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[ 61 ] November 23, 2013 |

Well, this was gruesome. Fortunately, I missed the entire game; by the time my plane landed, it was already into the third quarter. The problem of generating high expectations for a football team is that a two loss season (and the way the Ducks played today, I’m not confident about beating the Beavers) feels like a disaster.

The only redeeming point I can think of is that if the Ducks had beaten Stanford and then lost like this, I would be considerably more distraught.


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  1. Considering the likely criminal records of the Ducks as a whole, including potential involvement with a young DJ named Glenn Beck in 1990,


    Love, teh Badgers

  2. efgoldman says:

    Bye Bye Ducks.
    Bye Bye Johnny Football.
    Bye Bye ‘Gators, beat by a 1AA team. (*)

    (*)And what’s with half the big, bad SEC (including Alabama) playing 1AA patsies in freaking November?

    • Gotta rest up to minister to the BCS committee.

    • Ronnie Pudding says:

      In defense of the Gators, they gave up zero yards passing.

      And in defense of the SEC, they do have tough schedules up until now. It’s a non-conference week, so they use it for a breather.

      • Jordan says:

        They have tough schedules that include playing Florida?

        • Anonymous says:

          In defense of the SEC, a sizable minority of the members don’t have Florida on their schedule this year.

          • Jordan says:

            That is true. They also get to play Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi State.

            You know it is a down year for the SEC when Vandy is going to be bowl eligible.

            • Erik Loomis says:

              This is the 3rd straight year Vandy will go to a bowl.

              • Jordan says:

                So you are saying the SEC is terminally overrated, eh?

                • LosGatosCA says:

                  13 SEC schools were in the Top 40 recruiting classes for 2013. Including Vandy. Including Kentucky.

                  The 14th? Missouri who’s moving past Oregon and Baylor this week in the rankings.

                  Alabama will likely be in the BCS championship game against FSU.

                  Since they will have to beat Auburn and Missouri to get there, they will be favored to win the 8th consecutive BCS championship and 9th in 11 years. If Auburn beats Bama and wins the SEC championship and Michigan State beats the Buckeyes (go Spartans!) the Auburn is likely paying FSU and could win it’s 2nd BCS title in 4 years.

                  Not seeing how the SEC is overrated, even though Florida clearly was.

                  If Arizona State beats Stanford in the PAC 12 championship game then a much better case can be made that the most overrated conference this year was the PAC 12.

                • Erik Loomis says:

                  I don’t see how one can judge the quality of a conference based upon who wins the conference and whether the teams beat up on each other. The quality of conference is much more accurately rated upon nonconference games, particularly against top opponents, and overall strength of schedule, which is of course based in no small part upon the same thing.

                  The idea that ASU winning the conference means the Pac-12 is overrated just makes no sense. First, are we to judge conferences based solely upon who wins them? Why not judge them on the worst team in each? It makes as much sense. Second, ASU is a pretty good team that has gotten better over the year. No shame if they won the conference.

                  As for the recruiting rankings, that’s not a useful metric.

                • LosGatosCA says:

                  “they will be favored to win the 8th consecutive BCS championship and 9th in 11 years.: – for the SEC.

                • Jordan says:

                  Yes, the SEC does amazingly well at recruiting.

                  As you note, re: Kentucky, this doesn’t always make them great teams.

                  “the Auburn is likely paying FSU”

                  spoken like a true SEC fanboy (even if you are, in fact, a MSU fan boy)l

                • LosGatosCA says:

                  An SEC team has not lost a BCS title game to a Non-SEC team since 1995.

                  In that stretch since 1996 they are 9-0 vs non SEC teams.

                  With 5 different SEC schools winning the BCS title – Tennessee, Florida (3), Alabama (3), LSU (2), and Auburn.

                  The Big Ten / Big 12 are the only other conference to win 2 titles -Michigan/Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas- all against non-SEC teams.

                • Jordan says:

                  Yes, the best SEC team as been the best team in the country for a while now.

