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Maybe a Prize for Anyone–ANYONE–Who Can Figure Out What This MRA Commemorative Coin Design Means




I’ll let Dave Futrelle take it from here…

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  • Royko

    Sperm bouncing off a diaphragm?

    • steve

      I think it might be a condom with a hole in it. A single drop of sperm has launched through the hole…the moment men have lose their rights. And there is a baby hand because abortion…or something.

      • Captain C

        Sperm shooting through a deliberately pierced condom. The hand symbolizes her* stealing the sperm, and by extension, a baby, custody, and child support.

        Because that happens all the time.

        *Being a fungible “her,” of course, because all women are exactly alike in their devious, anti-MRA ways.

        • RogerAiles


          It depicts the hole that women poke into a condom in order to trap men into 18 years of wage slavery, and the men can’t force the women to have an abortion …. IT’S NOT FAIR, DOCTOR HELEN!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

    • Anonymous

      Splooge is involved whatever that design is suppose to represent.

      • yak


  • steve

    Kinda looks like the face of a three-toed sloth reflected in a reverse-gravity pool of water.

  • Gozer

    Looks like a puckered anus.

    • Ann Outhouse

      I’ll have to take your word for that.

      • Anonymous

        Mal would know, ask him

    • Based on the size of the hand next to it, it must be a really big one

      • wjts

        No, Dougal, the hand is just far away.

      • Snarki, Child of Loki

        It’s an Enormous Mendacious Disembodied Anus!

        The perfect logo for MRAs!

        • Jeff Zucker

          …to the tune of “Kokomo”!

      • heckblazer

        Butt-hurt. Massive butt-hurt.

      • Gozer

        Well we are talking about MRA types here. I know when I think MRA I think “giant anus”.

    • BigHank53

      The drop represents the pure gold of their money, forced out of them by a State entirely captured by the gynocracy. The hand waiting to grab it is of course female, as one can tell by its small size. Not shown on the coin is the cackling of the evil bitch as she spends those hard-earned dollars on slut pills, booze, tattoos, and sexual lubricants.

  • Randy

    A carrot hovering over a poorly-made pizza. I’m not sure what the floating lobster is supposed to be doing.

    • herr doktor bimler

      Carrot and lobster pizza? Not sure if want.

      • efgoldman

        Carrot and lobster pizza? Not sure if want.

        Didn’t we beat that dead horse the other night?

        • A. Horse


          • Ramon A. Clef

            No sir. I don’t like it.

  • sibusisodan

    It’s obvious. Individual men, like myself, are nowt but little drops of water, in danger of being subsumed in the vast puddle of femininity that is modern society. There’s literally no way a man such as myself can find support, kinship, value, people who share his views, even other non-feminised men, just by chance.

    I mean, look around you. Where are the manly men? Exactly.

    And that’s why individual men need a hand – see? – to lift them out of the puddle so they can sparkle and glister in the light, and maybe, just maybe, when the meteorological conditions are right, become the special snowflake they know themselves to truly be.

    • efgoldman

      And that’s why individual men need a hand – see?

      I’m guessing these particular individual men need a hand for something else.

    • Nick Offerman

      I am in my shop working on a canoe while eating bacon I produced
      from a boar I killed with a spear.

      • The terrifying thing is that I have done all those things.

        Not at once, but I have done them, and I’m really not all that manly.

        Except it was an arrow, not a spear. And if you think that’s the soft option, I can tell you I would rather have a spear between me and a 500lb wild pig than another arrow in my quiver.

        • Robert Baratheon

          I can tell you I would rather have a spear between me and a 500lb wild pig than another arrow in my quiver.

          Y’know, if there’s one thing I regret…

  • Ann Outhouse

    It means MRAs are not just misogynistic morons, they’re misogynistic morons with no taste.

  • Rob in CT

    A tear falling into an pool of water…

    Like the pebbles that start an avalanche or something like that?

    • Ann Outhouse

      If the drop was falling, the point should be upwards.

      Which raises the question — was it deliberate, or are they that stupid?

