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Foreign Entanglements: Gaza


On the latest episode of Foreign Entanglements, Matt and I talk Gaza:

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  • Typical Liberal

    Jews are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world. Jews need to stop defending themselves. The holocaust was the Jews fault. Passing gun control the prevented the Jews from defending themselves against the Nazi was a great idea and America needs to do it. Zimmerman is Jewish name right? in That case George Zimmerman was wrong to defend himself against that street punk.

    • Whiskers

      Oh dear.

      • John F


        • Ronan

          extreme sarcasim

          • Autonomous Coward

            Projection is more like it.

            Rightist troll hates jews, film at 11.

  • Gwen

    I’m no fedora-wearing bearded-intellectual, but I’d say that the technical term for the Gaza situation would be “a clusterfuck of the highest order.”

    • Joe

      that or “rerun”

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