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Upsides of a New Cold War!


Lots of pretty pictures of Bears. See also here for a slightly older

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HUD shot.

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  • Kurzleg

    In flight, they look pretty cool, but this Wiki photo of one taxiing looks even better. This one from a Typhoon intercept isn’t bad either and gives a sense of scale.

  • Monty

    In which the Brits agree with Colbert!

  • catclub

    Are the propellers extremely slow? I was impressed with how well the pictures stop their motion. Very bright sun and fast shutter?

    • njorl

      I believe they are actually very fast. Digital imaging tech is just ridiculous nowadays.

      • BigHank53

        They’re also at enough altitude that there is an absurd amount of light. I was once photographing in alpine conditions (snow, bright sun, no clouds, at elevation) with 100 speed film and even at f/16 the camera was using shutter speeds around a thousandth of second.

        Their digital sensor is a lot faster. So it their lens, which is probably f/2.8 and fixed-focus.

  • Ann Outhouse

    That is one ugly-ass air-o-plane. The props are interesting.

    • Morbo

      If you think it looks ugly you should hear it. Ah, here we are.

    • Ugly? No, it’s beautiful in the same way the B-52 is: just a monumentally functional design.

  • N__B

    I thought there would be pictures of naked bears. I’ve been grievously misled.

  • Gwen

    Looking at the Bear’s tail markings. Note that British flew all that way just to watch the “BBC”…

    • Autonomous Coward

      I think the other word is “Russian” (would have to ask Mrs. Autonomous Coward to be sure.)

      What’s “Russian BBC”? Pravdavision?

  • I’m curious why these planes still have those guns in the tail… I’d think that would be an obsolete feature but maybe the added weight doesn’t make much of a difference.

    • We still had guns on the B-52 until 1992. I liked having the guns if for no other reason than the psychological benefits of having something to shoot back with.

      Having the guns back there kept the fighters out of your six-o-clock, which was where their better missile shots were.

      Between our countermeasures and flying extremely low we could just about negate his missile capability. Especially if it was a crappy third-generation Soviet fighter like a MiG-23.

      That left him with guns, and now it’s a fair fight.

  • njorl

    It should be trailing a big banner, “Eat Ivanov’s Borscht”.

    • Autonomous Coward

      Ivanov’s Borscht: can’t beet it!

      • efgoldman

        Ivanov’s Borscht: can’t beet it!

        Go sit in the corner and think about what you did!

  • Pimping my own diary here, but I wrote one about the TU-95 a while back:


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