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Friday Night

[ 57 ] September 27, 2013 |

These drawings of all your varieties of 18th century drunk British women pretty much describes the average Friday night of your typical LGM reader writer. I relate most to the woman in glasses drunkenly smashing her face on a tree.

Obviously you need to click on the image to read it at all.

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  1. anonymous nyer says:

    “Samples of Sweethearts and Wives” will be the title of my bands “difficult” second album. now all i need is a first album. and a band.

  2. Snuff curry says:

    Oh lor. Is this going to be one of those posts where we argue about whether gin is a girls’ drink or a boys’ drink?

    “She’s got her quantum, by Jingo” was probably a pretty pants-dropping line once upon a time.

    I wonder why the figure of The Good Woman in the second panel is headless.

  3. laura says:

    Living in the eighteenth century probably sucked for the most part, except for the constantly drunk part.

  4. Deptfordx says:

    I’m looking out of my South East London window right now. The picture above is exactly what I’m seeing. Seeing in double of course as I am blind drunk myself.

  5. efgoldman says:

    Do you spend Friday nights with your stoonts?

  6. Barry Freed says:

    Georgian era wardrobe malfunctions abound.

  7. Morbo says:

    Bottom left lady got so drunk her elbows reversed themselves.

  8. jazzbumpa says:

    On my screen, immediately alongside the drawings is a drawn pictorial ad for WARTUNE – “WARNING Men Only – enter at your own risk” – featuring an image of a remarkably buxom female warrior [I presume] spilling out of what appears to be a chain mail bra and thong set. Coincidence? Irony? Oh, What he Hell – it’s FRIDAY!

    Anyway, back on topic, there is no level of magnification at which I can read most of the words.

    in other news, Tigers down 3-0 to the Marlins after 3.

    That’s the signal to start some really serious drinking.

    • Gregor Sansa says:

      Agreed. Transcript, please, someone. “She’s got her quantum, by Jingo” is too good a line not to know what comes next.

      • Snuff curry says:

        First panel: May we have in our arms what we love in our hearts – no Tax upon Gin! Here we go up, up, up – and there we go down, down, down!

      • Snuff curry says:

        Second panel: Bless me, is that the Sun or the Moon I see above there?

        • Snuff curry says:

          Third panel: Hollo! Damn your blood, you old Faggot, where are you coming to?

          Fourth: Too much of a good thing!

          Fifth: I’m a little sickish or so, but no matter – I’ve given Sal her gruel! She drink gin with me! blast me she could as soon swallow the fat Landlady!

          Sixth: She’s got her quantum, by jingo! She smells as sweet as a daisy! but no matter, I’ll get the blunt in the morning from her old Goat of a Keeper! Pon my conscience and soul he will have a precious bedfellow of her to night!

          Seventh: What’s that for, you sawey rascal! Here, Watch! Watch! Watch! Lord a’ mercy upon me what a blow! My head spins like a top!

          Eighth: Stick – close – my dear – Charlotte – hold up your head, my lily of the valley – I am as sober as a Judge – Women and Wine forever, damn me!

          • Snuff curry says:

            So, basically the 18th century’s Mail, complete with chav-bashing, naked tits, and rape jokes.

            • Gregor Sansa says:

              I’m not sure I understand the rapey one. I mean, you could read it as saying that her “keeper” is Satan, in which case the message is “she’ll sleep with the devil tonight, and he won’t actually be too happy about that, because she stinks.” Which isn’t a particularly nice thing to say, but it doesn’t involve rape.

              • Snuff curry says:

                I was thinking of the last panel.

                I interpreted a poor bedfellow as being pissed unconscious and, therefore, not up for it.

          • Aaron B. says:

            They were calling people faggots in the 18th century!?

            • The Dark God of Time, AKA DA says:



              The word meaning “bundle of sticks” is ultimately derived, via Old French, Italian and Vulgar Latin, from Latin fascis (also the origin of the word fascism).[8] The origins of the word as an offensive epithet for homosexuals are rather obscure, although the word has been used in English since the late 16th century as an abusive term for women, particularly old women,[9] and reference to homosexuality may derive from this,[8][10] as female terms are often used with reference to homosexual or effeminate men (cf. nancy, sissy, queen). The application of the term to old women is possibly a shortening of the term “faggot-gatherer”, applied in the 19th century to people, especially older widows, who made a meagre living by gathering and selling firewood.[10] It may also derive from the sense of “something awkward to be carried” (compare the use of the word “baggage” as a pejorative term for old people in general).[8] Use of the word as a general insult, not necessarily implying homosexuality, is either a continuation or extension of this older usage[9] or of the homosexual usage.

          • jazzbumpa says:

            Ah – thank you.

            To get no. 6 you have to realize that daisies smell like barf.

    • efgoldman says:

      That’s the signal to start some really serious drinking.

      What isn’t?

      • jazzbumpa says:

        OK – you me there.

        3-2 final.

        Leyland was playing everybody. Prince had 1 AB and walked. Kelly pinch ran. Etc, etc. Like a spring training game without the spring.

        Peralta hit one to the wall and got an RBI.

  9. bspencer says:

    Erik, you shouldn’t let your boob flop out of your dress like that. You are cut off!

  10. Shakezula says:

    I wasn’t aware Girls Gone Wild had been around so long.

  11. jon says:

    If not for Friday nights, strong drink, and ladies fairish, we’d have nothing worthy of repentance come Sunday morn.

  12. N__B says:

    This NSA shit has gone too far. My dating history is nobody’s business.

  13. somethingblue says:

    A brief glance suggested this might be French aristocrats on their way to the guillotine. Is it wrong of me to be disappointed?

  14. Skooter says:

    Alas, A Lass
    She’s drunk, she’s drunk
    A lot of Ale, A lot of Ale
    She’s drunk, She’s drunk
    A Lot of Ale

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