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I Am Outraged That Liberal Journalists Don’t Love Ted Cruz!


Ted Cruz + Politico = hacktacular!

More here. And here. Key point: “Everyone knows this fun talk was entirely a waste of time. Everyone besides the people it’s actually aimed at: Right-wing Obamacare-hating Fox viewers who don’t understand how the Senate works.”

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  • rea

    Don’t like health care?
    So you say.
    Try it, try it, and you may.
    Try it and you may, I say.

  • anthrofred

    Silly Tom Socca, with his “Nexis”, see if PolitiFact ever hires him now.

    • Sly

      In fact, a Nexis search retrieves no front-page stories from the Times containing Wendy Davis’ name at all. Cruz has been mentioned in 16 page-one stories this year, including an 1,100-word profile of “Washington’s new bad boy.”

      PolitiFact rates this as four half-truths, three mostly falses with a twist of lemon, two diet pants on fires, and a partridge in a pear tree.

      • ExpatChad

        g0tta watch them birds

  • But, part of the disparity in coverage is due to the fact that the mainstream media, generally speaking, don’t admire Cruz the way they admired Davis – or rather, they admire him only insofar as he makes for tragicomic theater, whereas they admired her on the merits.

    This part of Byer’s report, as quoted by Pierce actually makes sense.

    Or am I reading into it that Davis has earned everyone’s respect, while Cruz has everyone’s contempt?

    • anthrofred

      The most maddening thing about the report is that it provides all the evidence for a reasonable conclusion and then ends with fart noises regardless.

      • Dylan Byers, McKay Coppins at Buzzfarce and Josh Kraushaar at Hotline are constantly trying to establish themselves as the dumbest journalist in Washington. In the list of best political journalists in DC, they keep ending up in a 3-way tie (for last).

        • Different people, fighting for different causes, using different methods treated differently. News at 11.

      • Dylan Byers has never had an original thought in his life. He’s a stenographer in search of a haircut.

    • Yeah, I mean, I don’t give two shits about the procedural aspect of all this. If Bizarro Ted Cruz was grandstanding for universal health care, I’d be all about that. It’s just that he’s grandstanding for something horrible and awful, while Davis was filibustering for something I support. I fail to see what the problem is.

      • NonyNony

        Byers’s point (such as he can pretend to have one) is that it is the bias of the journalists that made Wendy Davis a hero and Ted Cruz a joke. And that those journalists should be ashamed of themselves because of their bias.

        The fact that Ted Cruz’s faux-libuster actually WAS a joke is elided over.

        Frankly if I were a running a newspaper, I probably would have put Ted Cruz on the front page with the headline “Cruz Mounts Fake Filibuster in Fake Attempt To Repeal Affordable Care For Working Families” and give it all of the attention is could hold. If the mainstream media were half as biased as Byers and his ilk claim, those would have been the headlines of the week.

  • somethingblue

    The point is to show one’s opposition to something through a demonstration of physical will.

    Yes indeed, and may I be the first to propose that Senator Cruz demonstrate his opposition to Obamacare by castrating himself with a nail clipper on the floor of the Senate? #talkischeap

    • Let’s all laud Ted Cruz for standing on his feet a few hours longer than a lot of low-wage workers do five or six or seven days a week.

      Yeah, whatever, DC press corps…

      • ++1000. Also: I don’t think he was denied bathroom breaks, was he? And I’m pretty sure Davis was.

        • Among other things. She wasn’t even allowed to lean on the table.

  • laura

    The NYT called Cruz “aimless and self-destructive.”

    Bunch of fucking Penn grads.

    • Ouch.

    • Worse, some of them probably went to Brown, or… [gasp]… public universities!

      • Jonas

        No! Not Brown!

  • Johnny Sack

    Ted Cruz makes me ashamed to be Cuban.

    • anthrofred

      Ted Cruz makes me ashamed to be human.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        wait, I thought he was a prototype clone of Reagan (for one thing they missed Ronbo’s greasy version of charm) – does that count?

        • anthrofred

          The Boys from Brampton

    • LeftWingFox

      How do you think he makes us dual-citizen Canadians feel?

