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The Worst Person in the World


David Cameron:

David Cameron says he is giving unemployed Britons “new hope and responsibility” by cutting their benefit payments and claims his welfare reforms are part of a “moral mission” for the country.

In an article for the Telegraph, the Prime Minister issues a sharp rebuke to Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, who said recent changes had left many in “hunger and destitution”.

“But neither should political leaders be afraid to respond.”

He added: “Our long-term economic plan for Britain is not just about doing what we can afford, it is also about doing what is right.

“Nowhere is that more true than in welfare.

“For me the moral case for welfare reform is every bit as important as making the numbers add up.”

He said it was “wrong” that people are “trapped in a cycle of dependency” or to “reward” people who can work but do not.

Ensuring a house over the head of your citizens and decent nutrition regardless of their ability to find someone to hire them is clearly an abnegation of the moral duty to recreate the poverty of Dickensian England.

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  • Warren Terra

    Also: closing the libraries, slashing disabilities benefits (for people with very real, very incurable disabilities), massive tuition hikes, etcetera, etcetera …

    I will say this for Cameron: bad as he is, Stephen Harper is worse.

    • wengler

      Only because the UK already exhausted the vast majority of its natural resources.

    • Haystack

      A different kind of worse.

      He’s an environmental monster and he’ll using the Employment Insurance surplus (achieved by raising premiums and restricting access to benefits) to help erase the budget deficit, but the sacred moral duty of kicking people off welfare belongs to the provinces.

      • Haystack


        [inelegant editing solution]

  • IM

    Must be hard to be a Liberal Democrat right now.

    • somethingblue

      I believe it was Brad DeLong who said that Nick Clegg would go down in history as the man who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage and didn’t even get any pottage.

      • ThrottleJockey

        What was with that anyways? Did he hate Gordon Brown so much that he’d rather see Labor lose than himself as PM???

        • Slakko

          What was up with that was arithmetic. Seats needed for a majority: 326. Labour seats: 258. LibDem seats: 57. The only majority coalition on the left that would have even had the numbers was Labour + LibDem + SNP + Plaid Cymru + SDLP, which gets you to 327 – not exactly stable.

          Con + LibDem gets you to 363 seats – it was the only credible working majority option. Clegg’s only alternatives were: (a) permit minority Conservative government (like now, but even less pottage!) or (b) send the country back to the polls immediately (at which point his party gets slaughtered 5 years early for the crime of becoming popular enough to deny the country a working majority in the House of Commons).

          • Barry

            Which comes down to the Lib Dems being a spoiler party.

            • Slakko

              If by spoiler you mean “not either of the main parties in a two party system”, then yes.

              If not, then how do you define a non-spoiler third party?

            • I don’t think they were technically a spoiler. For spoiler, you need “but for them, a win”. While there was a squeaker coalition for labour in theory, I’m a bit skeptical that it was there in practice. I guess any of the potential coalition partners who weren’t open to a coalition would count as a spoiler.

              Now they had started with the party with the most seats, but, for example,

              The possibility of some SNP involvement in a Labour-led government materialised when Angus Robertson, the SNP’s leader in the House of Commons suggested its MPs would be willing to join Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and MPs from other smaller parties to form a rainbow coalition.[63][64] It was reported on 10 May that a meeting to discuss this scenario was held between Robertson, the SNP Chief Whip Stewart Hosie and Cabinet Office officials the previous evening.[63] However, Labour’s Douglas Alexander said he could not foresee a situation in which Labour could enter into government with the SNP because the two parties had “fundamental differences”,[65] and he made it clear that no senior Labour officials had been approached by anyone from the SNP.[65]

              So, perhaps Labour was the spoiler.

              If we recast the election as a two party only, I’d be surprised if Labour picks up enough votes for an outright win.

              OTOH, I think a sufficient push from LibDem might have put together a rainbow coalition. So in that sense, they could be seen as a spoiler. Brown certainly made an effort.

      • Barry

        “I believe it was Brad DeLong who said that Nick Clegg would go down in history as the man who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage and didn’t even get any pottage.”

