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McAuliffe: He Beat A Bad Man


The Hindenburg. The Titanic. The Cooch.

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  • The prophet Nostradumbass

    “Vote for the crookClintonite, it’s important”

  • jkay

    Who knew McAuliffe COULD beat anybody??

    • BigHank53

      Give McAuliffe this: he was smart enough to wait until he found an opponent that was about as popular as cholera.

      • Halloween Jack

        Cholera is arguably more popular than the Cooch, as it’s likely that most people (specifically, most Virginians) probably don’t know what it is.

        • Jo

          There was more cholera in Virginia before the War of Northern Aggression. Therefore cholera is quite popular in Virginia. Pellagra too. The list goes on.

          • Larry Lennhoff

            Ob Tom Lehrer: Take me back to the land of the Swanee
            Where pellagra makes ya scrawny
            And the jasmine and the tear gas smell just fine…

            • Lenny Bruce

              Cholera is Midwest Protestant Nelson Algren-ish. Pellagra has class.

              • Hogan

                Protestant Nelson Algren-ish

                Dah wha?

      • Mike L.

        What’s cholera’s platform?

        • DocAmazing

          Increasing output and production, and a bump in the Gross National Product.

      • SamR

        Didn’t he run last time and finish 3rd in the Dem primary?

    • DivGuy

      I know, right? A man with few or no visible personal beliefs or ethics, and he’s practically popular.

      There was a really good piece by Ron Brownstein in the National Journal about how McAuliffe made the positive decision to run not as a squish on social and environmental issues, but as a solid mainstream Democrat. He’s unambiguously for gay marriage, abortion rights, gun control, immigration reform and cap and trade. The argument that his strategist makes for these positions (note there is little suggestion that this happened because McAuliffe has “core beliefs” which he would not violate) is striking:

      This year Democrats are employing targeting techniques from Obama’s campaign-data wizards to identify potential supporters. Yet McAuliffe’s advisers recognize that better mechanics alone won’t drive turnout and that his fate will pivot more on exciting intermittent Democratic-leaning voters than reassuring right-tilting whites. “It is difficult to create enthusiasm and engagement among both Democratic voters and Democratic activists if you don’t step up on these issues,” said Geoff Garin, McAuliffe’s pollster.

      Basically, if you want to win a close election in an off-year, you cannot turn off the Democratic base by tip-toeing around issues that matter to them (us). Obviously Cuccinelli being a terrifying fascist with a long record of corruption on top of that helped. But I think that this strategy of not being an asshole about women’s rights, gay rights and the environment mattered too.

      • panda

        The point you make is exactly why I don’t understand why are people so unhappy with McAuliffe. If we are at the point that unethical politicos feel they need to embrace progressive politics to win in Virginia, that means the country is making progress. Creeps and crooks we will always have among us, but when on our side policy-wise, we shouldn’t complain too hard.

        • Karen

          This is soooooo true. McAuliffe would favor Satanic baby sacrifice if there were a large enough constituency. The fact that he supports our issues is a compliment to us, and we should embrace it, instead of grousing that he doesn’t Reeeaaaallllllyyyy mean it. We aren’t teenagers discussing obscure bands; we are adults who want certain policies adopted. Anything that gets us closer to that desired result is good.

          • Especially when you consider that Cooch is entirely sincere in his beliefs and would work damn hard to make the Old Dominion into an Dominionist paradise.

            I can only assume people sniffing dubiously at McC’s LibCred aren’t in Virginia and/or aren’t in a demographic that would be screwed if Cooch was in the governor’s mansion. (That would be white hetero Christian males who have health insurance.)

            • Karen

              I live in Texas. Believe me, the cynical opportunist Democrat is ALWAYS the better option.

          • Halloween Jack

            We aren’t teenagers discussing obscure bands

            Well, not in this thread.

            • Bartleby

              Reflektor next week, but Arcade Fire are hardly obscure now.

              • Walt

                One Direction or go home.

                • rea

                  I spent several months convinced (based on misunderstanding one of his comments) that regular commentor Ronan was an ex-member of Boyzone

            • Karen

              Last week’s thread about Ted Cruz that featured 80 + comments about the Eagles prompted me to ask my Facebook friends to list their favorite cheesy songs. The thread had about 100 comments — no flaming at all – and inspired a DJ friend of mine to create The Cheese Show for his next broadcast.

          • Sargasso Sink

            I was a liberal before it was cool, back when TV’s Alex Keaton was turning all the lemmings into Reaganites. But the Democrats Sold Out — now they just churn out teeny-bopper schlock for the masses; they are only worried about album sales, they don’t care about Art or their True Fans.

            • njorl

              You just don’t get T Mac.

            • Karen

              Try The Greens. Their whiny guitars are hypnotic!

              • BigHank53

                I went to a show on their Hair Shirt tour. The shirts were–naturally–hand-woven from real hair, so they cost $600. Itches like hell, too.

                • I saw them do a guerrilla show in an abandoned lot across from sold-out Obama gig last year. There were literally tens of us. You could really feel the zeitgeist in the air.

                • njorl

                  Can you get silk-screened hair shirts?

                  How about hair-screened silk shirts?

        • The problem for Side X with getting people “on our side” because it’s temporarily profitable to them is identical to the problem for Side X with getting people “on our side” because of a sudden infusion of religious ecstasy (e.g., a conversion experience): such a person has shown that they will switch sides for reasons (or unreasons) unrelated to whatever the core values of the side may be, and thus their still being “on our side” (in the sense of core values) the next time around cannot be relied upon. Yes, take what advantage you can from their adherence while they’re with you; but do not, do NOT, rely upon them or trust them with your valuables.

