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Hope you all aren’t too torn up by the demise of Richard Mellon Scaife. Hard to lose such a good and kindly citizen.


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  • DrDick

    I smiled a little when I saw that, though I was somewhat saddened that it took so long.

  • N__B

    A single tear is running my cheek.

    • JenBob’s House of Ketchup on Pancakes


  • fka AWS

    how soon can we piss on his grave?

    • MAJeff

      When they dig it?

    • drkrick

      The anticipated volume of urine is going to take one hell of an environmental impact statement first.

  • Darek

    Good riddance. An asshole who came from extreme privilege and spent his fortune trying to keep millions in poverty.

    • NorCal

      Just a few comments in, and my appetite has been whetted to read Dick Cheney’s eventual fare-thee-wells. Till that day…..

      • efgoldman

        And Scalia makes three.

        • Pat

          I know! How old is he, anyway? Google says 78 – he could die anytime.

  • MAJeff

    I’m sure the rats will happy he’s no longer fucking them.

  • Sly

    My favorite Tale of Scaife is from Karen Rothmyer:

    Richard Scaife rarely speaks to the press. After several unsuccessful efforts to obtain an interview, this reporter decided to make one last attempt in Boston, where Scaife was scheduled to attend the annual meeting of the First Boston Corporation.

    Scaife, a company director, did not show up while the meeting was in progress. Reached eventually by telephone as he dined with the other directors at the exclusive Union Club, he hung up the moment he heard the caller’s name. A few minutes later he appeared at the top of the Club steps. At the bottom of the stairs, the following exchange occurred:

    “Mr. Scaife, could you explain why you give so much money to the New Right?”
    “You fucking Communist cunt, get out of here.”

    Well. The rest of the five-minute interview was conducted at a rapid trot down Park Street, during which Scaife tried to hail a taxi. Scaife volunteered two statements of opinion regarding his questioner’s personal appearance—he said she was ugly and that her teeth were “terrible”—and also made the comment that she was engaged in “hatchet journalism.” His questioner thanked Scaife for his time.

    “Don’t look behind you,” Scaife offered by way of a good-bye.

    • Davis X. Machina

      Fitzgerald was right — the rich are different.

    • divadab

      I like him a bit after reading this story. Better honest hostility than mealy-mouthed fakery.

  • DocAmazing

    Almost makes me wish I believed in hell.

    • keta

      If I believed in some sort of afterlife I’d like to think Vince Foster welcomes him with an enormous kick to the crackers.

  • efgoldman

    I hope he suffered, a lot, and that he found out that being an insufferable selfish rich asshole is no palliation for pain.

    Also too, I glanced at the post and thought I saw “Scalia.” Was about to start my “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” happy dance.

    • Gimme a damned edit button!

      no palliation for pain.

      I don’t even know what that is.
      “palliative” damn it.

      • Ken

        You’re right, actually. Palliation is the act of relieving (pain, usually); a palliative is a thing that does so.

  • It’s aways sad when the bad die old.

    • MAJeff

      Reminds me of an obit an old colleague of mine wrote:

      They say only the good die young.
      Generalissimo Franco was 82.
      Seems about right.

    • DocAmazing

      As someone wrote of Barbara Olson’s death in the 9/11/2001 attacks: Sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

      • LosGatosCA

        Not nearly often enough.

    • cpinva

      “It’s aways sad when the bad die old.”

      if there is a god, a servant had the opportunity to kick him in the balls, just before he died.

  • Scolding troll shows up in 3…2…

    • Gimme a damned edit button!

      Scolding troll shows up in 3…2…

      Hey, how’s Noisewater Junior and the dinosaurs? Still has that “you can’t get mad at me, I’m too cute” face, right?

      • efgoldman

        Ya’ know, if you’re going to make a point by changing a nym, oughta’ remember to change it back!

        • Warren Terra

          This is why I try to do stunt-nyms only by opening the link of the comment I wish to reply to in an incognito window.