      • daveNYC

        The drop is going up. The ripples on the surface seem to indicate that there has already been an impact, so this is probably trying to show the backjet from another droplet hitting the surface.

        The idea behind it might be something like escaping the pool of all encompassing womanness (or something) that they find themselves stuck in.

        I have no idea what the hand is doing though.

      • Yes, no matter how you look it, the drop is clearly ejectum

    • Crabernacle

      like… semen tears …in … rain.

      • Alannis Morisette

        …on your wedding day!

        • Rutger Hauer

          No … Time to die …

          • N__B

            I’m semen in the rain
            Just semen in the rain
            What a glorious feeling
            I’m sploogy again.

  • joe from Lowell

    They’re throwing one little stone of masculine rationality into the ocean that is a male-persecuting society, but that one little stone will send out ripples, you betcha.

  • John Revolta

    I guess it’s supposed to be “a drop in the bucket”, but I can’t really get any further than that…….

    one small voice against the vast libral media conspiracy? Or sumthin?

    • Hogan

      But the drop is upside down. Removing a drop from the bucket?

  • wjts

    If it’s a vulva, it’s clearly the vulva of Loris tardigradus. The lunate vaginal aperture, stout and slightly tapered clitoris and apically situated urethral meatus demonstrate this conclusively.

    Actually, the “droplet suspended above a pool” reminds me of some science fiction movie, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

    • Derelict

      Alien. When the droplets rise off the top of the egg just before it opens and the embryo implanter clamps onto John Hurt’s face.

      • wjts

        No, that’s not it. God, this is going to drive me nuts.

        • bargal20

          The Water of Life from David Lynch’s Dune?

          • wjts

            Yes, that’s almost certainly what I was thinking of. Thanks.

        • tsam

          That’s ET’s hand, trying to phone…water?

          • Santa Claustrophobia

            It’s the hand of Keith Kincaid and he’s clearly stopping the chubby rain.

    • dmsilev

      Terminator 2, with the liquid-metal Terminator rising up out of a pool of molten …stuff?

      • No, the pool the men disappear into in Under the Skin.

      • MikeJake

        You can try and freeze us out, ladies, but we will eventually thaw and reform, strong as before. And then hurt you to make you call for John.

  • David DiSabatino

    Yeah, what joe said. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to symbolize, but it represents a hand that has thrown a stone into water, and a drop of water has flown up from the spot where the stone went in. It’s just not very well executed.

    • BruceJ

      Why does the pool have the face of a beaver?

      • muddy

        It’s a sad puppy getting pissed on. I could see it as soon as I looked.

        Look at its sweet floppy ears! Look at its sweet bow tie at the bottom! awww

  • malindrome

    what is this i don’t even

    • Randy

      It’s $58.80, paid by a bunch of bitter old misogynists who spend a lot of time complaining about being bled dry because they have to pay child support.

      • Warren Terra

        But it’s 1 oz of silver, so you’re really only paying ~$35 for the artistry!

      • Warren Terra

        For a bit more than twice the price, you can get it as a fruit bowl, instead. Beautiful and functional!

        (Do MRAs eat fruit? Or is it only the raw meat of their freshly slain prey?)

        • Warren Terra

          Actually, photoshop an apple into the hand, or put the apple below with the hand reaching for it, and we’e pretty much got a match.

        • herr doktor bimler

          I honestly had not seen this comment when I linked to the same image at 6:50.

    • sharculese

      Paul Elam is equal parts true believer and carnival huckster, so he simultaneously sees his commenters as both a nascent movement and a bunch of rubes to be fleeced. With comical results.

  • d s mv w l d

    I see a face reflected in the puddle. I’m pretty sure it’s the face of my cat.

    What was my cat doing posing for AVFM artwork?

    But anyway, more fundamentally the question is, why in Bog’s name would they need a “commemorative coin”?

    • I see a face reflected in the puddle. I’m pretty sure it’s the face of my cat.

      What was my cat doing posing for AVFM artwork?

      I chuckled.