      • NonyNony

        Happy that he’s renouncing his Canadian citizenship?

  • jkay

    I learned from the Esquire thread that Politico was started started as a second covert Fox, clearly true because apparently it started out with the very worst of the McCardle commentariat, amazingly (!!!!).
    But Id say the cover’s lasted even worse than “fair and balanced? ” Fox. Even if that only lasted because of the higher sound volume… After all, mean laughters now how we with clues greet it, rightly – now it’s more of an Onion competitor ;-)

    Wiki confirms the charge; it’s always been run by a Reagan aide, apparently radical frxom what he’s done.

  • bexley

    From that Salon piece: As Dave Weigel says: “When Cruz walks into future conservative movement gatherings, he’ll be welcomed like Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem.”

    Presumably shortly after he’ll be politically crucified and conservative die-hards will wait in vain for the second coming of Cruz.

    • N__B

      It makes me sorry that his first name isn’t “hay-zoos.”

      • It would have been Messiah but his parents realized a judge might invalidate it.

    • By the poor, the sick and the lame?

      Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • sibusisodan

    From the Salon link:

    The fact that, near the end of his epic free-associative cri de coeur, Harry Reid offered Cruz at least another hour of floor time, knowing that Cruz would refuse it, was a funny end to the entire charade that few on the right will notice or remember.

    Harry Reid, eh? I may not know what he’s trying to accomplish at least 100% of the time, but I wouldn’t wanna cross him. The man is sharp.

    Anyone know if he offered the extra time by saying ‘Please proceed, Senator’?

    • Oh, man, Reid is too subtle sometimes. He should have offered the extra time while having a cartload of Dr.Seuss books brought out to help.

    • I have a friend who worked in the Obama administration and has also worked with Congress. She pretty much sees Harry Reid as the smartest operator in Washington DC, and she said his staff is brilliant at knowing the system and the process and using it to maximum advantage.

      He’s also really, really tough.

      • sibusisodan

        Wow. Thanks for that link. Makes our current leading parliamentarians on this side of the pond look even more like a bunch of wimps.

        • Hogan

          You could use a man like Gordon Brown again.

          • sibusisodan

            And how! Blind in one eye from playing rugby at university! Rock hard!

            And then there’s John Prescott, former actual deputy prime minister (and occasionally in charge of the country when Blair was swanning off in foreign parts), whose response to being egged was this kind of thing.

  • Hogan

    Obamacare is the biggest outrage since the Tidelands oil bill of 1953.

  • Cody

    Wow, cursed mainstream media! If a noble man wants to attempt to destroy the global economy they’re all mad, but if a woman tries to stop a State from taking away her rights all the sudden she’s a HERO!?

    Jesus. How dumb can our media get!

    But really. The article doesn’t even pretend there isn’t a huge difference between the two issues – it just ignores it’s own points and makes the pre-determined conclusion.

    • Cheap Wino

      Most of that kind of stuff is just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks. Throw enough out there and something might gain traction with the rubes, whether it makes any sense is immaterial.

      For instance, with the Trayvon Martin case, the gotcha point that resonated was, “What if was the other way around?” (if it were a black kid who killed a white guy), completely unaware of how that undermines their whole argument. So, the point for Byers et. al., is to throw a bunch of shit out and hope something registers for the person who’s news consumption consists entirely of the right-wing media blender. End of story.

  • This politician wants to give you an ice cream and a fuzzy kitten. While this politician wants to give you a cow pie and road killed skunk.

    But according to Republican lackeys in a blind taste test, no one will be able to tell the difference!

    I am actually heartened to see the Cons are sticking to the “If more people hear our message more often we’ll win” strategy.

  • gocart mozart

    Pro-Choice-Texan women drive like this while Hispanic-Canadian-Texan men drive like thist

  • millions’ irish dread

    Pareene misses the obvious, Cruz will never be president regardless of what he does because if he tried his opponents within his own party would slur him as ‘an illegal’ and the people who currently adore him would slurp it up and ask for seconds.

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