        I’m sure that Clegg was paid.

    • Sly

      “Liberal Democrat” is perhaps the least aptly named political organization since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Imagine if Pete Peterson and Ron Paul had a baby and then left it in the woods to be raised by wolves who read it nothing but Tom Friedman editorials.

      • Lee Rudolph

        I want to know who began the cycle of abuse by teaching those wolves to read those editorials.

        • Sly

          Pat Moynihan, obviously.

      • UserGoogol

        My impression as a not particularly informed outsider is that the name is accurate, but they mean the word “liberal” in an incredibly broad sense, which includes both what Americans would call liberals and also classical liberals, neoliberals, and otherwise more libertarianish schools of “liberalism.” (With the party leadership being more of the latter school.)

        • Murc

          As someone who knows a little bit about this…

          The short version is that the LibDem leadership support a weird mish/mash of Conservative and Labour policy proposals leavened with a hearty dollop of conventional wisdom.

          However, the people who were actually voting for them, as they spent a couple decades slowly becoming relevant, were overwhelmingly (something like six or seven out of ten) people who were defecting from Labour because Labour decided to swing hard to the right. The LibDems didn’t actually have a ton of small-c conservatives in the rank and file.

          So Clegg deciding to enable Conservative governance in exchange for jack and shit did not sit well with them.

          • guthrie

            And to add to the fun, the lib dems have been captured by a cabal of right wing liberal sorts, unrelated to the more left leaning activist on the ground. This happened a good 5 or 6 years ago, and was not clearly noticed by most voters, because of the rubbish way our media reports things and the indistinguishability of party pronouncements these days.

            Net result was a lib dem party leadership with more in common with the Tories than new Labour.
            Some more info here on the orange book:

            • mds

              As a US left-liberal, I find this disturbingly familiar, somehow.

    • Unity 2010!

  • efgoldman

    Somewhere, Zombie Charles Dickens is weeping.

  • Davis X. Machina

    He’s a Tory. To expect anything else is foolishness. What’s remarkable is how they get all those votes.

    Which reminds me, Stuart Hall has died.

    • MAJeff


      Over the break, when driving to the parents’ and back, I had in Judt’s Postwar. There was a phrase, something like, “the Thatcherite war on state and society” (I can’t find the exact phrase now) that just so perfectly encapsulates conservatism in action.

      Chip off the old lady, that Cameron.

    • E. J. Waring

      So. Farewell then, Stuart Hall.

      Finally, It’s A Knockout.

      • Davis X. Machina

        Wrong Stuart Hall. Unless a Jamaican-born sociologist hosted Jeux sans Frontières when I wasn’t looking

        • ajay

          It’s very important to make all jokes absolutely explicit, otherwise someone might not get them.

          • Davis X. Machina

            To most of the US, the joke isn’t so much implicit as invisible.

            • sparks

              No kidding, I thought Stuart Hall was a brand name for (paper) notebooks.

  • David Hunt

    Conservatism’s Ethos: The suffering of the rich is height of tragedy. The suffering everyone else is the height of morality.

    • DrDick

      Indeed. Comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.

    • Dennis Orphen

      You should trademark that phrase, encourage the rich to use it and collect a royalty every time they do. Win/win situation: you make a nice income, and they sound like the asses they are. Not that they need any help with that, I suppose they are doing just fine on their own.

    • Anonymous

      Liberal/”Socialist” Ethos: “I have less only because you have more”.

      Even shorter version: GIMMEDAT! GIMMEDAT DAT MINES!

      • Wall Street

        Gimme that? Worked for us!

        • the Almighty Taxpayer

          Funny, we remember you saying “Hand over a shit-ton of money or we’ll tank the world economy!”

          Why “Anonymous” doesn’t mind being mugged by a banker but resents being asked to help someone out is quite the riddle.

          • Sly

            They don’t call firms like JP Morgan and Goldman “white shoe” because they actually wear white shoes.

          • UserGoogol

            Oh fuck off the both of you.

