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A World Less Evil


Jorge Rafael Videla, former dictator of Argentina, is dead, much to the benefit of the world.

Lillie Langtry with more.

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  • Johnny Sack

    Loomis is mean!

  • Once again hard leftist radical Erik Loonie vents his hatred towards Western civilization and everything else good about life!

  • Jameson Quinn

    Death is too good for him.

    Seriously. Why should we rejoice in anyone’s death who isn’t actively creating evil? For those who were just really evil in the past, we should long for justice, but be indifferent to death.

    • Jameson Quinn

      (And no, that isn’t a plea to talk about Guatemala again, or I wouldn’t have used my real name.)

  • Efraín Ríos Montt

    Señor Erik Loomis odia nuestras libertades!

    • Jameson Quinn

      Porque tan flegmático, señor Cara de Mierda? Aún en un día normal, tu lo pronuncias “li-ber-ta-des” como si tus oyentes fueran niños de preescolar; y esos no han de ser días normales para ti.

      • Efraín Ríos Montt

        Aligerar encima, Francisco.

        • Jameson Quinn

          Yo LOLé.

        • Otto Perez Molina

          Es que ese pobrecito no sabe que tan difíciles tuvimos las cosas en la lucha contra el comunismo. Tu siempre serás una exageración de ti mismo, pronuncies o no pronuncies las palabras sílaba por sílaba en ese modo tan particular de que se burlan los pobres. E yo siempre te respetaría aunque nunca más dijeras “usted papa, usted mama”.

    • Wingnut America

      Speak English dammit

      • Ian

        Maybe it’s not about you.

  • Mart

    I was on a plane from Buenos Aries to La Rioja when a bunch of old men in make-up climbed on-board. When the plane landed there were several camera crews. The man who picked me up explained that Carlos Menem was the reason for the make-up and media. He was from La Rioja and he was trying to make it back to being president. He said he would never make it as he pardoned an evil dictator who murdered thousands. As we were driving into town a bunch of folks had strewn debris across the highway and were waving pitchforks and the like. I started to freak out, but my driver sped up. Just before we reached the protesters he steered into the flat desert then whipped back onto the highway. Crisis solved. I miss going down there.

  • g

    So is there a greatest hits for Latin American Dictators — maybe weighted on how much US support each got? And I feel bad that I don’t fully know this one, guess my BA in Int’l Affairs didn’t give me everything;)

    • Icarus Wright

      I’d start with Google.

      This link provides a cursory view but extends only to 1996.

    • Bill Murray

      I seem to remember a set of dictator cards

  • jon

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Only sad that he hadn’t made it onto my deathwatch list.

  • They need to bury him in the ocean. Other than that, the prison graveyard.

    • bexley

      They need to bury him in the ocean.

      Dropped from a plane over the sea?

      • Helicopter

        • jon

          Plenty of helicopters. Sharks could be dodgy.

  • Buh bye!

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