  • Warren Terra

    What does “MHRA 2008-2014” mean? Wikipedia is no help. And why do they wish to indicate its demise?

    • wjts

      “Men’s Human Rights Advocate/Activist”, according to A Voice for Men. The date range suggests that their brains died around the age of six, which sounds about right.

      • Warren Terra

        So it’s neither the Michigan Hot Rod Association nor the Modern Humanities Research Association? The former seems euphemistically appropriate, and the latter has a style guide and everything.

        • wjts

          If the style guide doesn’t have tips for matching your fedora to your duster and grooming your neckbeard, a Voice For Men is not interested at this time.

      • Anonymous

        Wikipedia is no help.

        Wikipedia is no help because it’s a made up term for a made by mostly ugly women…probably butch women.

        • Warren Terra

          I worry about the changes coming to the commenting system, then a dipshit pops up to remind me why we need commenter registration.

          • That kid in the corner

            Honestly, that particular comment seems like a false flag operation – not sure whether it’s on behalf of Disqus or Facebook, though.

            • Malaclypse

              Looks like a FYWP op to me.

        • tsam

          I had no idea that butch women made up the term Wikipedia. Weird.

          • So it also manages to agitate for an edit function? That’s one subtle troll.

          • Ann Outhouse

            Wiccan + pedia

    • Warren Terra

      Ah: from Joe’s link below:

      commemorates the years from which AVFM was founded and up to the point of the First International Conference on Men’s Issues.

      I still have no idea what “MHRA” means, but that explains the six year span.

      Obviously, the American Revolution is usually dated 1775-1776, ending when the Patriots first convened to declare independence. And the struggle for African-American Civil Rights is usually dated from 1955 to 1957, from the origins of the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the first meeting of the SCLC.

    • sharculese

      the ‘h’ is for human, because calling themselves just plain ‘men’s right’s activists’ stopped by pompous enough.

    • runsinbackground

      “Men’s Human Rights Activist, from the founding of the movement [which I guess was 2008? Elam seems to have forgotten the when exactly he founded A Voice for Men] to the present day”
      That “human rights” bit is the latest dodge Elam and his cabal have cooked up to position a movement that has been around in one form or another since the advent of the women’s suffrage movement at the forefront of modern social progress.

  • Sly

    It’s supposed to reference a quote by Kennedy about ripples of justice. In actuality it’s a woman’s hand trying to snatch a droplet of priceless man-essence before it falls into the welcoming and protective pool of the Manosphere.

    • Trollhattan

      I’m-a vote for yours.

      • Trollhattan

        Also, too, it misspells “vice.”

    • malindrome

      “I can no longer sit back and allow Feminist infiltration, Feminist indoctrination, Feminist subversion and the international Feminist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

  • Derelict

    Here’s my guess:

    It’s a cow pie that has just hit the ground, and the drop is part of its fluid rebound, thus the drop is flying upwards. The hand-like thing is reaching out to try and catch the drop before it falls back into the cow pie.

    What it means: We catapult fresh bullshit and see how many morons grab for a drop or two–or even decide to eat the whole pie.

  • Joe
    • Warren Terra

      Key part is the quote on the obverse:

      Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.
      ~ Robert F. Kennedy

      So, they not only fail to comprehend the meaning of the quote, they fail even to understand or to portray the visual metaphor it invokes.

      • Warren Terra

        Also, what is the story regarding the commercial use of an RFK quote? Surely this is copyright infringement?

        • I would think words spoken in political speech would be public domain?

          • Warren Terra

            This is definitely not the case for complete speeches. Brief passages, I don’t know.

            • Really? Political speeches made by politicians in office do not belong to the people?

              Who do they belong to? My speech as an employee is the property of my employer… I would expect it to be the same, and Kennedy’s employer was the public after all

      • Anonymous

        You left this part out:

        Regardless of personal politics, this great quote is so fitting for our work here at AVFM, and the imagery provided by Peter Vinczer artfully depicts that sentiment that will resonate for lifetimes.

      • efgoldman

        Key part is the quote on the obverse

        Bobby is spinning in his grave.

