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Thing is, Mitt actually seems more electable than most of the frequently mentioned possible 2016 GOP candidates.

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  • N__B

    I’m hoping for a Ryan/Mitt ticket. It’s a remix!

    • Siege

      And I was holding out hope for McCain/Romney. But since he’s too progressive for Arizona voters, I suppose that’s not going to happen.

    • Roger, the Shrubber

      I, for one, welcome Willard Romney as the reincarnation of the evergreen GOP candidate Harold Stassen.

      • IM

        Isn’t that a bit unfair to Stassen, who was a sort of liberal republican?

        • efgoldman

          Isn’t that a bit unfair to Stassen, who was a sort of liberal republican?

          Hell, by the standards of today’s GOBP, he was a freakin’ Marxist.

        • MAJeff

          The 1990s were interesting in MN.

          The Gov of the state, Arne Carlson, was a popular Republican who was hated within the GOP. He made it to the general ballot the first time because the theocrat had some kind of issues with minors (i think) and hottubs.

          The next time, Allan Quist ran against him. Let’s not talk about his funeral for a fetus or his next wife’s stint as a fave of the state GOP ed folks because of creatioderpism.

          The Quistian right won. Pawlenty may have tried to moderate himself since getting his ass kicked by Michele Bachmann in some worthless nonsense, but he knew where his bread was buttered during his gubanatorial campaign, decrying his vote for the LGBT anti-discrimination law (MN was the first state to include gender identity) the worst vote of his legislative career and to veto funerary rights for same-sex partners during the last few months of his term.

          The fuckwad exurban evangelicals and WELS/Missouri Synod Lutherans, in conjunction with the Stearns County Syndrome Catholics have rendered the MNGOP a Texas-like fuckworld.

          Stassen’s a memory; Arene’s decried. Even Vin Weber is an outcast. It’s Bachmann’s party, corruption and all.

          • Other Chuck

            [T]he theocrat had some kind of issues with minors (i think) and hottubs.

            “I’ll take Jon Grunseth skinnydipping with teenagers for $200, Alex.” Now living in Tasmania, according to the Wiki.

      • the one true Melvin
  • catclub

    It is funny. He would now refuse to do it again. Probably has tax forms that are no longer revealable. Age of course would be a tremendous help to Hillary or Joe Biden.

    • Didn’t he get away with only releasing one year’s worth last time? A year that had him voluntarily paying extra to meet the percentage that he promised during his campaign? Which he probably took more care to have the restated forms prepared for than a concession speech? And he got more of a pass on the whole issue than Harry Reid did over claiming Mitt paid zero taxes for ten years?

      Basically, if 2012 is a guide, I don’t see public pressure to release his taxes being a factor. Maybe he’d be even more brazen this time around. Just have a PWC partner scrawl “Mitt paid lots of taxes” in crayon on company letterhead and declare the matter settled.

      • efgoldman

        Just have a PWC partner scrawl “Mitt paid lots of taxes” in crayon on company letterhead

        Yeah, but he’d use a MontBlanc crayon.

      • Snarki, child of Loki

        In 2012, Romney pissed all over precedent by withholding the vast majority of his tax filings.

        In 2008 McCain and Palin pissed all over precedent by withholding their medical records.

        At the current rate, in 2016 the GOP will nominate “a future draft pick”.

        • Well, “generic Republican” does have a tendency to be their best-polling candidate.

      • ChrisTS

        I don’t know. If Hillary – or other likely Dems – ran, I think they would go after the tax issues more aggressively than Obama did.

  • Ernest Pikeman

    Run, Mitt, run! The nation turns its lonely eyes on you, Mr Mitt Romney, Jesus loves you more that you will know. Honestly!

    • ChrisTS

      You know, I love S&G, but I always hated that song.

  • Bitter Scribe

    “More electable” translates as “less insane/corrupt.”

    Isn’t that how he won the 2012 nomination? Because he was the least overtly embarrassing of the bunch?

    • Warren Terra

      Sure. But what non-insane, non-embarrassing Republican has thrown their hat in the ring, so far?

      Mind you, in terms of campaigning in public they’ve got at least one and maybe two years before they would normally announce. There’s plenty of time for a blandly corporate nonentity to materialize. And there’s Scott Walker – pure evil, but not given to foaming at the mouth or cackling like his peers are. But it does look like, again, the nomination is there to be had by the last man standing (yes, man) who isn’t obviously on the run from the loony bin.

