposed to represent are lazy, criminal, or looking for a handout?

      Republicans can constantly insult the people they are supposed to represent with no repercussions let alone apology, but when a Democrat speaks the obvious truth about them, oh how the outrage flows.

      I like the way the people who spent 1996-2006 talking about “liberal elites” in “coastal enclaves” distinct from “Real Americans” have suddenly decided that they can’t stand class appeals or divisiveness.

    • Lurking Canadian

      I am increasingly of the opinion that Black Americans deserve some kind of good behaviour medal for each day they don’t spend randomly walking up to white men and kicking them repeatedly in the junk. Recent Republican antics can’t really affect me and I’m pretty much ready to start the junk kicking, myself.

      • Aimai

        I think this basically ever day when I open the paper and don’t see that there was a massive race riot or random spree killing by black people. The amount of patience people exhibit in the face of the every day abuse blackpeople face from the power structure, the media, and their white neighbors is simply astounding.

  • patrick II

    Five supreme court justices, while voting to cripple the voting rights act, decided that

    because the formula was relevant in 1965, its continued use is permissible so long as any discrimination remains in the States identified in 1965. But this does not look to “current political conditions,”Northwest Austin, supra,at 203, instead relying on acomparison between the States in 1965. But history did not end in 1965. In assessing the “current need[ ]” for a preclearance system treating States differently from one another today, history since 1965 cannot be ignored. The Fifteenth Amendment is not designed to punish for the past; its purpose is to ensure a better future.

    So, according to five fair and fact based Supreme Court justice the South has cleaned up its act since 1965 and there is no longer a difference in racial discrimination between the south and other parts of the country. The authority of the Supreme Court lends a false credence to reality denialists.

    • Morat

      Especially amusing as there was both a procedure for areas to be added to the naughty list and to be taken off it.

      The procedure for removal required the place to refrain from obvious racist practices in its voting for a whole decade. And many places did clean up their act enough for the DoJ. I read an interview with a lawyer who had done the paperwork for a number of them; he said it was a simple process, and he charged a few hundred bucks for a town up to maybe a couple grand for a county.

      If the parts of the South on the bad list really had moved on since 1965, they wouldn’t have been on the bad list anymore. I mean, this is really the career criminal complaining that he still has a parole officer, despite the fact that he never actually finishes his parole before knocking over a gas station or boosting a car.

      • brugroffil

        Yes, the bail-out provision really undercuts Roberts’ who terrible argument, but that didn’t stop him.

  • cpinva

    ah, c’mon now guys, what exactly did you expect them to do, agree with her? to do so would, first of all, be admitting she’s right. since she’s both a democrat AND a woman, this just cannot possibly be. second, they might well be forced to look in the mirror, and no one wants to see that monster staring back at them.

    and so, they’re left with only one recourse, deny, as loudly as possible, the undeniable. if they scream loudly enough, perhaps the voters won’t look too closely at them.

  • More people from D. Vitter’s party, crying like babies with full diapers.

  • JR

    I had a boss that listened to NPR’s classical music all morning. Then he was listening to something I couldn’t identify… low but passionate murmuring of some kind. Then I went into his office just after noon and discovered that it was Rush Limbaugh!!!

    I had never listened to Rush, but I knew him by reputation. I started listening to him in my car as I drove to lunch, just 10 minutes or so. It was unbelievable!!!

    After just a few days I determined that Rush was telling “his” truth, as opposed to the truth. I also found that if you reversed every statement of fact that Limbaugh made, you usually turned it into a true statement.

    If you replaced “Republicans” with Democrats, or vice versa, you rendered Limbaugh’s blige into a near truth. Or in other circumstances, if you reversed the truth of a statement it became true.

    Here, a Democratic Senator has spoken truth to her Republican opponents in Louisiana, an obvious truth that President Obama is disliked because of his race. To any same person, this is obvious. The only Black man elected president, and the only president accused of being born in another country.

    The only president accused of “hating America”, which is so stupid it burns. Why such crazed accusations? Because he’s a Democrat? No… because he’s a Black Democrat. He was accused of taking an exotic vacation, when he went home to Hawaii, for God’s sake!

    People are crazed about President Obama, for the sole reason that he’s a successful strong calm Black President.

    And the Republicans call Senator Landreau a bigot for speaking the uncomfortable, despicable truth, that Republicans hate President Obama most because he is a Black President. There is no limit to the despicable racism shown by the Republican Party. None.

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