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The Trip North


Alfredo Corchado has a powerful story of the plight of Central American migrants trying to move through Mexico to get to the United States. Heartbreaking stories about people we should be welcoming into the United States.

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  • Robert W.

    I still don’t think unlimited immigration is a good idea; if every country had unlimited immigration Vladimir Putin could have 3 million Russians move to Estonia and take it over.

    • Sly

      Then Barack Obama could have 3 million and one Americans move to Estonia to counter Putin’s nefarious oriental despotism!

      Or we could realize that immigration only works like that in the fevered imagination of conspiracy theorists who shake their fists while shouting the words “Aztlan” and “Amero.”

      • Reconquista!

      • Robert W.

        How do you think Texas became part of America?

        • sharculese

          Maybe you could try explaining it, since you’re the one who thinks it’s a relevant example?

          • This is JenBob, trying to sneak back in. Should be eliminated quickly.

            • TribalistMeathead

              Should be eliminated quickly.

              Hear that, Jotto? More evidence that only liberals use eliminationist rhetoric!

            • DrS

              Sheesh, what kinda freakshow do you have to be to take those steps to just be a pest?

            • ACJ

              more proof that liberals hate the first amendment: anyone who isn’t a liberal is called “JenBob” and eliminated.

        • Sly

          Mexico actively enticed immigrants into the country by granting land to anyone who would settle it and fight the Comanche. So the answer to that question is not “Because James Monroe and John Quincy Adams ordered tens of thousands of U.S. citizens into Texas.”

    • Gregor Sansa

      So many logical holes, not enough pancakes.

      For instance: we’re really not debating Estonian immigration rules here. Democracy means that our opinion on our own country’s policy might matter, our opinions on far-off countries a lot less.

      So obviously the key question here is: should Ghana have open borders? Or would Putin take it over?

  • jeer9

    Sin Nombre is a powerful film on this experience as well.

  • Gregor Sansa

    I lived in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, for 2.5 years around 2009. That’s not too close to the border or Tapachula. But we definitely heard very dark rumors about central americans in sex slavery nearer to the border. It’s not as big as the Thai fishing industry or Saudi Arabian migrants, but I would be surprised if there weren’t a couple hundred people living like that.

    Earlier, I lived for about the same amount of time in a returned refugee community in Guatemala. The teenagers there had been born while their parents were refugees, so they had Mexican citizenship, as well as contacts and understanding of how to get around there. Illegal trips to work in the US were basically a piece of cake for people from there, even the ones who didn’t have legal Mexican documents. So it really depends.

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