      • And there’s Scott Walker – pure evil, but not given to foaming at the mouth or cackling like his peers are.

        Maybe, although I think his lapdog antics when Murphy pretended to be a Koch brother were pretty close to peeing on the carpet.

        Also, he signed a vaginal ultrasound bill, and that was enough to kill a Virginia Governor. Not to mention his TWO John Doe investigations that came right up to the door of his office; one of which is still going on.

        All in all, when national vetting starts in, he’s got plenty of insanity.

        • Pat

          My money’s on Walker as the nominee. And right now, I dub him “Shambler.” Will it catch on? Probably not.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            And right now, I dub him “Shambler.”

            Hey now.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            My money’s on Walker as the nominee.

            Anything that gets him out of Wisconsin.

            especially if Clinton runs. She will DESTROY him.

      • joel hanes


        Governor Dead-Eyes.
        Or as Pierce loves to call him:

        the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage its midwest subsidary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin

        Essentially a vandal/looter.

        Guided his state from good to catastrophic in job creation. Trashed the environment and privatized public assets as quickly as possible.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          much as I like Pierce, I never understood where he came up with “goggle-eyed”

          “cross-eyed weasel” is more accurate

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            I have gone to “wall-eyed Turdwaffle”

            • STH

              Um, can we avoid using “wall-eyed” as an insult, please?

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          his eyes aren’t nearly as dead as Paul Ryan’s. THAT dude looks like he has taxidermists’ marbles in his skull.

      • njorl

        In 1990, I had never heard of Bill Clinton. I wonder if there is any danger of the Republicans nominating a low-baggage non-entity. It would be smart, but probably impossible.

        • First they would have to FIND a Republican with no baggage. Wasn’t that supposed to be Rubio? Jindal? Ryan? Pawlenty? Nikki Haley?

          • Let’s pretend that Jindal was a Jindal.

            • N__B

              Never cross a Jindal. He might get miffed all over you.

              • zombie rotten mcdonald

                I find it difficult to be frightened of someone who uses BOBBY BRADY as a namesake.

        • STH

          Do we have any first-term Republican Senators or Reps who aren’t nuts?

          • STH

            Wait, wait, wait–what about Jeb? He’s been hinting around and he took that hard right on immigration not too long ago, surprising everybody.

          • DrS

            He’s a gov, but Rick Scott?

            I mean, he’s evil, but perhaps not nuts?

            • FLRealist

              Oh, he’s nuts too. He thinks he’s going to get re-elected here, but I have yet to meet 1 person who will admit to voting for him.

      • ajay

        It’s quite something when Warren finds himself thinking “but there must be some non-embarrassing Republican hopefuls. I know! The guy who posed for nude softcore photos!”

        • ajay

          Wait, I’m confusing him with Scott Brown. Sorry.

    • Murc

      Isn’t that how he won the 2012 nomination? Because he was the least overtly embarrassing of the bunch?

      Absolutely not.

      Mitt won the 2012 nomination because the not-Romney vote never coalesced around a single not-Romney and the Republican primaries are first-past-the-post winner-take-all. To an extent, yes, that’s because he was the least overly embarrassing, or at least the least incompetent; if Rick Perry had had the political skills of someone running for dogcatcher he could have run away with it. But the fact of the matter is most Republicans who were voting in the primaries did not want Mitt.

      • efgoldman

        But the fact of the matter is most Republicans who were voting in the primaries did not want Mitt.

        It didn’t hurt that, every time one of the Krazy Klowns in the GOBP Klown Kar looked like he might be taking off, Mittster money bombed him into oblivion.

        • Snarki, child of Loki

          Next time around: Klown Krusade for Krist, 2016: because the GOP billionaires are tired of playing “Whack-a-Klown” and still losing.

          • rea

            Crist is a Democrat now. And Krist, who dabbled in politics after Nirvana broke up, is way too lefty for them.

            • elm

              Living in Florida, I was once polled by what I think was the Rubio campaign (given the nature of the questions.)

              During the poll, they did the standard favorable/unfavorable for a lot of politicians, including any prominent Floridian.

              The interviewer pronounced Crist as “Christ.” I have a feeling that his popularity numbers were way skewed in that poll.

        • Pat

          Honest to god, it doesn’t matter what they want. They have to vote for the Republican nominee no matter who, or what, it may be.

      • Cheap Wino

        One of the main reasons the vote never coalesced around a not-Romney was because, for the most part, none of them were seriously running for the office. It was all publicity stunt, book tour stuff.

