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Tuesday Link Bringing


Let’s find us some links…

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  • Saying the 3rd season of Arrested Development wasn’t good is the least defensible thing you’ve said since your anti-Thai food screed.

    • Eric


      Also, it’s certainly defensible to criticize Season 4, but there are some pretty good payoffs if you stick with it until later in the season.

      • Immanuel Kant

        I think ploughing through Season 4 slowly is just about the worst way to watch it, given that so much of the pay off is in the last few episodes.

    • rw970

      I happen to really like Season 3, except for the last 4 episodes they burned off against the Olympics. Had Season 4 been another Season 3 I would have been over the moon.

      Then again, I also happen to be in the minority in finding the Mr. F. plot hilarious. So your mileage may vary.

  • Tehanu

    I’m having some difficulty with the 4th season too — we’re up to Episode 7 (last night) and I’ve already noticed several places where instead of teetering on the brink of absurdity, it’s simply gone over the edge to full-blown 30 Rock absurdity. There’s a fine line between absurd-and-funny and just plain stupid. I’m sticking with it but it’s a lot more of a slog than I was hoping for.

  • Anon21


    the third season wasn’t really very good, either.

    Yes, thank you. Arrested Development was a show with an unusually sharp dividing line between ascent and decline, with almost no intermediate period. Up to Season 2’s “Meat the Veals,” funniest show ever made. “Spring Breakout” was okay. “Righteous Brothers” was bad. The third season was worse.

    I’ve always wondered if they shot all the good writers out of a cannon at some point late in Season 2. The drop-off in quality was really sharp and staggering.

    • Ian

      I don’t know if I would go that far; there are a few episodes in Season 3 that tickled me. But I mostly agree: the material got less funny and they tried to sell it harder in compensation. Didn’t work.

      I don’t know how anyone could put Season 3 on the same level as the first two seasons. Maybe sometimes shows get cancelled when they deserve it. (See Veronica Mars.)

      I’m about halfway through the fourth season, so I’m reserving judgment. But so far: Jesus, what depressing and humiliating lives these people are leading. I don’t understand why they haven’t committed mass suicide.

    • Ian

      Further: Looking at the Wikipedia pages for the different seasons, your speculation about a writers’ purge (or exodus) may not be far off. Besides Hurwitz and Jim Vallely, all the writers in Season 3 are new.

      • Writers from good shows get offers.

        • Ian

          Right. And given the ratings after two seasons, AD must have had the stench of death about it.

  • tomsk

    Was there really ever any chance the USA was going to sell F22s to Japan even if all the business with Israel transferring technology to China hadn’t happened? If it’d sold them to Japan wouldn’t it have had to offer them to the UK and Canada and Australia, etc?

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