            The bailouts were a perfectly reasonable policy which were not the result of a threat, but Wall Street sincerely fucking up and needing an influx of money to not destroy the rest of the economy in the process. (As it stood they only severely damaged it.)

            The problem with Wall Street isn’t that it’s a bunch of rich people scamming people into giving them money for doing nothing, (although there’s obviously that side of it too) the problem is that what they do is incredibly important, and they do it badly. And when they really screw up, you need to pump more money into the system to make sure things keep on flowing. There’s better ways to do it than how the bailout happened, but letting a desire for individual culpability get in the way of making society work is precisely the problem we’re attacking conservatives for doing.

            • Anonymous

              Proof positive the bailout was really a socialist policy.

              Wall Street should have been allowed to go belly up, the system needed to be cleansed, deadwood must be burned for the forest to regrow. Just as the Tea Party wanted it. That’s the original rationale for the Tea Party-opposition to big bank bailouts.

              Andrew Jackson had it right, you can’t trust the big banks. They must NOT ever have the support of big government. Small, local, independent banks over big national behemoths like the FED.

              • Brandon

                The original rationale/rant came when someone had the audacity to suggest mortgage forgiveness after we had already massively bailed out the lenders.get your history straight.

                • Anonymous

                  No more bailouts, period.

              • jim, some guy in iowa

                so what you’re looking for is a return to the policies of the 1820s. only 200 years behind the times

              • Only the blood of the unworthy will cleanse and purify our culture, right?

              • Johnnie

                Oh oh oh, tell me about the other things that Andrew Jackson got right!

              • Hogan

                Andrew Jackson had it right, you can’t trust the big banks.

                And a good thing too. Otherwise something bad might have happened..

            • Bill Murray

              but society still isn’t working for a pretty large portion of America and the MOTU didn’t have to make a promise to not try to break the world again to get their money

            • Linnaeus

              The point isn’t so much about individual culpability than it is about (among other things);

              1. The fact that our economy is structured such that financiers can make money hand over fist, on the justification that the market sanctions this, yet have their risk socialized on a massive scale.

              2. That this is deemed perfectly okay (even if it is, in a contingent sense, necessary), while the citizen who needs SNAP is somehow an unconscionable drain on the public coffers who must be disciplined.

            • the Almighty Taxpayer

              yes the bailouts were good policy but I just can’t quite buy the notion that Wall Street has ever been particularly sincere about anything but making money any way possible. Wall Street types insisting on imposing austerity on someone other than them doesn’t do much to disprove my feeling that they’re kind of short sighted and greedy

              I would like to think determining- and if necessary punishing- ‘individual culpability’ is part of ‘making society work’

        • Halliburton

          Don’t forget us.

      • blacklocustlog

        Why even respond to this racist shit pile troll?

      • blacklocustlog

        Dear Anonymous: pull that copy of Fountainhead back out of your ass and fuck off.

    • Timurid

      “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

      ― Mel Brooks

    • Barry

      “Conservatism’s Ethos: The suffering of the rich is height of tragedy. The suffering everyone else is the height of morality.”

      No, it’s more like the rich not getting everything they want right now is the height of tragedy.

  • Aimai

    I’ve got a friend who married into a very upper class british family–his mother was a “name” for lloyds and she had to sell a fucking Stubbs when Lloyds crashed that time, he has a Purdy that he inherited from his father, all that crap. I find his politics and his social views literally incomprehensible. Talking to him, years ago, was like talking to a malevolent brick wall. He was anti-library, among other things, because it just encouraged poor people to lie about reading novels. (He was a VP at Bane and later head of a Business School).

    • Dennis Orphen

      it just encouraged poor people to lie about reading novels

      Did he mean “lie about” or “lay about”? Suppose either would do for those proley-woleys.

    • Dennis Orphen

      For instance, if a prole tells you they have read all 12 volumes of Anthony Powell’s music of time, you could try to catch them in a lie by asking who Charles Stringham had a drawing by and whose hands it ended up in. And hope they didn’t listen to or watch one of Auntie Beeb’s adaptations.