        The only candidates that actually wanted to be President were Mitt ‘Mitt’ Romney, Rick ‘Oops’ Perry, and Michelle ‘religious nutcase’ Bachmann. In other words, it was always going to be the Willard.

  • ChrisTS

    I could not bear another round of his smirking face all over the webs. And, yeah, they like him now, but as soon as they saw him in action again, that would be it.

    • could be worse. could be another smirking Bush.

      • ChrisTS

        A pox upon you and your family. Yuck.

        • ChrisTS

          ETA: Didn’t Babs cut off Jebby at the knees by saying we don’t need a dynasty?

          • N__B

            Babs cut him off somewhere below the belt a long, long time ago.

            • Babs gelds EVERYONE in her stable. Regardless, JEB! is making “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” noises.

      • rea

        Well, yeah, It could be worse and it could be JEB Bush.

      • njorl

        A Bush that smirks and yet is not consumed!

  • Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please.

    • joe from Lowell

      I sure hope he gets the nomination and saves us from having to run against what’s his name.

      You know, that guy. The really popular, electable Republican candidate with the excellent political skills and resume. Oh, it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

      • Steve LaBonne

        Oh, you mean the formerly electable candidate.

      • Breadbaker

        I’m sure Jennifer Rubin would supply you a name. Of course, I’m also sure you’ll giggle when you hear it.

    • DrDick

      As a progressive, I tremble in dread at the thought of another Romney candidacy!

      • joe from Lowell

        It’s an anger, a rage, but sort of a helpless rage.

  • Warren Terra

    Anyone else have a vision of Mitt as Adlai Stevenson? Bland moderate perennial ineffectual candidate from the northeast, and all?

    I mean, aure, his vision is to enact a vicious war on the needy to benefit the wealthiest, he’s still a Republican. But, at least tonally but probably even in policy, he is by modern Republican standards something of a moderate.

    • Hogan

      This may be the first time I’ve ever heard Illinois called “the Northeast.”

      • Warren Terra

        Somehow I thought Adlai was from New York. Mea culpa.

        Still, both are to the northeast of me.

        • N__B

          New Brunswick is northeast of me, but I don’t mind.

          • Gregor Sansa

            But from your avatar, it’s those northwest of you who have to watch out.

          • Halloween Jack

            Those fuckin’ Greenland elitists, amirite?

    • Murc

      Anyone else have a vision of Mitt as Adlai Stevenson? Bland moderate perennial ineffectual candidate from the northeast, and all?

      This seems deeply unfair to Adlai. He ran for President twice, hardly making him perennial, and he was quite effectual at it.

      He just had the deep misfortune to be coming off of incumbency fatigue, a public that didn’t much like his predecessor, and to be running against Dwight Eisenhower, colossal war hero and the last Republican President who wasn’t a complete scumbag.

      • Also, Mitt certainly doesn’t have a cousin as cool as Col. Henry Blake.

      • Lev

        He also sorta ran in 1960. Probably woulda been a better president than JFK, but then again, that’s true of most of the other top contenders that year.

        • Colin Day

          But could he have defeated Nixon?

    • Bitter Scribe

      Stevenson was a decent, smart, honest man who just didn’t have well-developed political instincts. He was awkward to the point of stiffness in public–too cerebral for a lot of voters. Romney is very similar, minus the decent and honest parts.

      Oddly enough, Stevenson’s son, Adlai III, who grew up to be his father’s spitting image, was even worse. He bumbled away his chance of re-election as governor thanks to an amateurish slating mistake by him and his party.

      • Halloween Jack

        Oh lord, the Larouchies. A little part of me died that day and never grew back.

    • I mean, aure, his vision is to enact a vicious war on the needy to benefit the wealthiest.

      Fixed for more foreign policy.

  • He is. In the same way a shit sandwich is more appealing than a shit and broken glass sandwich.

  • Can Romney flip-flop back on abortion and Romneycare?

    • pete

      Shower shoes are for Demoncrats. Rethuglicans have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • Trollhattan

    Somewhere in the sky, a 737 is looking for a safe, manly place to land. Run Mittens, run! And bring Rafalca along, okay?