                  The SEC! SEC! SEC! bullshit is bullshit.

                • LosGatosCA says:

                  Three individual SEC schools have won as many (2-LSU) or more (3-Florida/Alabama) championships in the past 17 years as the next most successful conferences have won in total.

                  SEC bashing is just pure envy. There is no basis in fact for claiming they are overrated.

                • Erik Loomis says:

                  Although I will concede that the SEC is the best conference most years, again, the idea that the winner of a single game each year determines what is also the best conference makes no sense at all.

                • Jordan says:

                  No, SEC bashing is a rational reaction to the slavish hype that is accorded to SEC teams. Again, their top team has been the best, probably, for the past few years.

                  That doesn’t detract from the fact that there are terrible, terrible teams in the SEC, and it isn’t clear that they are – top to bottom – obviously the best conference in the US.

                • Scott Lemieux says:

                  The evidence that the SEC is clearly better than any other conference this year is not strong. The evidence being presented to the contrary is laughable. In addition to the small samples, the problem with basing an argument solely on BCS title games is that it only works if you think the BCS did an efficient job of selecting the two best teams in the country to play in the title game, which you’d have be a lunatic to believe.

            • Anonymous says:

              Those teams may not be the elite ones that exist at the top of the conference, but they’re not especially bad. Notice that the SEC has a better record in nonconference play than any other conference.

    • Jordan says:

      that was amazing.

    • efgoldman says:

      Bye Bye

      Still a half and a bit to go, but looking like Bye Bye Baylor also too.

  3. Erik Loomis says:

    At least Oregon still has 10 straight victories over Washington.

  4. Anderson says:

    OreGONE! NomOragain!

    … Just screwin witcha. I’m a Miss. State fan, with no room to talk. GO MIZZOU!

  5. Jordan says:


    *deep breath*


  6. Fighting Words says:

    I did watch the game. If you are an Oregon supporter, it really was that bad. But I have to hand it to Arizona, they played really well. Arizona totally manhandled Oregon on both sides of the ball. I just can’t image a team losing to Washington State one week and then beating Oregon the next week, but that’s what happened.

    I guess it’s “Go Arizona State” now.

    On a related note, I really, really, really miss Jeff Tedford. I’ve lived through some really bad Cal seasons, but this season just feels like the absolute worst.

  7. Bitter Scribe says:

    Stanford has had its problems too this season, if that consoles you any.

  8. Incontinentia Buttocks says:

    And for once Oregon had the (slightly) more conventional and (dramatically) less ugly unis.

  9. LosGatosCA says:

    here’s hoping Stanford focuses on beating Notre Dame and Arizona State (again) because if Arizona State wins the PAC 12 title, that will be personally disappointing, but also disastrous for the conference.

  10. efgoldman says:

    Sort of related.

    Back in the summer, the NCAA piously announced it would no longer license video games, leaving it to members to decide whether they would continue to appear in EA Sports’ college football series. The schools’ biggest licensing agent and Electronic Arts chose to settle all claims brought by college players, leaving the NCAA as the only defendant. Naturally, the NCAA is now suing EA.

    Whatever gamers think of EA Sports, vastly more people think vastly less of the NCAA, because of chickenshit legal ass-covering like this on one end and the high-handed enforcement of blitheringly stupid eligibility rules at the other, with the entire enterprise funded by contracts sold to televise ostensibly free performances. Now, after 15 years of being paid millions in pure profit just for putting its name and logo on a game—nothing more—the NCAA alleges that EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company dealt them dirt in making that grubby grubby videogame whose wink-and-nod treatment of real-life players—in a game the NCAA endorses on its cover—now threatens the entire plantation.

  11. jazzbumpa says:

    On Wednesday (?!?) my now 7-4 Rockets lost badly to the now 11-0 Huskies.

  12. gratuitous says:

    You can always root for the best collegiate team in Oregon, the Linfield Wildcats, who defeated Pacific Lutheran (again) in the first round of the Division III playoffs, 42-21.

