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Time was on his side

[ 61 ] July 26, 2013 |

Mick Jagger is 70 years old today. The only Rolling Stones show I ever went to was at the old Silverdome outside Detroit in 1981. He was 38 then, which at the time seemed way too old for his on-stage persona (The most memorable thing about the evening was that local legend Iggy Pop opened, and was bombarded by various objects thrown from the floor by irate Budweiser-fueled groundlings. He took the assault in good humor, telling the crowd between songs that “we must play until we win you over.”).

A fun if slightly depressing parlor game can be played by noting things such as that the distance between Beggars Banquet and today is the same as that between that album and Warren Harding’s presidency. Jagger was 24 when they recorded this:


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  1. great song says:

    Nice choice.

  2. Erik Loomis says:

    I’m surprised Iggy would receive that much hate in Detroit.

  3. Karen says:

    The 1989 Steel Wheels tour Dallas appearance was one of only two rock concerts I’ve ever seen, the other being a 1992 Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band appearance in Austin. Mick was in fine form, but the highlight of the show was the 30-feet tall inflatable floozies on each side do the stage for “Honky Tonk Woman.”

  4. Shakezula says:

    Aaak! I thought this was an obit.

  5. TribalistMeathead says:

    So do we think they’re still touring because they want to, or still touring because they need to?

  6. Manju says:

    great album cover

  7. ChrisTS says:

    I saw them in Providence in, maybe 65?

  8. Gator90 says:

    A very happy birthday to one of the all time great entertainers. The Stones still rule.

  9. Davis says:

    How many times have you read about R&R performers getting burned out from touring? In their thirties? Aside from their musicianship, they’re pretty remarkable. BTW, we all talk about how Keith looks, but have you seen any recent pictures of Ron Wood?

    One more thing. When I attended the 1972 Munich Olympics, Mick sat right behind me at the track & field events. By himself. No one else seemed to notice him. When people doubt it was really him, I show them the pictures.

  10. Manju says:

    He was 38 then, which at the time seemed way too old for his on-stage persona

    hmmm, i dunno…this was roughly around their disco stage, which in retrospect seems underrated.

    jagger was in squirrelly creepy stoned mode, as in the miss you vid. he resurrected that persona to good affect imo not too long ago:

  11. Linnaeus says:

    The only Rolling Stones show I ever went to was at the old Silverdome outside Detroit in 1981.

    My brother was at that show, too. Said it was great.

  12. Thom says:

    Does this make me feel better, or worse, about being 59 tomorrow?

  13. Linnaeus says:

    Also, who the fuck is Mick Jagger?

  14. dp says:

    FWIW, Jagger has said the slide guitar on this song (which is fucking awesome) was the last thing they were able to get from Brian Jones before he sank into his addictions.

  15. commie atheist says:

    Nice Stones/Dylan combination on the title (or headline? Could never figure out if blog posts had titles or headlines).

  16. Jack Canuck says:

    I remember seeing a bit of trivia up on the wall in a recording studio I was in back in 1995 or so, which pointed out that the average age of Britain’s Conservative Cabinet at the time was something like 52 years 2 months – and the average age of the Rolling Stones was 52 years 6 months. I’m probably misremembering the exact numbers, but I thought it was amusing at the time, and certainly never thought they’d still be going nearly twenty years later.

  17. worriedman says:

    Hey (Hey)

    You (You)

    Get offa my lawn!

  18. Richard says:

    I’ve seen the Stones a half dozen times including about five years ago. I fully agree that they haven’t had a good album in 30 years but they are still a great live band. If you haven’t seen them live in 32 years, you’re certainly in no position to slag their live show off. As far as being 70, so fucking what. I saw numerous blues musicians play great music at 70 and see no reason why the same couldn’t apply to rock. And they’ve written enough great songs to make one hell of a two hour show.

  19. Johnny Sack says:

    Black and Blue and Goats Head Soup especially are often overlooked and criminally underrated.

  20. Johnny Sack says:

    Mick Taylor was the best guitarist the Stones ever had. End of discussion.

    • BobS says:

      Agreed. I never saw him with the Rolling Stones, but did see him with the Jack Bruce Band in England back in the mid-70s.
      And on the subject of virtuoso guitar players, I attended a show last week featuring Bob Dylan, Richard Thompson, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket. Richard Thompson played a painfully short opening set, but he came out at the end of Wilco’s set to do an old Fairport Convention/RT song called “Sloth” and him and Nils Cline were breathtaking- it’s next to impossible for two better guitar players to be on the stage at the same time. For icing on the cake, the next song was the members of Wilco, the Richard Thompson Band, and My Morning Jacket jamming on “Tomorrow Never Knows”. A very subdued Dylan and his band were almost anti-climactic (although they paid their own respects to Thompson by Dylan doing a rare cover and playing “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”).

      • Johnny Sack says:

        I need to see more live music, that sounds amazing.

      • jim, some guy in iowa says:

        the Americanarama tour!

        I saw that same lineup at the ball park in St Paul three weeks ago, just excellent. Dylan’s set was musical, right to the bone, Wilco & MMJ (the latter joined by Duluth’s Trampled by Turtles)) were great – but Richard Thompson? my god, he and his trio were just amazing – blazed right through that opening half hour while people were still filing into the space in front of the stage

    • Tehanu says:

      Hear, hear. Saw them at the Fabulous Forum and I’ve never forgotten Taylor holding 16,000 people hushed and breathless. Not to mention Jagger just dancing in a corner by himself during the intro to “Gimme Shelter.”

  21. Anonymous says:

    I was at that show, the second night. Iggy was wearing panty hose. Awesome!

  22. JREinATL says:

    The only Rolling Stones show I ever went to was at the old Silverdome outside Detroit in 1981. He was 38 then, which at the time seemed way too old for his on-stage persona

    In all fairness, assuming the tour film “Let’s Spend the Night Together” is indicative, the 1981 had the Stones playing giant stadiums like the Silverdome that they hadn’t learned to play yet. They got much, much better at it for the Steel Wheels/Voodoo Lounge tours, albeit with quickly diminishing returns after that.

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