  • Drew

    When it comes to the opposing party, I prefer a chameleon/opportunist to a true believer. My biggest problem with Rmoney was the party he was beholden to. He’s not a good person, but very far from the worst republican. I guess also as someone who grew up in michigan I’m under the delusion that he has a bit of his father in him

    • Warren Terra

      Even if this were the case – and there’s remarkably little evidence that it is – a Romney administration would be staffed by a bunch of people who spent 2009-2011 masturbating to fantasies of Sarah Palin or of Paul Ryan, whichever way they happen to swing. In other words, monsters.

      • Tiny Hermaphrodite, Esq

        This. Or to quote Bill Maher:

        “If the Mitt-mobile rolls into Washington, it’ll be towing behind it every anti-intellectual, anti-science freak show. The abstinence-only obsessives, the flat-earthers, the home schoolers, the holy warriors, the anti-women social Neanderthals, the closeted homosexuals and every end-timer who’s ever seen the Virgin Mary in the grass over the septic tank.”

        • Drew

          Right-the party he is beholden to, as I said-the anti-intellectual, anti-science freak show.

        • giovanni da procida

          Is this the Bill Maher who doesn’t accept germ theory or how vaccines work? Or are we talking about some other Bill Maher?

          Sure, it’s a good line. But Bill Maher complaining about about “anti-science freak shows” is kind of like if David Vitter started complaining about how politicians always seem to get let off the hook for kinky sex scandals.

          • sharculese

            It is also worth noting that Bill Maher is himself, a raging misogynist.

            • brewmn

              Why? Was he wrong about Mitt Romney?

          • Jasper E

            It has been my impression that Maher has backed off from those stances.

            • what, he respects women now?

  • MAJeff

    Fuck that guy.

    • Grumpy

      Well yes, but fuck him more or less than the other likely candidates?

      • MAJeff

        Hath he and the family committed seppuku yet? No? Then more.

        • I think there’s a special level of Romney-hatred that only those of us in Massachusetts really get. Well, probably also a bunch of former employees of companies that have had dealings with Bain Capital.

          • MAJeff

            Exactly. Having lived through the Willard-on-Beacon-Hill(-on-occasion) years, I fucking hate the guy.

            He’s not the contemporary hateful Republican with a happy face, his face is dead and frozen.

            • Malaclypse

              Yep, this. I’m proud to say that I first hated Mitt in 1992 when he was a Stake President and attacked my friend from the pulpit for being gay. I hated him when he ran (and almost beat) Teddy in 1994. I hated him so much that he finally drove me out of leftier-than-thouism and made Shannon O’Brien the first Democrat I ever voted for in 2002. I hated him while he pretended to be governor, I hated him in 2008, I hated him in 2012. I’d rather see Sarah fucking Palin grift her way into the Presidency than that fucker. Fuck him.

              • joe from Lowell

                I do believe Malaclypse hath performed the political equivalent of owning the band’s first album on vinyl – no no, the EP. You probably haven’t heard it.

                Did you vote in the primary in 2002? So many excellent choices – Tolman, Birmingham, Reich (my choice) – and we ended up with O’Brien.

                • Malaclypse

                  I will admit that I didn’t register as a Democrat until 2008. Voting for O’Brien really was a big thing for me. I hated Mitt for making me vote for a Democrat, after my perfect streak of never voting lesser-evil.

                  Iraq was what made me a Democrat, although that took a while. But hatred of Mitt began the process.

                • joe from Lowell

                  Hearing him proclaim that he’d be better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy must have made your stomach turn after your personal experience.

                • Malaclypse

                  You may remember shortly after that speech, that the Globe ran a story about Mitt’s sermon?

                  I loved telling that story to Scott Leigh.

          • Philip

            Being from New Jersey, I am definitely willing to believe this.

  • Ian

    Can someone please explain why I shouldn’t be worried about Scott Walker? He seems custom-made to appeal to all realms of Wingnuttia, while also seeming affable. (Midwesterners generally get an automatic bonus to their perceived affability, I think.)

    • Davis X. Machina

      He’s supposed to be too short, and charisma-challenged. His aides seem to be in front of various grand juries as a matter of routine, going back to when he was Milwaukee county executive.

      I’m not convinced that’s enough to sink him. He certainly shares with Christie the appeal to the crab-bucket voter — ‘The fightin’ general we need to win the war against America’s real enemy – public employees!’

      • DrS

        Yeah…a lot of those things should work against him work for him in bizarroland.

        And he’s Koch bro approved.

