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Oh Fashion Industry, You So Crazy


Some Friday bait-click ridikilisness…

I got snookered into clicking this link and found what I would refer to as an “articlette” about a how cool and awesome it is that someone took a photo of a very attractive woman who may be larger than a size two. I think it’s the congratulatory tone of the thing that gets to me.

“I love women in all shapes—it’s more interesting.”

Sure ya do, champ. Sure ya do.

If you look at that photo and think “Geez, I’m glad they’re finally giving fatties their due,” then I weep for this nation. Sadly, many in the fashion industry do that very thing. It’s sooooooo sick.

BTW, quick note about the overcorrection many of us do when we discuss topics like this: I don’t like “yeah, fuck those skinny bitches” comments. That is NOT an appropriate response to the to pressure women feel to be ridiculously thin. Some people are naturally quite thin…and more power to them.

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