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In America, even the air is racist


It turns out that the quality of the air you breathe might be related to the color of your skin — even after adjusting for income.

Great job, air!

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  • I like it when friends find useful facts for my book.

    • DrDick

      Or my lectures for next week.

  • Todd

    I think it’s wrong to focus on the air itself. The x factor seems to be the white people, who apparently act as some sort of mass hepa filter colony.

    The solution: make more of them. Breed them for maximum filter fitness, ship them to the far off locations where air filtration labor would be most efficient, and let the market set the price for their purchase price.

  • What?
    You expected the air on MLK JR BLVD to be the same as the air on “The Great White Way?”

  • tt

    If you read the paper, Asians have the highest exposure (except for the very small “black hispanic” category). The gap between Asians and blacks looks about as big as the gap between blacks and whites. It’s slightly strange that this finding isn’t mentioned in any of the articles or even explicitly in the paper itself (maybe the authors think it would weaken the environmental injustice angle?).

  • Duke

    Air has been found to be too democratic. Time to privatize and securitize. Goldman and JPMC, get busy already.

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