        • Alexander Hamilton

          Heads you win, tails you lose.

    • Nah. It’s still a condom being held under a dripping faucet.

      • Warren Terra

        Maybe a drip from a punctured Diaphragm? A noble blow for the personhood (sorry, manhood, this is the MRA he-men) of those sperms, cruelly denied their opportunity to show their tremendous manly power?

      • Joe

        reality is boring, but still, it is pretty easy to find out what the intent of the thing was

        • efgoldman

          reality is boring

          And also way less fun than mockery, snark, and laughter.

  • Warren Terra

    I think it’s their version of the Sistine Chapel, and we’ve got it rotated 180 degrees. Adam’s hand is reaching out to receive a drop of the bounty of their deity, which is a pool of leaking something soaked through the ceiling above, with a whole pool suspended from the ceiling by surface tension and slowly dripping down. Looks like it must be a viscous liquid.

    • burritoboy

      Isn’t this an episode of Dr. Who? You know, the one with the blob monster that lives on the ceiling of the space station?

  • Karen

    It makes less sense than an 80’s perfume advert, and those were all created by cocaine addicts trying to speak French.

  • It’s a pie about to be violated by an extraterrestrial craft.

  • matt

    it looks like a ufo with a raindrop falling upwards out of its puckered anus.

  • Scott P.

    They’re stealing our precious bodily fluids.

  • It is an image of Narcissus uncrying a single teardrop from the pool into which he eternally gazes because the ripples make his face look fat.

  • Socrets

    Kinda of looks like that scene from the Super Mario Brothers movie where Peach puts her meteor shard into the giant meteor in order to allow dinosaurs to take over the human world.

  • Matthew Stevens

    I thought it was a sperm being spit out of the primordial ooze, about to be grabbed by some misandric feminist.

    • So they hate women who spit?

      • sharculese

        More likely than not there’s an AVFM article expressing that general sentiment.

  • Member of the He-man woman’s hater club

    That’s not for you to know, woman! It is secret man code and only our mighty testosterone eyes can decode the secrets. Now go back to looking at floral pattern fabrics, or whatever it is your estrogen eyes CAN process, and let us do our manly business in peace.


  • brad

    A drop out of the proverbial bucket by his own hand?

    I’m more puzzled by what is supposedly being commemorated by those dates.

    • brad

      Ahh, I guessed before reading the comments so as to keep my mind pure to their truths. Thanks, those who dug up the info.

  • keta

    It’s a barely submerged beaver expectorating man seed and the pointing hand represents all the masturbating done by these tools because none of the beavers like them.

    The beaver is pretty obvious when you consider it was made by a Canadian, eh.

  • Gwen


  • Pseudonym

    As I’ve said previously, it’s clearly a picture of vacuumslayer using her dainty little t-rex hand to spermjack some semen from a used condom.

  • hickes01

    It can’t be a vagina. Most MRA’s have never seen one.

    • That could be what they guess it may look like.

      Surprised it’s not a picture of Play-Doh and bacon.

  • Brownian

    Whatever that coin is supposed to be, it sure as hell isn’t going to that fucking ex-harpy of mine for ‘child support’.

    Oops. I meant to write “family courts are biased against men!”

    • LosGatosCA

      I can see how your keyboard – doubtlessly assembled by some feminazi – misrepresented your objective thoughts in a false spoiled child like emotional ranty way.

      Which of course is so not the style of an MRA.

  • Lesbians for Hillary

    Yes, women can have a political voice but those fukin’ MEN expecting to also have a voice. And probably WHITE men, too!

    The nerve.

    • Pseudonym

      There is literally nobody in politics representing MEN, much less WHITE men, these days.

      • wjts

        There has never been a white president in my nephew’s lifetime. Why do you want him to grow up in a world without role models?

        • Poochy


        • Nobdy

          I understand why Obama is black, but why is he not white? He was born to a white mother and raised in a white family. As a nation do we adhere to the old southern one drop rule?

          • Uh…yes?