      • FMguru

        Yeah, with Christie wounded Walker is now the GOPer who worries me most in 2016. Not a social issues warrior, but has tons of wingnut cred with his war on unions in his state – he seems best suited to thread the primary/general needle (of being wingnutty enough to get the nomination without pandering so openly to social conservatives that you fatally damage your general electability. If the money faction lines up behind him and steamrollers the field, I think he’s got a real chance, both in the primary and the general (no-nonsense guy willing to make the tough choices and cut all the useless fat from bloated government departments – just who we need to get the country going again!)

        • Johnnie

          With the way the state legislature is, there’s no need for Walker to play up his social conservative side here while still doing a lot of damage on that front. The anti-choice legislation he’s signed is fucking abominable and the true believers will probably accept him as one of their own based on that, even though he doesn’t make lots of grand pronouncements on the proper use of a uterus or acceptable forms of marriage.

        • Walker strikes me as Nixon 2.0, with all the old resentments, fake back-slapping, and paranoia and the newfangled god-bothering.

          • efgoldman

            Walker strikes me as Nixon 2.0, with all the old resentments, fake back-slapping, and paranoia and the newfangled god-bothering.

            Except neither Tricky nor his aides got indicted until after he was in the White House.

            • Pikers.

            • Ahuitzotl

              Not true, some of his aides got indicted after his 1962 governor-fail (Kalmbach I think, cant remember who else).

          • He doesn’t have Nixon’s flair for sheer viciousness.

            • Hogan

              But then who does?

              • That’s probably why the Republicans are having such a hard time finding Presidential candidates. GWB had Cheney; Reagan had Nancy.

                • Hogan

                  Gingrich has Callista. On the other hand, he’s Gingrich.

              • Philip

                Christie is trying very, very hard to substitute pettiness.

        • Not a social issues warrior,

          yet, he signed the vaginal ultrasound rape bill.

          He also doesn’t fit the Republican Manly Daddy mold. He makes Romney look like Schwarzenegger.

          You guys haven’t seen him in action yet. Remember, our last unbeatable Repulbican Governor was Tommy Thompson; remind me how HIS presidential tenure went, again?

      • mds

        I’m not convinced that’s enough to sink him.

        I dunno. Remember how Tim Pawlenty really gave Mitt a run for his money? Me neither. Walker combines Pawlently-level charisma with a perpetual faint odor of corruption. He’s also had to be more muted in beating his theocratic freak drum than he might wish; apparently, that’s still a potentially risky proposition in Wisconsin.

        • Warren Terra

          Sure, but if Pawlenty had stayed the course he mighta been a contender. By January or February, a lot of people were crying out for exactly what Pawlenty was: a human marshmallow, flavorless, inoffensive, lacking hard edges, and capable of assuming the shape of whatever mold you put him into. Someone who won’t scare moderates and little children, as Santorum, Bachmann, and Gingrich do, but that doesn’t have the stiff affect and track record of flip-flopping that Romney did.

    • MAJeff

      Midwesterners generally get an automatic bonus to their perceived affability, I think.

      Um. No.

      “Midwesterners,” and here I’ll limit it to Wisconsinites, includes Joe McCarthy, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Michele Bachmann (Hey, I’m willing to let Wisconsin annex Plymouth, who’s with me?!?!?!)

      It also includes Steve King and all of Sioux County, Iowa.

      Minnesotans have an insider joke: what’s the twin of Minnesota nice? Minnesota ice.

      • Davis X. Machina

        Midwesterners generally get an automatic bonus to their perceived affability, I think.

        I think not being an out Confederate is one main benefit Walker/Kasich/Christie/whoever has. You have to be — at least perceived as — not a God-botherer, and not a neo-Confederate, to have a chance in the general.

        • Pat

          Albeit not in the South Carolina primary.

      • TribalistMeathead

        what’s the twin of Minnesota nice?

        A whole lot of passive-aggressiveness.

        • The South

          bless your heart

        • Yep — and delivered with a rigid, glacial smile.

          I was raised in small town MN (Winona).

          • MAJeff

            Winona’s big!

            My graduating HS class was 39. Would have been 40, but one dude dropped out two months early. We were the second-largest class in the county…and two years later the high school no longer existed (consolidation).

            There’s a significant aspect of rural/exurban suspicion/envy of the Twin Cities. Some of it is economic, some of it cultural. A significant amount of it mirrors the larger cultural splits in the nation.

            I’ll never set foot in that shithole of a town again, if I can help it.

            • The Mississippi was nice, though. All my part-time job money went straight into the gas tank for water skiing.