        • efgoldman

          Damn, B, he’s a beautiful child.
          And you are in SO much trouble….

          • cpinva

            no shit! everyone will be oohing and ahhing over him, but they don’t have to live with him! :)

          • Aww. Thanks, ef. He’s an adorable handful, that’s for sure.

  • Marek

    One should only speak good of the dead.

    He’s dead. Good.

  • TBP

    The opening reads “Richard Mellon Scaife, the Pittsburgh philanthropist and reclusive heir to the Mellon banking fortune,”

    but the article doesn’t list any actual philanthropy. As far as I can tell, he only gave to causes from which he stood to benefit, at least potentially.

    • drkrick

      He hijacked his grandparent’s philanthropic foundation to finance his RWNJ asshattery. His sister spent years trying to call him on it in court.

    • Planned Parenthood, believe it or not.

      Still a truly horrible person just the same.


      • Baphomet

        I’m sure he thought that Francis Galton got a bad rap and just needed a fair hearing for his views.

    • wjts

      He did donate a fair amount of money to educational, medical, and cultural institutions in Pittsburgh. Both the Universtiy of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon have buildings called Scaife Hall, though I don’t know if they were named for him or his father.

  • Karen

    What a complete waste of oxygen. A drunk ne’er do well who spent boxcars of cash on ruining the country that provided him with royalty levels of privilege. As my grandmother used to say, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • DrS

    How are his heirs? They take after dear old dad?

    • efgoldman

      How are his heirs?


      • Aimai

        How are his heirs?

        Today at least, they are happy.

        • DocAmazing

          His death was confirmed by his lawyer, H. Yale Gutnick.

          Mr. Scaife’s previous attorney, G. Princeton Nogoodnick, used to tantalize Mr. Scaife’s children with false reports of Scaife’s demise. This is known as “putting on heirs”.

          • Hogan


          • Tehanu

            Amazing once again! Great laugh, thanks!

          • efgoldman

            This is known as “putting on heirs”.

            +1 billion

      • MacK

        Apparently not so rich – Scaife by all accounts blew a lot of the money

  • To paraphrase Mark Twain, I couldn’t attend Scaife’s funeral, but I sent a note saying I approved of it.

  • Sharon

    I am not saddened one whit by the passing of R.M. Scaife.

  • jon

    Justice delayed is justice denied. This news is deeply insufficient.

  • Sev

    Richard Mellon Scaife died on July 4, 2014. His last words were, “William Jefferson Clinton lives.”

    So, FAIL?

    • NorCal

      I think those last words are pretty doggone funny. Wouldn’t surprise me if they proved accurate, in fact.

    • Colin Day

      Is that a take on John Adams’ “Thomas Jefferson lives” (spoken July 4, 1826, though TJ had actually died)?

  • Mr. Upright

    Today, Scaife made his one great contribution to a grateful nation. Sadly, it was over two decades too late.

    • LosGatosCA

      If by ‘great’ you mean minor and inconsequential then he finally did make his contribution.

      It’s likely that his money won’t miss him.

      • Pat

        Or his money managers.

  • Buh bye!

  • MacK

    I met him once at the bar in my club – he had been brought there by a twerpy somewhat rightwing lobbyist who later moved from Scaife to a full on neo-fascist patron – the twerp was later kicked out for showing up with this new patron as a guest – accompanied by some skinhead bodyguards – but I digress. What was striking was the way a horde of Republican types queued up to kiss Scaife’s ring and grovel agreeably to his brilliant comments, then when he went to the bathroom change tone to describing him as a boob.

    I spoke to him for a few minutes,though my politics are well known – he was not very bright, but opinionated.

  • J R in WV

    What a despicable lout this morun was! Money can’t improve on tripe for brains in any way. Look at his personal relationships, divorced every woman he ever married. I imagine he didn’t get many father’s day cards, either.

    It will be interesting to see if his kids get any loot, or if he gave it all to the Heritage Foundation!

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