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LG&M podcast: Game of Thrones sends SEK and Steven Attewell on a “Walk of Punishment”

[ 27 ] April 17, 2013 |

I apologize for not posting this sooner, but unfortunately my voice deserted me Monday and Tuesday and, as I make clear in the podcast itself, I’m an asshole. We discuss, among other things: set pieces and jump shots; the threat of rape; great moments in horse cinema; hands; musical chairs; and silence. I think that just about does nothing resembling to justice to what we discussed. Also, for the first time ever, some awkwardly included visuals! Enjoy!

Download Kaufman and Attewell discussing “Walk of Punishment” here.

Our discussion of the premiere (S03E01) and a link to download it can be found here.

Our discussion of “Dark Wings, Dark Words” (S03E02) and a link to download it can be found here.

All LG&M podcasts can be found and subscribed to here.


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  1. SEK says:

    Why Youtube doesn’t allow me to choose any but the goofiest screenshots for these is beyond me.

  2. OmerosPeanut says:

    *sigh* Youtube always slows to a crawl worthy of 28.8k baud or worse in the evenings of late. Looks like I’ll have to watch this right after work tomorrow.

    • SEK says:

      So that’s not just me? It took an hour to inform me that the recording had been successfully completed, meaning I spent the majority of an hour worrying that I’d fucked something up and Steven and I would have to do this again, which my poor voice just couldn’t handle.

    • OmerosPeanut says:

      And I doubt we’re alone. I’ve taken to letting it play on silent for a while, hoping that it keeps it all in cache but no luck there, either.

      If anyone knows a solution other than watching outside primetime Net use, I’d love to hear it.

  3. Uncle Ebeneezer says:

    I enjoyed the breakdown of the musical chairs scene. That scene was really well executed. Of course Dinklage has alot to do with that. But everyone in the scene was great. And I loved the way he cast himself as an equal to his dickwad dad by claiming the other head of the table, for all to see.

  4. Dagchester says:

    SEK, you need to lose weight; your face is ridiculously fat.

  5. JazzBumpa says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the framing between Tyrion and Littlefinger in the scene where Tyrion picks up the books. It really exaggerated the differences in their physical stature, making Littlefinger look all powerful and Tyrion almost insignificant.


    • SEK says:

      I love that you’re still framing this as something you think I should’ve noticed, when in fact it’s something you noticed because I’ve done my little bit to make you a more intelligent viewer. Take some credit, my good man! You’ve earned it.

  6. leinad says:

    Book vs Show focused and a little SPOILERY:

    Regarding Robb:

    At this point most of the paddock has already bolted. Robb and Catelyn have made their big blunders without the news of Winterfell driving them to it, the Karstark subplot has been thoroughly meddled with to no great effect, etc etc. I’m just watching those bits for the performances now.

    On the Pod front:

    I’m definitely in for Reverse Tysha – the show needs to demonstrate how deeply the past has left its mark on Tyrion, and this definitely fits with that.

    But also, Pod hangs around quite a bit, mostly gofering, so I can see why they’d be adding character notes here and there for when things do get a bit Tyburn Jig.

  7. Lars says:

    About the Pod/whores scene – I think it and the other very funny scenes were there to lighten the mood to balance out the really dark scenes, with several attempted rapes and a hand cut off.

    As for how to make sense out of the (IMO very funny) scene:

    1. The whores are not self-employed, and would not be allowed to offer a rebate or freebie.
    2. There are only two possible conclusions:
    – A) Tyrion paid them in advance, and told them to not take Pod’s money to build his – confidence – and later acts surprised/interested to further enhance Pod’s confidence.
    – B) Littlefinger offered a freebie, for unknown reasons – perhaps to gain a spy.

    I personally think the Tyrion option makes the most sense – It also matches somewhat with what his brother did for him with Tysha. It also does double-duty as a character test for Pod, to see if he will be honest and return the coins to him.

    • mxyzptlk says:

      I came to the same conclusion in a post I wrote elsewhere:

      A.) Tyrion had previously paid the ladies and instructed them to not accept the money he offered in front of Pod, creating a massive ego boost for a poor soul he feels needs it, or

      B.) Petyr Baelish paid the ladies beforehand (or ordered them not to take Tyrion’s money), as a way to entice Pod/Tyrion back where he can spy on them; Pod might be more trusting with women they feel are with because they want to be and not because they’re paid to be

      Or even C.) Replace Petyr with Varys, who has his little birds everywhere.

      The most attention seems to be on the sex act in this scene, but something tells me the refused exchange of money is more important.

  8. rw970 says:

    I was thinking the Pod scene was an attempt to better frame Bronn and Pod as Tyrion’s surrogate family, and the genuine affection they have for each other. Bronn, in particular, seems to have taken over the Jaime role (protector, fun guy, amoral, good with sword). Podrick seems to be operating as a surrogate Tyrion, he’s someone who doesn’t actually look like much, but is actually quite capable, and with the right nurturing and development could become something big. Tyrion is providing the older brother-surrogate father role to Podrick. All three characters have no real family – Tyrion belongs to a great house that actively despises him; Podrick belongs to a lesser noble house, but for a variety of reasons, has no real family; and Bronn claims to have no family at all.

    I think the directors are trying to show how the characters are growing together as a family, because (minor spoilers) those bonds may be tested or examined pretty soon. So, they’re being depicted here as “bros,” or guys who like to talk about sex, because they’re all guys who like talking about sex.

    As an aside, I think this is also a common storytelling trick to humanize or make more familiar a powerful or heroic character – show him interested – almost to the point of immaturity – in something mundane, even juvenile – to show he’s regular folks, and someone we can more easily sympathize with. George Bush likes to watch baseball outside, Jed Bartlett loves Notre Dame (in addition to more esoteric cultural interests), and Tyrion Lannister loves the whores. Such a scene could never happen with Ned or Tywin.

  9. Bc282 says:

    Really liked this – for some reason the podcast didn’t come through on my iPhone app.

    One thing to pick up that I don’t think was quite right is Dany’s movement in her negotiation – she stays still for a long time, but at the crucial moment moves out of the centre of the circle to stand right in front of the slavers.

    I was really struck by the number of ways – being in the centre of a circle and moving to the edge; getting Jorah to back off with a look; dealing with someone who first looks contemptuous but suddenly turns extremely serious; negotiating through an interpreter about the fate of her children – that the scene mirrored & reversed the end of A Golden Crown from back in Season 1. And of course, both negotiations are going to end up with someone’s face getting immolated…

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