      • Vance Maverick

        While Powell might have been a Tory and written mainly about the upper class, the books are not Tory in themselves or exclusively for Tory tastes….

        • Patrick Phelan

          They were, for example, fondly reviewed by Tariq Ali, who is possibly the least Tory thing since someone who is not named Victoria.

          (I used to think that was the derivation; that it was some time when the Queen was a Victoria, and the Tories were – as with most conservative parties – allying themselves with the symbols of the nation, and that over the years it was shortened to “Tory”. Not at all true.)

          • IM

            Victoria was rather a liberal or perhaps a whig.

            • Warren Terra

              Um, huh? She adored Disraeli (who flattered her limitlessly), hated Gladstone, and iirc basically got her political education at the hands of a British Establishment completely dominated by the mouldering remains of Wellington.

              • IM

                bedchamber crisis

                Also, the influence of her husband.

                • Warren Terra

                  This proves what to you, exactly? All I see there is Peel being canny enough to concoct his way out of leading a minority government, by engineering an excuse that was more social than political. Or did you miss the part where she invited a Tory to lead a minority government?

                  And what do you mean by “the influence of her husband”? I remember Albert being credited with the Christmas tree, perhaps some charity, and an absurdly priggish version of Christianity.

                  And what about Disraeli v Gladstone?

              • Matthew Heath

                Her political education mostly came from Melbourne, I believe: a solid Whig reformer.

                As for Gladstone, I think must have been an effort for anyone to like him on a personal level while Disraeli was clearly a perfectly charming, unprincipled weasel.

            • Patrick Phelan

              This fits partly with what I read about Victoria, but I always figured that if she was being used as a symbol, what she actually thought didn’t matter. What with the Republicans being the Party of Lincoln and MLK being a conservative, and all.

              What I should have realised is that since my frequent games of Colonisation ended with me fighting off the Tories, either I was wrong or time travel.

              (I preferred time travel.)

        • herr doktor bimler

          the books are not Tory in themselves or exclusively for Tory tastes…

          But “Music of Time” takes a fair amount of free time to absorb, so they can be used as a class marker to distinguish U from non-U… which I think is Dennis Orphen’s point.

          • Dennis Orphen

            That was not a point I was trying to make, but your point is a good one. Or, more accurately, it would have been a good point when Tories may have actually read anything and not just bought copies of their own propaganda as a form of wingnut welfare. And they probably don’t even read their own propaganda, or even the backs of cereal boxes, for that matter.

    • Aimai

      Damn you, DO.

    • It’s people like that who made the guillotine so much fun.

    • Lee Rudolph

      Why do you still have this friend?

      • somethingblue

        If I read the post correctly the friend is not the lie-about-reading-novels twit but only married to him, and may have qualities that make up for her choice of husband.

        • Tristan

          Like she gives off some sort of dizzying high?

          • Helmut Monotreme

            Like some kinds of frogs, licking this friend’s skin is a powerful hallucinogen.

    • Jon C.

      Unless it’s specifically the reading he’s against, he’s got it wrong. Poor Brits who read novels developed something like a class consciousness, competed for high status jobs, and built a more inclusive society.

      That is, he should want them to be lying about, just as long as they’re following horse racing or football or something like that.

      • Dennis Orphen

        EXCELLENT point!!, Well played, old bean. You’re a real pip!

  • claims his welfare reforms are part of a “moral mission”

    “For me the moral case for welfare reform is every bit as important as making the numbers add up.”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Davis X. Machina

      I’ve often joked that the Republicans have confused macroeconomics with a branch of moral theology, but these jerkwads mean it.

      • Vance Maverick

        The word “hope” gets me. I could imagine him saying, “We believe it’s better policy to give less support, for reasons XYZ, expecting outcomes to change in such-and-such a way”. I could almost squint and imagine him saying it is morally better (on the part of the nation) to give less support, perhaps on a utilitarian calculus. But to say that removing support gives hope is indeed well into worst-person territory. It imagines a poor person literally happy to have less.

