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Burrito Thursday


I know there is such a thing as Taco Tuesday, but how about we celebrate a late night Burrito Thursday by considering the 10 most important burritos in history.

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  • The prophet Nostradumbass

    Chipotle? Del Taco? Ugh.

    • Important and good are not necessarily the same things.

      • The prophet Nostradumbass

        Yes, I know.

    • wjts

      Could be worse – could be Taco Bell.

      • ThrottleJockey

        If we’re going with the “important not good” thing, then Taco Bell is far, far, far more integral to the widespread consumption of burritos than Chipotle could ever dream to be. Glen Bell had sold over a billion burritos by the time burritos were a twinkle in Steve Ells’ eye.

      • BruceJ

        When I was in exile from Southern Arizona (in suburban NY in the 80’s) Flour tortillas simply didn’t exist in the stores. Hell I remember seeing Old El Paso corn tortillas in a can! There was a little store on 14th street in NYC where I could get other essentials, like (wonder of wonders, Poblano Salsa, a true Tucson classic) but not flour tortillas.

        There was ONE taco bell, 45 miles away on Long Island. We would make the trek (from Yonkers through the city to LI) , order a dozen or so Deluxe Burritios and freeze them so we could stretch the time between trips…

        By the late 80’s, early 90’s they finally started carrying flour tortillas in the stores (if you can call those pasty white things under the Mission label ‘tortillas’) near us and the long burro drought was over.

        But I learned then not to so casually discount Taco Bell.

    • Vance Maverick

      He’s very clear about why they’re there, and about what he prefers. This is right up there in the top 10 listicles I’ve read on the Internet.

      • nixnutz

        I give him props for including El Castillito, that’s an expert-level pick. It was probably my third or fourth favorite overall but my favorite of the vegetarian, warmed-on-the-the-grill variety. Pretty much all avocado and cilantro but it was a refreshing alternative to the pounds of greasy carne asada I usually ate.

        • DocAmazing

          Toss-up between them and Taqueria Can-Cun for best vegetarian burrito.

    • ploeg

      How dare you turn up your nose at the humble-yet-filling Chipotle lunch suppository.

      • The prophet Nostradumbass

        I am familiar with their product, and find it wanting. My problem with them is that, at least where I live, I can get burritos that are far, far superior, for less money. They’re like the Red Lobster or Olive Garden of burritos. After writing that sentence, the name Chevys popped into my mind. They are, actually, far more horrible than Chipotle ever will be.

  • John Revolta


    I gotcher late night burrito.

    Right here.

  • Cheap Wino

    According to the wiki Chipotle Mexican Grill was “Founded by Steve Ells in 1993.” I was eating burritos stuffed with as much Mexicanish stuff as possible for very low dollar amounts at our Student Center years before that. I hardly think that Chipotle deserves credit for the spread of ingesting massive calories of great, non-hamburger foodstuffs to stoned, ravenously hungry college students.

    But, yeah, mmmmmm burritos.

  • Frank Despicable

    Burritos: so great that even digestion can’t change them.

  • Don N.

    The distinction between breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos is very small. Having grown up in LA and having lived in Austin – they really aren’t different enough to mock. Al Pastor Burgers or Carne Asada Fries – both are good and both are mockable. He should have laughed at the Chile Con Queso which has no terrible analog in SoCal.


    • I will say I have a very strong preference to breakfast burritos, but I think the real reason is that New Mexican food is better than Tex-Mex and so I associate each with the relevant genre.

      • The breakfast burrito at The Pantry in Santa Fe is the best. Also large enough to feed a family of four.

        • Karen

          I ADORE The Pantry. We go skiing in Santa Fe every MLK weekend. We stay at the El Rey and become intimate friends with The Pantry waiters. There is no bad food on their menu.

      • TortaKing

        What say you about the Navajo taco? Delicious? Desecration of
        frybread? Both?

    • ThrottleJockey

      I’d be ok letting Texas secede so long as we could keep the Tex Mex.

      • rea

        If it meant you’d all have to eat New Mexican rather than Tex-Mex, you’d be happier.

  • Burritos really are the greatest food. No contest.

    • allium

      What about two burritos?

  • Joseph Nobles

    I’m sorry, but one important burrito has been left off this list:


    • rea

      Also missing is this burrito, one of the high points of 20th Century technology:


      • Hogan

        Beat me to it.

        • rea

          Definitely worth including in any listicle of the 10 best things published on the internet.

          • Barry Freed

            That really is a great blog. Maciej Cegłowski can write the fuck out of long form.

            • rea

              I wish he/she would post more than a couple of times a year.

  • Warren Terra

    The rule is, burrito thurs-day and burrito yesterday – but never burrito today.

    It’s dreadfully confusing.

  • N__B

    I prefer full size burros to miniature ones.

    • Hogan

      With extra jelly.

      • Origami Isopod, Commisar [sic] of Ideology for the Bolsheviks

        No, those are for the cows.

        • Hogan

          Speciesist. The heart wants what it wants.

          • Origami Isopod, Commisar [sic] of Ideology for the Bolsheviks

            “That’s not my heart.”

            • N__B

              But it’s throbbing!

  • Origami Isopod, Commisar [sic] of Ideology for the Bolsheviks

    What about burritos con las armas automáticas? Can’t get those at Chipotle’s.

  • drkrick

    Ten most important burritos and no mention of Gram Parsons?


    • Thlayli

      Best band name ever.

      Well, best name of an actual band, anyway. Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem is better, but, y’know, muppets.

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