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Completely Justified Spending


The new Oregon football facility. I think we will all agree that it is reasonable, at least for a team as awesome as the Ducks.

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  • Well at least it won’t force them to charge premium amounts for tickets or something.

  • Linnaeus

    a team as awesome as the Ducks.

    Arguing facts not in evidence.

    • Stag Party Palin

      You betcha.

      (13)Stanford 17 – (2)Oregon 14. At home. Last year.

      Fear the Tree.

  • And here is the rest of the university.

    Has anyone read Player Piano? The snippet of plotline around college football is proving to be prescient.

    • Kurzleg

      Beginning to work my way through Vonnegut, so I’ll have to check out this one.

      • It is great if you enjoy dystopian let’s wonder if the author was a fricking pre-cog type fiction.

        Anyone who ever ponders the impact of automation on society ought to give it a looksee.

        • Kurzleg

          That’s right up my alley. Thanks!

    • Jeff R.

      It’s been a while, but my recollection is that a minor character had to chose between playing football for Cornell or actually pursuing a degree. You couldn’t do both. But at least the college football players were paid.

  • Patrick

    Well, that’s what happens when your ideals of amateurism make you use unpaid architecture students who don’t know the first thing about restraint.

  • rea

    Eat your enemies”???? In the cafeteria??

    • Hogan

      “And the other food groups,” don’t forget.

      • Kurzleg

        Their fans?

      • Franks and beans!

        • rea

          Cavaliers and Volunteers, with the occasional beaver, and a couple of varieties of bear, based on next years’ schedule . . . Apparently they don’t play the USC Condoms this year . . .

    • Kurzleg

      I had the same reaction. Conjures up some pretty unappetizing images.

      • Hogan

        Meh. That’s one of the milder things football coaches tell their players to do to opponents.

        • Kurzleg

          I know. I was just responding to the use of the phrase in that particular context. “Eat to win” would have avoided the gross images that “Eat your enemies” does in the context of a cafeteria.

          • Tom

            At least it’s gay friendly

            • Kurzleg

              I believe that was the first hurdle that a phrase had to overcome in order to make the short list.

              • Hogan

                That and being in words of one syllable.

  • liberalrob

    They’re not even trying to pretend that college sports are an amateur extracurricular activity anymore, are they. Just wow.

    The coaches get their own freaking hot tub? The team has it’s own private barber shop? They have a miniature version of Jerry Jones’ Superjumbotron just to show meaningless rah-rah videos in a lobby that’s probably empty most of the time?

    • somethingblue

      They’re not even trying to pretend that college sports are an amateur extracurricular activity anymore

      Ahem. The preferred term among university administrators is now “co-curricular.”

      Seriously. It is.

      • Lee Rudolph

        Shoot me now.— No, wait. Shoot me some college administrators, now.

    • Brian

      The money that was spent on those facilities was earned by past athletes, yet most of them merely had tuition and fees paid.

      Athletics as an amateur endeavor was traditionally the pursuit of the aristocratic class. The ‘amateur’ athlete was someone who could afford the time to train and travel for competition on their own dime.

      This is clearly antiquated (except that weird ass modern pentathlon). Currently ‘amateur’ athletics particularly in the case of college football and basketball is a huge industry. An industry where the ideal of ‘amateurism’ is used as to enforce a near slave labor force of mostly minorities.

      It is time to get major college football out of the university system and into a minor league system.

  • c u n d gulag

    Have The Ducks, “jumped the shark?”

    Well, thank the FSM that this $68 Million was spent on a college football facility, and not on something useless, wasteful, and flashy – like scholarships for students.

    • Fosco

      That football facility is out of control, for sure, but Phil Knight has down some good things for the school, like endowing the Phil Knight Chair of Communications Research and another endowed chair in the Business School. They’re not scholarships, but they help.

      • c u n d gulag

        And I’m sure that’s all noble.

        But maybe if we taxed rich assholes like Phil Knight more, the schools could afford more scholarships, and/or lower tuition costs.

        Just sayin…

      • Linnaeus

        …and the Knight library and the Knight law school.

        Sensing a pattern here.

      • Bill Murray

        I believe he also got the student association to rescind a resolution to not have their equipment be made in sweatshops (or something like this — it was a few years ago and I don’t really follow the quackers)

      • Anonymous

        It helps balance out all the awful things he’s done to East Asian kids, or something.

    • efgoldman

      I dunno’. Having a combination of Jerry Jones and Zombie Boss George Steinbrenner involved can’t possibly be bad for a college program, could it?

    • njorl

      Sure it cost a lot to build, but the fluorescent green field will save on lighting.

  • Chris Mealy

    If there was one thing I could privatize, it’d be college sports.

  • McKingford

    I thought maybe this would be the right place to mention that Breitbart has come up with a new, “advanced” measure for pitching. As far as I can tell, it basically involves how well a pitcher “pitches to the score”.

    It’s as moronic as what you might expect from a sports version of Breitbart. In fact, it’s almost a caricature of what you would imagine a right-winger would dream up by way of “advanced stats”.

    The comments are hilarious.

    • JKTHs

      I think that stat is called “wins”

    • Kurzleg

      Does that metric give the pitcher credit for giving up lots of runs if your team is way ahead and still coming out with the win? ‘Cuz that would be awesome.

  • I’m surprised that the nuclear blast that left the shadows on the locker fronts did not otherwise damage the building.

    • Cody

      Probably an EMP blast dude!

  • efgoldman

    In a related story….

    In a 2-1 vote, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court that EA had used the images in its video games of several ex-NCAA athletes without their permission in its NCAA football and basketball series. The decision comes two weeks after EA lost the rights to put the NCAA logo and name on its games beyond this year.
    Circuit Judge Jay Bybee, writing for the majority of the court, said EA’s game “literally recreates [Arizona State University quarterback Samuel] Keller in the very setting in which he has achieved renown.”


    Apropos of nothing, Bybee is the other sumbitch who should have been disbarred and prosecuted, along with John Yoo, for the torture memos. Way to go, Bushie.

    • Kurzleg

      Didn’t you already post that link on another thread?

      • efgoldman

        Yeah, but I’m reasonably certain that even the blog owners don’t read it 24/7.
        Also, the Oregon story was posted previously, also too.

        • You’re wasting electrons, man. You’ll be sorry when we run out.

          • Lee Rudolph

            Still years to go before Peak Electron.

  • Alan Tomlinson

    I’m surprised they don’t have a non-consensual sex room. No, I’m not kidding.

    Alan Tomlinson

    • wengler

      They probably also have a shame room shaped like a black box, where the shame the rape victim enough so she shuts up.

      • Kurzleg

        They were going to have that, but then they realized it was completely redundant to other “systems” already in place.

    • That’s why they have dorms.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a theory that once organizations start to build palaces for themselves, it means they’ve already peaked. To wit: the Apple flying saucer, Yankee Stadium, Hitler’s Volkshalle, the Death Star, etc.. Nebraska built a similarly swoon-worthy training facility in the Tom Osborne era, with similar “how could anyone defeat it?” comments, then promptly went into a post-Osborne tailspin they have yet to recover from.

    • njorl

      It took two Louis for the Bourbons to go down after Versailles.

      • rea

        C. Northcote Parkinson addresses this in some detail, with (among other buildings) explicit reference to Versailles (completed just in time for the Battle of Blenheim):


        See Chapter 6 . . .

  • Steve S.

    But if college athletes are being systematically exploited isn’t this the least they could do for them?

    • 64 teevees to keep them occupied while not attending class?

      • daveNYC

        They’ll use those to take all their courses via MOOC.

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