        • somethingblue

          Paul David wants people to dream again. You don’t dream when you’ve got food stamps.

          • rea

            You don’t dream when you’ve got food stamps
            Well, you don’t have as many nightmares about your kids starving, so that is to some extent true.

      • Matthew Heath

        IDS means it; Cameron doesn’t believe in anything other beyond the idea that the Right Sort of Chaps should be running the government.

    • ThrottleJockey

      Many years ago I worked a Dial for Dollars campaign for a large Southern city. You won’t believe the stories I heard from everyday people saying that they just didn’t give a fuck abt the poor. In fact, those were the ones I liked. A lot of them couldn’t be bothered to be honest. Instead they’d tell me some bullshit story like, “Well I’d like to help, but I don’t believe in hand outs. Now if he came in my store I might hire him to sweep the floors or something but no I won’t donate no food or nuthin.”

      Then there was the lady that told me, “No I won’t donate, and I sure as hell wouldn’t hire them to work for me.”

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps people would be more willing to give to charity if the taxman wasn’t taking over half their income to fund Medicaid, public housing, EBT, WIC, etc etc etc and other “gibsmedats”.

        • Linnaeus

          Just like they did before those programs were created, I’m sure.

          • sharculese

            Jenny resents the mere existence of history. Don’t try to shove it in his face like that.

            • Linnaeus

              Yeah, silly me.

            • DrS

              Right. What you want to do is cram it down his throat.

          • Patrick Phelan

            We’ve all read Charles Dickens, and recoiled at the image of bloated, overstuffed Oliver – fat on the freely-flowing milk of human kindness, but like all poors, never satisfied with that – holding out his temporarily empty feasting bowl to say “Oi, feedbag, give me some more!”

        • sharculese

          half their income

          Y’know for all your tantrums about STEM, you remain really bad at the ‘M’ part.

          • CD

            STEM is a creative field.

          • Anonymous

            Once I add up income taxes, SS taxes, medicare taxes, property taxes, car taxes, capital gains taxes, cigarette taxes, and so on. before deductions the government does in fact take over half my income.

            • Hannibal Lecture

              In which we learn that Anonymous DOES think there’s such a thing as a free lunch, AND is completely innumerate, because he thinks that all of that money goes to “gibsmedats”.

              Incidentally, “gibsmedat” is a fascinating new mocking-black-dialect portmanteau word for “nigger”. I thought I knew all of the slurs, but this one is new.

              • Rigby Reardon

                JenBob totally denied that there was any racism at all intended in the word “gibsmedat,” because the worst gibsmedatters he had known were all white. Left unexplained was why the portmanteau he used to describe them was not created from stereotypically poor white dialects instead of an obvious caricature of black dialect.

                In other words, JenBob is an even bigger asshole than I had originally thought.

            • Kingfish

              “before deductions”

              Yeah, I too often find it advantageous to avoid talking about my real, effective tax rate.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          you can’t have forgotten where the vast majority of our tax dollars go?

          hint: “sailboat fuel”

      • Rigby Reardon

        Yes, these are perfect examples of what drove me to misanthropy.

    • rm

      It’s the same morality that led the British Empire to refuse any aid (or relief from agricultural production quotas) to India in the 1870s while thirty million people starved to death. Helping them out would foster an immoral dependency upon the government.

  • Dan Mulligan

    Was going to chide you for stealing Duncan Black’s award line but then I realized just how many worthy recipients there are.

  • Anonymous

    Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind,
    for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • ThrottleJockey

      Really? Is that what he called what he did to Sally Hemings?

      • Anonymous

        Who did you prefer, Hamilton? Fuck off.

        • Both men had flaws, but Hamilton’s vision of the state was much closer to the centralized, activist federal government we see today, while Jefferson’s vision of a loosely bound landholder’s republic was obsolete even when he proposed it.

        • Tristan

          That dude up thread is rambling about Jackson, so really you both picked the better president.

