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Worst Person in the World: Confederate Nostalgia and Ridiculous Food Edition

[ 116 ] June 19, 2013 |

Paula Deen, a racist wistfully desiring black slaves.


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  1. Rosmarster says:

    Is there a source for that other than the National Enquirer? (Which is the source the links seem to go back to, unless I am missing something?)

  2. sharculese says:

    She didn’t say she wanted slaves she just said she finds slavery aesthetically pleasing. Geez, you libs will twist anything to accuse someone of racism.

    • And at lest she didn’t want them to wear cute little top hats with decorative pats of butter on top. That would’ve been demeaning.

    • Todd says:

      Seriously. Say what you want about the tenets of colonial slavery agri-culture, but at least it’s an ethos.

    • Another Halocene Human says:

      thank you for that snark. after the pushback up top I read the description of the suit and her rationalizations on TPM and I wanted to vomit

      After what Deen said in response (and her attempt to throw her use of the n-word on her Black employees) I have no doubt that Jackson is telling the truth about all of it.

      What do you bet that the bathroom thing is one of those “cooks can only use THIS bathroom and oh, coinkydink, we only hire blacks as cooks, not front of house”? Once it was revealed that the plaintiff was a white person in a mixed race family, the suit makes more sense. Most folks I’ve met here in the South would basically not complain about something like that unless there was some sort of incident (like the toilet stopped up in the back and the owner hasn’t fixed it but then dressed somebody down for using the “nice” one–because that would be crossing the line for them). However the few white people I know who have crossed the color line are extremely sensitized to white supremacy and get PISSED about it. It’s because they have mental room to get pissed about it … only really middle class Blacks and above have room mentally to get pissed here in live oak country, and if they do, they tend to get really bitter. It’s so fucking overwhelming.

      There is so much ugly racism going on in kitchens around here and the employees rarely if ever complain. I knew somebody who was facing some stuff at McDonald’s. I advised him he just needed to tape that sh*t and get it to TV news and the McDonald’s corporation would come down like a ton of bricks and that manager (the one who called him a nigger) would be the one who got fired but… he wouldn’t do it. Too scared.

  3. Is anyone really surprised?

    She’s from the deep South, older and white, wasn’t born rich, she apparently worked very hard and created a food empire, and is now very, very rich.

    I don’t suppose she met an African-American woman named Mama Dip, from Chapel Hill, NC, who’s every bit as good a cook as Paula Deen – her fried chicken it TOO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!
    And she has one of the most successful restaurants in town. (And I can’t help wondering if Ms. Dean has a national presence, while Ms. Dip, has a local one, because of race).

    Maybe then, if she’d met Mama dip, Paula Deen might have a greater appreciation of black history, and why her comments were very offensive.

    Out of all of the Food TV “Stars,” Paula Deen was always the one I like the least.
    I’m not saying I could tell, but she was just SOOOOOO annoyingly Southern, that I couldn’t stand her.

    If she genuinely apologizes – and I’m talking about a REAL apology, and not some “I’m sorry if my words offended anyone…,” or, “I was taken out of context…,” then I don’t wish her any ill.

    And if not… Well, I’m sure you know.

    • olexicon says:

      “I’m sorry you people were offended by my attempt at humour”? is what I am calling for Paula Deen

    • Working is for Suckers - I like Blogging All Day says:

      Conservatives think liberals have bad ideas and liberals think conservatives are bad people.

      I think this is true. Very few times do you ever try to discuss ideas.

      • sharculese says:

        This is ironic from the dude who normally can’t go more than a few posts without panicking and just shouting ‘queeeeeeer’ over and over.

      • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn says:

        This is absolutely wrong. Just look at the post-9/11 rhetoric coming from your side for a counterargument. Look at the books / columns / blog posts from those odious people writing at The Corner. The list of examples goes on. You could look at any of them to see how wrong you are.

        Not that you *will*, of course. But you could.

      • aimai says:

        Au contrarire, we think Paula Dean is a person who has bad ideas. Some of us may also come to the conclusion that, as a result, she’s probably a pretty lousy person, but its not necessary to reach that conclusion to refuse to eat her horrible food or buy her revolting books.

      • Halloween Jack says:

        When people talk about pancakes they almost always go into the importance of real maple syrup, but I say that the most important thing is to use real butter instead of margarine.

  4. Shakezula says:

    What the fuck did I just read?

    • Warren Terra says:

      I was genuinely surprised by what I read – not the Paula Deen stuff (awful, but not surprising) but because for some reason I think of Jezebel as being concerned with issues of feminism (in a Gawker Media pop-culture affectedly-insouciant way, but concerned with issues of feminism), and after the first couple of items the page descends into the most useless snippets of mindless celebrity gossip, nary a social issue to be seen. My misapprehension was probably because I only ever visit Jezebel when a political blogger links a piece there, but still: I was surprised.

      • Anna in PDX says:

        To be fair, the article was entitled “this week in tabloids” – what exactly were you guys expecting?

      • ChrisTS says:

        It is a very conflicted place.

      • Jordan says:

        So, like those times you read about Tim Tebow or hockey or whatever on LGM?

        • Warren Terra says:

          I’m not saying they can’t do this, I’m just saying it doesn’t fit my prior view of the site. That makes my prior view wrong, it doesn’t make them wrong. Still, rightly or wrongly, I’m less interested in the views of a site knowing that it unironically links to the latest effusions of the Kim Kardashian enterprise.