        • steve

          This is why I prefer the, “fuck you, yeah, that’s right, you,” honesty of the NYC area. Quite refreshing (and much more efficient) to always immeadiately know where you stand.

      • As I said upthread, remember that Presidential Run of Tommy Thompson? He even had the benefit of Christie-style bully tactics.

        I don’t think Walker has the ability to perform on the national stage. As said, think Pawlenty with Gingrich style corporate hands in his pocketses.

        He would be comparable to Romney if he had Romney’s ability to drown people with money, but I don’t see even the Kock idiots sinking that kind of money into old Wall-eyed Turdwaffle.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          Walker seems so… creepy, really. I’d ask how you guys managed to elect him in the first place, but with our track record over here of voting in Terry Branstad whenever possible (if he hadn’t gotten out for the $ back in the 90s we’d probably have had thirty years of him already) it would be a touch disingenuous

          • The out of-state money swamped Barrett, who while a pretty good Mayor is not great as a candidate.

            In the recall, Walker spent twice as much money and had three times as much out of state money spent for him.

            But it’s kind of a diminishing return. Even spending twice the money, most of the recall hinged more on being a referendum on whether the recall was valid, not whether Walker should be thrown out on his ass (which was much more of a dead heat).

            Does anyone really think the Kochs are going to spend twice as much money to elect Turdwaffle nationally as the Dems will spend on their candidate? That’s some serious money, and they seem to be focusing on capturing state legislatures now. Also, many constituencies are turning away from the crazy; see the farm lobby, in the face of cutting food stamps which primarily support the agriculture industry.

            • jim, some guy in iowa

              oh, I have a hard time seeing Walker as being viable nationally myself, no matter how much $ is behind him…

    • HRC

      because 1) he may not win election in 2014
      2) he might be indicted 3) I will give him
      such an ass kicking that his political
      career will be over 4)thus freeing WI to
      elect someone decent in 2018

      • Colin Day

        You go, woman!!

  • Anonymous

    Scott Walker will be our nominee with Rick Snyder as veep.

    • MAJeff

      Shall we bookmark it?

      • Anonymous


        • Malaclypse

          Corporate cash stole my nym.

          • Corporate cash

            It was a legitimate acquisition under eminent domain.

        • efgoldman


          Little early for that shit to ooze out of the woodwork, innit?

          • If you’ve got shit oozing out of the woodwork, you probably have a broken drain pipe.

            • MAJeff

              Or your termites need more fiber.

              • Is it physically possible for a termite’s diet to have more fiber?

          • trollhattan

            The woodwork canna hold any more shit, cap’n, ooze it must!

    • 2 Govs 1 Coup!

    • Oh, I dearly hope so.

    • CaptBackslap, YOLO Edition

      Snyder would be a formidable general-election Presidential candidate, except that his speaking style resembles Orville Redenbacher on Percocet.

  • M. Krebs

    Hi folks. This is off-topic, and I know that DD is sort of a persona non grata, but the guy has really gone over the edge. Go look:

    • Listing the guy’s address who could be but probably isn’t the person in question is very classy.

      I would sure hate being in a department with that guy.

      • Warren Terra

        At the risk of going down the rabbit hole …

        Erik: given that this lovely individual is a (tenured?) full professor who feels free to engage in misogynistic verbal violence against blog commenters (and against Aimai, so he can’t even claim he was provoked by some screeching cursing verbally violent loon) – did he get involved at all when the entire wingosphere was calling for your head on a pike a year ago?

        • postmodulator

          Oh, God, these people exist. I’d never even heard of that “Mad Jewess” person before.

          She’s got a thing up on one post: “Liberal Jews Create Anti-Semitism.”

      • Anonymous

        M. Krebs told me offline he wanted to suck my balls. That’s why I love Democrat, left-wing blogs. I get a lot of homo-love.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          what if M Krebs isn’t a he?

          • N__B

            Then he’d be Mme Krebs.

          • rea

            Anyone old enough to remember Dobie Gillis knows M. Krebs was a he (who later changed his name to Gilligan)

        • The prophet Nostradumbass

          Shouldn’t that be DemocRAT?

    • trollhattan

      How lucky for me to not have heard of this douche before. Mercy, I think I just denigrated douches.

      • BigHank53

        Douches are an unnecessary medical treatment for ladyparts, designed by a man. Hard to sink much lower than that.

  • Halloween Jack

    “Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.”

    By far, the smartest thing he’s ever said.

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