  • Anonymous

    Looks to me like Britain is reaching the “running out of other people’s money” stage of Socialism. There isn’t any stage after that, btw.

    It is high time we return to the time-tested wisdom that “he who does not work, neither shall he eat”. More hard work, less “gimmedat” attitude.

    • sharculese

      Remember guys, Jenny can only speak in the tritest banalities possible, because despite obsessing over the state of world governments, he does not actually have the ability or the inclination to think very hard about them.

      This is a life deliberately made not worth living; a sad, mental prison of his own design, and he will while away his life raging at his perceived jailers without ever realizing that his misery and self-loathing are his own fucking fault.

      • Anonymous

        The ideology of fiscal conservatism is winning all over the industrialized world.

        AUSTERITY is the order of the day in Europe. Like it or not.

        • MAJeff

          Shorter anonymous: people are suffering *fapfapfapfapfap*

          • Anonymous

            People are learning that hard work and long hours, not the government, is where money truly comes from.

            There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”.

            • sharculese

              This is what literate people call ‘something Jenny just made the fuck up, because he can’t accept that nobody likes him.’

            • SamR

              I assume you must be extremely impressed by Iceland, which rejected austerity and sports the lowest unemployment rate (5.2%) out of all the Western countries that got hit by the bubble.

              The only western country that I can find with a lower unemployment rate is Norway, clocking in at about 2.6%. Maybe we should implement 46 weeks of parental leave paid by the government too? Or have the government own 30% of the value of the stock exchange?

              • Anonymous

                Norway has a good economy and low unemployment for the same reason North Dakota and Alberta do-they’re sitting on top a metric shit ton of hydrocarbons. Lets see how Norway does when they run out.

                Iceland has a population smaller than that of Louisville, KY and is 99.99999% native Icelandic. With a population that small and homogeneous everyone is practically related and there is increased social trust. Socialist policies, when they do work, work in small, homogeneous polities and even then for a very limited period of time. What the United States, a continental-size nation of 320 million very heterogeneous people is supposed to take away from Iceland, I’m not sure.

                • Warren Terra

                  When JenBob talks about the culture of mutual trust in Iceland, it’s almost like JenBob missed the entire Icelandic bank crash.

                • DrDick

                  Shorter JenBoob: Iceland ain’t got none of the lazy layabout dusky hued folks! His racism in this thread fairly reeks.

                • herr doktor bimler

                  Excuse me. Making up bullshit about non-Danish parts of Scandiwegia is *my* department.

                • PSP

                  Translated: “Socialism only works when there are no black people.”

            • CD

              A wet bird never flies at night.

              • herr doktor bimler

                The Owl of Athena is just lightly moistened.

            • Especially all those minors who aren’t being fed, educated, or clothed properly by virtue of having unemployed parents, etc.

              Why should the richest society in the world let 3 year olds lay about getting food and health care which just let’s them live longer as parasitic moral blights on Galt Gulch?

              • Hannibal Lecture

                Nits make lice.

            • guthrie

              You clearly don’t have a clue where money really comes from.

        • Anonymous

          In other words, SERF’S UP!

          • Everybody’s gone serfin’

            • Timurid

              Charlie don’t surf!

          • Dennis Orphen

            That line made me chuckle. The chuckle made my monocle fall to the parquet floor, down by my spats. After picking it up, delighted the glass didn’t break (no polycarbonate lens for me, thank you very much!), I googled “Serf’s Up” (in quotes of course), clicked on the images tab, and found this. Who says feeding trolls is not fun and occasionally rewarding?

          • Random plug for a friend’s band: “Serf City USA

        • sharculese

          Is telling yourself weird lies like this how you make up for every single thing you say about U.S. politics turning out to be embarrassingly false?

          Jenny, you get sadder with every post. I would feel bad about fucking with you if you didn’t keep bringing this on yourself.

        • And it’s doing wonders for their GDPs! I hear the UK narrowly avoided a triple-dip recession this year, unlike us fucking spendthrifts in the USA!