          • Vance Maverick

            Right. If I were in VA I too would be voting for the “empty suit stuffed with hundred-dollar bills.” But once he’s in office, what will make him keep his promises? He won’t be able to run again (till after a term has elapsed, I learn from Wikipedia), so it won’t be the pollsters.

            • Halloween Jack

              I would think that the question would be, “What are the odds of McAuliffe turning into Ken Cuccinelli when in office?”

              • Hogan

                “McAuliffe: He won’t do crazy shit.”

                • ChrisTS

                  Hey, say what you want about voting on low expectations; at least it’s an ethos.

                • Hogan

                  Didn’t mean to cast any nasturtiums; I’m right there with you. And at least I do my red voting in a purple state.

                • fledermaus

                  Let 1000 Chicago Parking Meter deals bloom!

              • That could depend on how much someone would be willing to pay him.

                • panda

                  Transactional politics and skimming off the top and getting rich after leaving office are things someone like McAuliffe would do in a heartbeat. However, under the reasonable supposition he craves not only money but also power and respect seriously limits the extent to which he can alienate the coalition that is about to elect him. For example, if he wants to be a real power broker in the party, he will need to deliver the state to Clinton in 2014, and avoid the kind of implosion McDonell had experienced. To do this he will need to run a relatively clean administration and not pick up fights with the progressive interests that are the keystone of his coalition. As I said above, once you manage to align the incentives of hacks with the issues in which you are interested, they can be more or less reliable allies.

                • Pat

                  So you’re saying he’s not different from Gov. Ultrasound and The Cooch?

            • Karen

              We have to make sure he stays bought.

      • NewishLawyer

        And yet if he does win, Cooch will be denounced for not being conservative enough (TM).

        • NewishLawyer

          He beinf McAuliffe running as a mainstream Democratic politician. Our conservatives are incapable of learning.

          • NewishLawyer

            Oh good grief.

            They ran an unabashed social conservative against someone running on what might not be De Blasio levels of liberal populism is still pretty liberal/standard Democratic. Cuccinelli talked openly about trying to get around Lawrence v. Texas.

            Does Atilla the Hun need to run and loose in order for conservatives to get the message that their platform just might not be a winner?

            • Malaclypse

              The Republican Party platform cannot fail, it can only be failed by squish RINO immigrants like Attila the so-called Hun.

            • Attila got a bad press. Ditto Alexander The Great, Ghengis Khan, Vlad The Impaler etc. etc. It’s the Librul Media I tell you…

          • anthrofred

            Democrats see McAuliffe’s growing lead in Virginia as evidence that the “Republican war on women” strategy works…“The ‘War on Women’ meme has been the top advertising issue for Democrats.

            I love the ongoing double-speak strategy the right employs here. The War on Women is just a meme! Slander and trickery! Oh, by the way, “the best defense is a good offense”, so make sure to be as “pro-life” as possible in public. Facepalm.

            • And her example of a candidate who went on the offensive, Steve Lonegan, just lost badly, so she has to handwave that away by blaming it on the shutdown while completely ignoring that there are probably more people directly affected by the shutdown in northern Virginia than in all of New Jersey.

              Clearly the Cooch should be taking advice from someone who’s spent the last year watching their signature political movement implode around them.

  • Todd

    Poor Cuccinelli. He must look at his batshit crazy Lt. Gov. running mate and think, “They think I’m extreme!?”

    • rea

      Yeah, the “make the top of the ticket look sane by comparision” tactic didn’t work.

  • bexley

    This is good news for John McCain.

  • James Hare

    I don’t know many people here in the Commonwealth who are enthusiastically “for” Terry McAuliffe. The issue is entirely that Ken Cuccinelli has a long history and nobody believes he’ll leave the social issues alone. I’m not sure what McAuliffe could do to actually lose the race.

    • rea

      “Dead girl, live boy,” is the proverbial answer . . .

  • Tom Servo

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Still less than enthused about McAwful, but it feels SO GOOD to see the Cooch going down.

    • ?…but it feels SO GOOD to see the Cooch going down.”

      Metaphorically speaking, of course.

      • Warren Terra

        Given that he wants the literal version to be illegal: yes.

  • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

    Once again, I find myself understanding why VA limits its governors to one term.

    • The love child of Socrates and John Calhoun

      Right. They’re stupid, but at least they know they’re stupid.

      • Sargasso Sink

        The “sequester” of electoral politics.

    • postmodulator

      I didn’t know this. I had been worried that when McAuliffe, after being elected, made huge, glaring mistakes and committed gaffe after gaffe, he’d end up handing the seat to someone worse than Coochy. I am relieved.

    • NewishLawyer

      A lot of people seem to have a fondness for term limits. My arguments that term limits are inherently anti-democratic and that politics/policy work on a long-curve seem to fall on deaf ears. It takes a long time to become a really good representative or senator with a base of knowledge in an important issue.

  • Tom Servo

    So, looking at the polls, this looks like it might be a rout. Hopefully, such a resounding defeat will harm Cooch’s batshit insane Lt in a future gubernatorial race?

    • rea

      Well, it will convince most of the Virginia Republicans that the problem with Cooch was that he just wasn’t conservative enough!

    • snarkout

      The batshit insane E.W. Jackson is going to get trounced by a Democrat, Ralph Northam, who has been running an utterly miserable campaign. Even more than McAuliffe (who is an energetic campaigner and hired a very good media team; those fracking ads he ran early were just devestating), Northram is getting the seat handed to him as the not-Republican option. Apparently the Republicans are going all in on the AG race in order to have a statewide office holder available for 2017.

  • ChrisTS

    He has not beaten him, yet.

  • njorl

    I think Cooch made a mistake in not having Charo campaign for him.

  • Santos Guero

    Erm… Seriously. The Cooch? Please see here.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think that was kind of the point. (You know, because he’s obsessed with ladyparts?)

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