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Presumably Scott has renounced the Flames in favor of the Buffalo Sabres.

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  • Charles Pierce

    Can we start hating this kid now?

    • BobS

      The kid has a cross to bear. I was half-hoping the Wings would have drafted him, just for the agita it would have caused among much of the fandom.

    • Stag Party Palin

      I should think so. Everybody knows “le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.”

    • efgoldman

      Can we start hating this kid now?

      Claude Lemieux was Matt Cooke for an older generation: a dirty player who wouldn’t defend himself.

      • BobS

        Like Cooke, Lemieux was a prick, but he was twice the player Cooke could ever dream of being and one of the all-time playoff performers. Much as I hate to compliment the guy, he made his teams better and was a major component of multiple Stanley Cup winners — unlike Cooke.

      • playoffs

        4 Cups, 1 Conn Smythe, leading goal scorer for Montreal in 86
        with 10(4GW) and New Jersey in 95 with 13(3GW). 80 playoff goals including 19 GW which is 3rd all time

        Lemieux was an cheapshot agitator like Cooke but he is closer to Messier (who was a dirty bastard) than he is to Cooke in terms of team impact.

        • efgoldman

          …but he is closer to Messier (who was a dirty bastard) than he is to Cooke in terms of team impact.

          My memory may be hazy, but I don’t recall Messier turtling when someone came after him. He was nasty, but was also one tough sumbitch. Lemieux was Matt Cooke or Ulf Samuelson but with decent hockey skills. Didn’t hurt him that he played with a bunch of HOFers, either, so the other team couldn’t concentrate on shutting him down.

          • Scott Lemieux

            Um, Ulf Samuelson was a tremendous player. (As was Claude Lemieux, although there are few players I’ve hated more.)

          • BobS

            You might be able to get a job in the Edmonton front office with your eye for the game.

          • playoffs

            Elbowing guys in the face behind the play and then hiding behind the likes of Brown, Beukaboom, McClelland, McSorely and Semenko makes you the opposite of a tough guy.

            Since you obviously follow ‘the Code’ you know that taking liberties and then not answering the bell is just gutless as turtling. Yet serial spearer, Mark Butt-end Messier fought 21 times as a rookie in 1979
            and then displayed his legendary honor and toughness approximately once every 45 games for the rest of his career.

  • Murc

    Speaking as someone who lives in Rochester, never change your allegiance to the Sabres.

    (Some years I think they actually feed on the tears of their fans.)

    • Colin


      (Said as a long-suffering fan who as a child fell in love with them without the maturity or knowledge to understand what a tragic mistake he had made.)

    • ckc (not kc)

      the curse of Tim Horton (shared with you-know-who)

      • Tsujimoto’s revenge

        Horton’s death, Palmateer blowing out Martin’s knee, Bowman’s only failure, the Adams division in the 80s

        LaFontaine’s concussions, having the best goalie ever and no talent to surround him with, no goal, Peca’s lost year and trade, getting 92 NHL games and Reinprecht out of 6 1st round picks in a 8 year span

        bankrupt team, losing 4 dmen in 06 playoffs, losing co-captains for nothing then paying Vanek $7M/yr,

        getting a free spending owner after the league goes to a salary cap and finally the worst offensive team in 30 years and the NHL decides to change the draft lottery

    • elm

      I lived in Buffalo the year of the strike. As much as Sabres might break their fans heart, the Year Without Hockey was extraordinarily depressing. I mean, Buffali is not ordinarilly a happy city, but having no hockey in their lives, made Buffalonians truly hopeless.

    • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

      A neighbor in his 30s, as a result of being an ex-military brat stationed several places in his adolescence, adopted the Bills and Sabres as his football and hockey teams, and then, by dint of a period at Fort Lewis…the Seattle Mariners.

      So he’s basically “Sports Job.”

      • Did he pick up the Bucks for basketball?

        • efgoldman

          Did he pick up the Bucks for basketball?

          I’m sure he alternated between the Sonics and the Braves.

  • Charles Pierce

    Back in the late 80s, I saw a US-Canada game in the Forum. Lemieux got flattened by Chris Nilan and Nilan got a standing O from the Forum faithful.

    • BobS

      That probably had as much to do with Nilan being a fan favorite in Montreal — fighters always are, and Nilan was a good one, one of the all-time best. I watched him and Probert fight to a draw at the Joe Probert’s rookie year in Detroit — it wasn’t close to either guy’s best fight, but it was a good one.

    • What kind of international contest would have the US call Chris “Knuckles” Nilan to duty. ALso, WTF? http://www.si.com/nhl/home-ice/2013/08/12/boston-mobsters-trial-keeps-coming-back-around-to-hockey

  • Scott Lemieux

    Ironically, I was in Buffalo on Friday (the Millard Fillmore house was closed, what a gyp) and the local sportscaster was urging the Sabres to draft the guy the Flames took two picks later in the first round…

    • NYST Exit 52

      The only thing worse than Buffalo “luck” is the sports media. It’s so bad, the 2nd best ‘local’ hockey guy works for a tiny paper 75 miles away.

      That said, Bennentt seems to be a real competitive, high energy kid and should fit in great since the Flames will have Monahan to go up against the big centers out west.

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