          • A Tory

            If a third dip is what it takes to get the lower orders to cut back on their consumption of Woodbines, Watney’s and pools tickets, roll up their socks and get a job, and start tugging those forelocks again, then so be it.

            I don’t care if they’re reduced to eating the whippet.

    • wengler

      It’s OK. We’ll make sure the poor don’t eat any of your pancakes.

    • Joseph Williams

      Exactly. What the black race needs to learn is work ethic. I had a young black woman work for my company in Florida. A hurricane was coming. I told her she could go home to prepare and get water and she said “Oh no da gubmint gonna do that.”

      The election of Obama has increased the entitlement of them tenfold. “One of them.” I believe in giving to those in need. I am a man of Christ. But they need to work. Gimme gimme. Gimme gimme gimme. Why anyone thinks they shouldn’t have to work is beyond me.

      • Penthouse Forum

        I never thought it would happen to me…

        • Barfbag


      • Also, her liver tasted terrible with Chianti.

        • Linnaeus

          The fava beans didn’t even help.

        • herr doktor bimler

          And the servings were so small!

    • Joseph Williams

      Some people agree with you. Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

      Boo boo.

      • Rigby Reardon

        That’s very cute, and I’m sure it makes you feel better about yourself.

    • ajay

      It is high time we return to the time-tested wisdom that “he who does not work, neither shall he eat”.

      You know who ELSE thought that?


      • Rigby Reardon

        I also like this:

        In Lenin’s writing, this [phrase] was not so much directed at lazy or unproductive workers, but rather the bourgeoisie.

        In other words, it wasn’t even intended to be applied to the lazy blahs that JenBob and Joseph Williams are going on about – but rather the capitalists and the moneyed classes.


        • Hogan

          The Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat,
          Said “This looks good enough to eat,
          But I’ll plant it instead, make me some bread,”
          Said to the other guys down the street,
          “Who will help me plant this wheat?”

          “Not I!” said the dog and the cat.
          “Not I!” said the mouse and the rat.
          “I will then,” said the Little Red Hen,
          And she did.

          Well the sun shone bright, the rain it blew,
          The grain of wheat it grew and grew,
          It began to sprout, headed out,
          Till it was ripe enough.
          Said, “Who will help me harvest this stuff?”


          She lugged it to the miller to grind to flour,
          Cause the others would furnish her no manpower,
          And at baking time they all declined
          To help her with the job;
          They were a dog gone no-good mob.


          The bread looked good and smelled so fine
          The gang came running and fell in line;
          “We’ll do our part with all our heart
          To help you eat this chow!”
          She said, “I do not need you now.”

          “I planted and hoed this grain of wheat,
          Them that works not, shall not eat,
          That’s my credo,” the little bird said,
          And that’s why they called her Red.

          –Malvina Reynolds

  • Steve S.

    Atrios dubbed Tony Blair the Worst Person in the World earlier today.

    • IM

      six and half a dozen

    • wengler

      And referenced the transcript where Tony Blair offered to set up a Hutton-style inquiry(in other words whitewashing) into the News of the World hacking. Tony Blair has a Lanny Davis-like ability to offer his services to the worst people in the world.

      • guthrie

        That’s it, isn’t it? If you consistently hang out with and solicit time with reprehensible nasty people, the time has to come when people realise that’s not because you think you can convert them into being good people but because you are a nasty person yourself.

      • Warren Terra

        Tony Blair has a Lanny Davis-like ability to offer his services to the worst people in the world.

        Also to sleep with them – by the transitive property, at least.

  • J R in WV

    Well, pretty bad. I think, tho, that the current winner in worst person is President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, where the economy is so destroyed that people can’t carry enough money to buy food for tomorrow.

    Not that there’s all that much food to buy, since the farms were all confiscated from the farmers and given to Mugabe’s political party members, who knew F-all about farming, which isn’t as easy as it looks, now, is it?

    But you have a good point. Cameron is an “educated” man in a “civilized” country; given all that, perhaps he IS the worst man in the world. He ought to know better, compared to a third world monster, of whom we expect so little.