          • Jordan says:

            Oh sure. Except, if I was someone who hated football (I’m not, but still) and saw a Tebow post and became less interested in the political views of Lemiux, say, that wouldn’t be all that great of a move, right?

            • Jordan says:

              *Lemieux* even

            • Warren Terra says:

              Tebow’s not a great example – the Tebow posts have a strong sociological/political thread to them, because he is far more a Culture Wars figure than he is a sports icon. But I take your point.

              Still – and I could be wrong here, it’s just my prejudices – I have more tolerance for people who care about sports than for people who care about celebrity nonsense. And I think I probably would discount the views of someone who pushed the latter, at least to some degree.

              • Jordan says:

                So, Tebow *is* a more legitimate topic of discussion because he is a famous celebrity outside of just the sports world? ;)

                But still, sure. You could substitute some of the anti-running back posts, if you still wanted football examples.

                As for the rest. I mean, *I* care about sports than general celebrity stuff. But I doubt either is really indicative of anything whatsoever.

            • InnerPartisan says:

              Hmm. I’m European, so I couldn’t care less about Tebow or any other Basketball player in the World League or whatever, but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for the other writing that goes on around these here LGMses.
              When one of the posts doesn’t interest me I just don’t read it. Radical concept, I know!

              • Warren Terra says:

                I truly think there’s a difference: if there were a great political blog that also had pro-homeopathy posts, I’d not take the great political posts as seriously. An interest in the Ksrdashians isn’t quite as pernicious or as insane, but it’s not great, either. It certainly to my mind is less worthy than sports (and I have no interest in sports, and skip the sports thread when I don’t perceive a public-policy angle or something that interests me parochially).

                • Jordan says:

                  Yeah, but I’d think there might be some gendered stuff going on there

                • InnerPartisan says:

                  Oh, that goes without saying. I have almost zero interest in sports (I watch the World & European cups), but I can happily tolerate the subject.
                  A professed belief in pseudoscience/conspiracy theories I could not. Which is, for example, why I don’t take Bill Maher seriously (well, that and the fact he’s an asshole.)

                  “Gossip”… well, I guess that’d be a borderline case. I don’t really know enough about the qualities of Jezebel’s other content to really judge if it would be a deal-breaker for me.

                • djw says:

                  I may not be following this thread properly, but where is the Kardashian content here?

                • djw says:

                  (Never mind, I missed the switch to talking about Jezebel)

                • N__B says:

                  Now, if there were a blog that discussed diluting the Kardashians to one part in a billion with pure spring water I might read that.

                • Jordan says:


                • Ian says:

                  An interest in the Ksrdashians isn’t quite as pernicious or as insane, but it’s not great, either.

                  We have enough golden age of TV fans here to justify a little Deep Space 9 blogging.

          • Immanuel Kant says:

            It’s a Gawker site. Priority #1 is always going to be getting page hits.

          • Karla says:

            I don’t know. At least most of the time, their mentions/discussions of Kardashian-related stuff seem plenty ironic. I come from the Midwest, where deadpan humor is prevalent, so that may be shading my interpretation.

          • Mo says:

            They do the tabloids roundup once a week, so it’s not like it’s an overwhelming thing. I like it because if I see a really crazy headline on a tabloid, I can scroll through Jezebel and find out what the story is really about. The roundups do tend to call body- and slut-shaming by their real names and point out that multi-millionaresses probably are not thinking of life’s problems in the same way that tabloid readers are.

      • Halloween Jack says:

        Feminism is Jezebel’s B-list friend–they’ve spent a lot of time together, but Jez won’t hesitate to kick feminism to the curb if someone more popular is available.

    • DrDick says:

      I am not sure we really want to know. There may not be enough brain bleach in the world.

  5. DrDick says:

    By Cthulhu’s sacred appendages! As if I needed any additional reasons to loath her and avoid thinking about her.

  6. Ronan says:

    That Armie Hammer interview underneath is fucking moronic. He didnt know how to behave before getting hitched, had an epiphany that sex shouldnt be about dominating someone else, and now gets a round of applause for figuring this basic shit out? Well done Armie, you’re now at the level of a 14 year old

  7. Sharon says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t stop seeing the baby chicken hawk from Foghorn Leghorn cartoons when I see that picture of Paula.

    Also, really, repugnant, and racist attitudes.

  8. Bitter Scribe says:

    This whole thing inspired some pretty funny tweets about Paula Deen’s favorite dishes, like “Pineapple Uppity-Negro-Side Down Cake.” There’s a collection of them on Salon that I’m too lazy to link to.

  9. Bill Murray says:

    I think the title is completely unfair to Ms. Deen. She would eb perfectly happy with a slave of any Native American or Caribbean ancestry

  10. Shakezula says:

    Someone needs to check on Anthony Bourdain. He could easily laugh himself to death over this.

  11. commie atheist says:

    TPM has the actual transcript, for all you of you Enquirer-a-phobes.

  12. Manju says:

    Whoa! Lots of folks here are giving Dean the benefit of the doubt. Is she a Democrat or something?

  13. calling all toasters says:

    This is all Obama’s fault for not visiting her restaurant.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I really miss the gold old days of the Coon Chicken Inn.

  15. bspencer says:

    I never had anything against Paula Deen before, though her cuisine was not always my favorite. But this creeps me out. :(

  16. TribalistMeathead says:

    Wait, why is my comment awaiting moderation? Because I told Manju he isn’t funny twice?

  17. blowback says:

    Just gets better – anyone spot the problem with the photo?

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