          • Lee Rudolph

            Well, the One Drop itself is right there on the coin, after all.

    • sharculese

      It’s not ‘probably’ white men so much as ‘almost exclusively’

      Although, as a white man, let me just say that these crybabies don’t speak for me.

      • No kidding. Apart from the damage done to society by perpetrating the hate they do, the main irritant is that these jackasses presume to speak for me and assume that I really agree with them, deep down when I’m honest, all ’cause I got a dick. You can’t just think MRA’s are tedious assholes with a warped view of reality, no, you’re either lying to get laid or permanently damaged mentally from contact with vagina. They’re like white supremacists, even to folks they think should be on their side, their only counter-argument is “FUCK YOU!”

        • sharculese

          Also many of them actually are white supremacists.

          • Reckon who that insults more?

          • herr doktor bimler

            Once you’ve decided that “Science supports my cause! (and all those scientists who say I’m wrong just aren’t Sciencing properly)”, it’s hard to stop at just one.

            A lot of people seem to hit the MRA / “human-biodiversity” / libertarian trifecta.

            • Oh yeah, there’s A LOT of overlap.

      • Pseudonym

        That’s just because you’re a GENDER FRAUD!

  • It reminds me of the commemorative Copenhagen cans one might get at, say, a rodeo or Friday night race. An oval race, though, not drag. One rarely saw commemorative snuff cans at drag races for whatever reason.

    • I would imagine it is because drag queesn have better manners and taste than to dip.

  • herr doktor bimler

    Totally stoled from 1962 Analog cover art.

    • Warren Terra

      They totally shoulda gone with this one. Or maybe this one.

      • Warren Terra

        … adding, it’s clear they didn’t study the reference art at all carefully. Their droplet shape is all wrong, their ripples really no better.

        • Brownian

          No kidding. Kinda refutes that whole ‘men are good at science’ thing when they’re this off base with respect to basic physics.

        • efgoldman

          it’s clear they didn’t study the reference art at all carefully.

          My late father-in-law took most of Edgerton’s early strobe pictures. In the evenings of big family events (and it was a big family) he’d bring out the antique strobe and wow all the nieces and nephews.

      • herr doktor bimler

        I suspect that a lot of people only know the Edgerton photographs through secondary sources, as the images become progressively stylized.

        • You’ve been re-emvowelled! It’s a miracle!

          • Rassin’ frassin’ joke nym. WHY DIDN’T THE COMMENTING SYSTEM PROTECT ME FROM MYSELF?

    • CD

      Excellent. Reminds me I’m overdue for a prostate check.

  • Anonymous

    Pancakes. Short stack. Drop o’ butter.

  • Sesame Street Martian about to be destroyed by a broken cone chair flung by a displeased God.

  • KmCO

    I take it that, design aside, we’re looking at Bitcoin 2.0?

  • libarbarian

    ManBoobz was a better name

  • CD

    They’re playing frisbee in the rain. It’s quite innocent.

  • ump902a

    It’s a tear being cried into a beer.

  • LeftWingFox

    A far more accurate coin describing AVFM and the Men’s movement they represent: (NSFW, nudity)


  • CaseyL

    The coin states “A Voice For Men,” so I’m guessing that’s a cross-section of a throat showing the larynx and vocal cords. Ick.

  • herr doktor bimler

    A bursting pimple.

  • atheist

    It is a drop of water falling upward from a pool of water, within a mystical field of backwards-running time that has been conjured by the disembodied hand. The mystical field of backwards time is taking us toward a prelapsarian aeon before the invention of feminism.

  • tsam

    Something something Oedipus.

  • The Fool

    It’s obviously a seal looking up from under some water where he is being attacked by the Neil Tyson in his ship of the imagination. Meanwhile the hand of God is protecting the innocent seal from the godless atheist.


  • MAJeff

    I can sort of make out a bad cartoon otter or bear?

  • NorCal

    What better symbol for persecuted manhood than a medallion of a melting hubcap?

  • Wat

    I see a gummy bear staring at me through the ripples. I don’t even know.

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