    • Anonymous

      I think, tho, that the current winner in worst person is President Mugabe of Zimbabwe

      RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!1!!`[email protected]!!

      IT’S A RACIST! Boo HISS boo HISS burn him! burn the racist! Apologize for your White Privilege ™ or prepare to burn at the stake! Repent, or face your doom!


      • MAJeff


        • Anonymous

          These are the kinds of things people like MAJeff engage in:


          • MAJeff

            Oh noes! Rod Dreher! *faint*

            • Anonymous

              I remember the exact moment I realized it was time to leave the sex party and go home. It was 7:30 in the morning, and I was standing in front of a bunch of cots filled with piles of naked men. A man dressed in a leather jacket emblazoned with the words “human urinal” was next to me, a funnel strapped to his face. And as I stood there contemplating the circumstances that had led me to this place, a man wearing nothing but a harness and underwear staggered down the hallway and accidentally pressed up against me. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed to his friend, as his wet skin rubbed up against my arm. “Some guy must have pissed ALL OVER my shoulder!”

              Homosexual men in a nutshell.

              • MAJeff

                Are you asking for me to piss on you?

                Sorry, not gonna happen.

                • Anonymous

                  I’m pointing out that deviancy is the norm among homosexual men, not the exception, and the fuzzy feel-good horseshit about how “we’re just like you!” is all a big facade.

                • Wait, so HOW did the racist shrieking somehow morph into homophobic shrieking? It’s all just one and the same? I guess. Trolls’ brains, such as they are, are inexplicable things.

                • Rigby Reardon

                  JenBob, there are absolutely straight people with that exact same fetish.

                  We’re laughing at you, not with you, you know.

              • DrDick

                Wow! I did not know you got written up like that.

              • Origami Isopod

                I wonder who jerked off harder to this passage, Dreher or JenKnob?

      • It’s like watching Punch and Judy, except one of the puppets is on the puppeteer’s dingus.

      • calling all toasters


        You really have no idea how stupid you sound, do you?

        • Rigby Reardon

          I really think he believes he’s being quite clever.

    • wengler

      It’s unfortunate Zimbabwe isn’t still a British colony so Cameron could also tell them to starve.

    • Anonymous

      You’re a little behind the times; the Zimbabwe dollar no longer exists.

    • Barry Freed

      Tell me, J R in WV, they got a big ass-Arby’s* in town like in COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA?

      *Yes, the hyphen is in the right place, why do you ask?

  • ChrisTS

    “new hope and responsibility

    I heard this this morning on NPR and almost ran my car into the one ahead of me. It is simply so grotesquely evil that I cannot even wrap my head around it.

    • wengler

      The radio isn’t a visual medium so unfortunately didn’t show Cameron twirl his mustache and whip his cape about his shoulders as he walked away from the podium cane in hand.

      • sibusisodan

        It’s my one, faint, hope that Cameron is in fact just trolling the British people at this point.

        Problem is, the words don’t signify. He would talk about invaders from Mars bringing a ‘new hope and responsibility’ via the ‘shared sacrifice’ of ‘some people sacrificing themselves for others’ if it would stop people asking awkward questions.

  • K

    @Jenbob or whoever is trying to say all gays are sexual deviants who attend orgys every Sunday just to piss off Jesus, just stop. Gay people really are just people. Some of them may engage in orgies and other such things, but so do straight people. To even say that being gay is a sin is to put words in the Lords mouth, unless you happen to know of an eleventh commandment that reads something like thou shalt not have homosex.

  • montag2

    To paraphrase Goering, when I hear a conservative speak of “morality,” I reach for my revolver.

    • Schadenboner

      Not Goering. Misquote of a Hanns Johst play (who was, admittedly, a Nazi):

      “When I hear the word culture I release the safety on my Browning!”

      But yeah, the common misquote is quite a bit punchier.

      • ajay

        But the original version is funnier, because it’s a pun on “Browning”.

    • Kurzleg
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