    For those keeping score, that makes Linfield 10-0, and the ‘Cats haven’t had a losing season in football since the first Eisenhower administration.

  13. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    Bear down! Best U of A win since . . . well, since they beat then- no. 2 Oregon in 2007. Ka’deem Carey deserves some Heisman votes. Those were the toughest 200 rushing yards you’ll ever see. The main reason Arizona won the game, besides the turnovers and penalties, was that he kept Oregon’s offense off the field.

  14. abject funk says:

    WSU and UW. Although UW creamed OSU today, so they are all pretty random in their decisions to play well or play terrible.

    • eric says:

      not really, UW lost to the top 4 teams in the conference, 3 of them on the road, the only game they really laid an egg in was at ASU. Every one of their wins has been convincing. They’re either the 5th or 6th team in the conference (between them and USC and they didn’t play each other) Losing on the road to the teams above you and convincingly beating the teams below you is hardly random, just happened that they played the 3 top teams in a row.

      Kind of like how OSU was overrated because they happened to play 6 beatable teams in a row then played 4 teams that are better than them.

  15. abject funk says:

    I’m a UW fan, so I think we are proving each other’s points. UW spank UA who spanks UO, who spanked UW who barely lost to Stanford, who lost to Utah, and UW also got spanked by UCLA and ASU, so we are all very good at time or very bad at times. Oregon has been for many years the top team, but even it loses at least once a year. It could be parity, but it also could be there isn’t a really disciplined team in the Pac 12 right now. I think the leauge is quite decent overall, but it sure as heck ain’t easy to pick a sure winner any week, and it is nigh impossible to determine what team will show up each week.

  16. LosGatosCA says:

    Final comment on SEC bashing.

    Ok, the fact that they clearly are winning the recruiting wars even at the 13th program level, doesn’t mean much.

    ok, the fact that over an extended period of time many other conferences have had the chance to beat them for the BCS title and haven’t isn’t indicative of trend that the conference competition yields a stronger representative.

    And granted, that 5/14 of their members have won a national championship in the past 15 years or so is not a real measure of sustained depth of the conference.

    It’s clear that Colorado, Purdue, Connecticut, Kansas, Virginia, et al prove the bottom rung of every other BCS conference could mop the field with Kentucky and Arkansas invalidating any other claim the SEC has to any superiority whatsoever.

    • Jordan says:

      Yeah sure. Racist.

    • dp says:

      The difference between the SEC and other conferences is the number of teams that are nationally competitive on a regular basis. Other conferences generally have three or four, while the SEC has six or eight (giving A&M and Mizzou the benefit of the doubt). That’s it, really. The bottom-feeders in the SEC are bad, but there aren’t as many of them as in, say the Big 10. That said, any of the top SEC teams can (and do) lose to top teams from other conferences in any given game.

      I’m not sure it’s really meaningful to argue about which conferences are “better,” since conferences don’t play games, teams do. For some reason, some SEC fans use this to boost their self-esteem.

      All of this from an LSU fan/alum.

  17. Thlayli says:

    It’s opposite year in the ACC, with Miami winning the basketball title and Duke on the verge of the football championship game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to wonder if travel time & weather might explain why PAC teams rarely go undefeated. They MUST travel more than other conferences (although the new Frankenstein conferences may change that). The worst thing about road games isn’t revved up fans of your opponent, it’s sitting on the bus/plane for most of a day. And anyone who’s been to Husky Stadium in a freezing rain or Pullman in a snowstorm knows pure misery (even when those teams were winning). I can’t imagine SEC weather being all that bad in Fall & Winter.

  19. JustRuss says:

    (and the way the Ducks played today, I’m not confident about beating the Beavers)

    I don’t think you have much to worry about. My 5 seconds on the jumbotron was better than the Beavs’ first three quarters. Granted, they can’t possibly play that poorly again, but it’s always tough to win at Autzen.

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