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Cranky White Men of a Century Ago


John Hodgman, reading a anti-women’s suffrage letter to the editor from 1914.

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  • dh

    The mens rights activists in the audience were left wondering why everyone else was laughing.

    • asmallmoose

      MRAs only laugh at Daniel Tosh. MGTOWs sit around smelling their own farts.

      • I’m older, so maybe I’m out of touch with today’s “comedy,” but for me, Tosh’s, is the most unwatchable TV show.

        It’s “The Comedy of Cruelty.”

        • asmallmoose

          No, I hate it too and I am a yout’.

        • atheist
        • Sargasso Sink

          Oh lord, this. I haven’t watch enough Dane Cook to state with certainty, but while Dane Cook wasn’t at all funny, he didn’t seem to be an out-and-out a-hole like Tosh. Sociopath.

      • dh

        I didn’t know what an MGTOW was, so I looked it up. Since I couldn’t discern the difference between MRAs and MGTOWs I looked for that. Yahoo answers was less than helpful.

        MGTOW’s generally come across as men who have no problem getting laid, wheras MRA’s come across as men who can’t get laid

        That was voted the best answer.

        • asmallmoose

          omg, that’s hilarious. “We totally could be banging like, all these chicks, you know? We just don’t want to, that’ll show ’em.”

          • KmCO

            Men Going Their Own WayTM!

            • delurking

              I vote for a new acronym: PGYOWD (PLEASE Go Your Own Way, Douchebag).

              As MRA already contains this data (implied), there’s no need to change their acronym.

            • ChrisTS

              Jesus christ, they have a website.

              Opening joke:

              “If three feminists were drowning and you could only save one……

              what kind of sandwich would you make?”

              Oh, har dee har har.

              • Gregor Sansa

                Making their own sandwiches? It’s clear it’s just a fantasy.

        • atheist

          As far as I can tell, MRA’s are a movement of angry men who feel victimized by women and/or feminism, while MGTOW’s are a more radical subset who have decided to “take themselves out of the market” and boycott dating women, or perhaps just “western” women. Basically, two parts of a very nasty, retrograde anti-feminist movement.

          • asmallmoose

            Ok, cool, that’s pretty much how I understood it too.

          • KmCO

            …while MGTOW’s are a more radical subset who have decided to “take themselves out of the market” and boycott dating women…

            So, ironically, they’re doing women the greatest favor possible.

            • asmallmoose

              According to Yahoo answers they are withholding women their essence, without which the female suicide rate will, definitely some time in the future bookmark it fems, skyrocket

              • atheist

                Right, as if sperm was hard to come by or something.

                • asmallmoose

                  Time to get that invisible hand up and jerking I guess

              • dh

                I don’t avoid women Mandrake. I do deny them my essence.

            • atheist

              True. Although I suspect in practice they are more passively-aggressive than they are absent.

        • Ronan

          MRA’s seem to be a tiny group of irrelevancies who the internet has built into the greatest threat to western civilisation since genghis khan.

          • asmallmoose

            There is no hyperbole on the internet Ronan, everything is srs bsns

            • herr doktor bimler

              There is ABSOLUTELY no hyperbole.

          • atheist

            They’re a small group but they have some effect on the mainstream, and they have shown a tendency toward violence. So while they aren’t the biggest threat to civilization, they aren’t irrelevant, any more than other similar far-right groups.

        • KmCO

          Yahoo answers….

          Well, there’s your problem right there.

  • He had me ROTFLMAO, at “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS a bachelor…”!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe HE should get Colbert’s slot?

    I’d love to watch him 4 days a week!

    • djw

      I’ve heard much worse ideas than that

      • “I’ve heard much worse ideas than that.”

        Are you in the NSA?

        Have you been listening-in on me?

        • Aaron B.

          He would be a very different character than Colbert but in a way with a lot of potential tial. I would worry that his lack of comedy background (he’s a literary agent and while I find him very funny and smart he can be overly dry) would hurt the energy of the show.

    • Krog

      If you’re looking for a John Hodgman fix, has a wonderful podcast called Judge John Hodgman.

    • Manju

      That was unfair. According to the writer’s girlfriend at the time, who lived in Canada…

  • The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same.

    • DrDick

      My thought exactly.

  • ns


  • KadeKo

    I was wondering if anyone else was listening to “Wits”. Don’t know how old it is, but I stumbled across it in our NPR market, and it’s really a good hour.

    • I had never heard of it before actually, just saw the a link on Twitter to the Hodgman bit.

    • BP in MN

      The live shows are actually much better than the recorded version – the problem with the distributed cut is that they keep in all the bits that John Moe and the Wits staff write, which frankly are usually much less funny than when they let the comedians and musicians riff. There was a lot of great stuff left on the cutting-room floor from the one I went to with Paula Poundstone and Robyn Hitchcock.

    • Sly

      I’m thinking about getting the “Tom Waits Does Math” audio cassettes.

  • KmCO

    I think the cranky white man in question is alive and well and employed as a columnist at The Corner.

  • Twas ever thus.

  • Jhoosier

    I will say, though, that he’s correct on the whiskey point. F that shit.

    • Ronnie P

      That really was a big argument back then. Part of the problem with the wets was the breweries were willng to throw the distilleries under the bus (ban spirits, not beer!), while the distilleries retorted that immigrants drank beer.

  • Jordan

    Ha! I just heard this a couple of hours ago on NPR on my drive to work. Its great.

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