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LGM Tourney Challenge

[ 3 ] March 15, 2013 |

Seems it’s about that time for the LGM Tourney Challenge.

League Name: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Password: zevon

As always, a prize to the victor; unfortunately, Cafe Press has been having some availability issues lately with our most popular (read alcohol related) products.


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  1. JKTHs says:

    Bonus prize for 1/16 upset?

  2. mwbugg says:

    The link appears to be broken. I was unable to pick University of Kentucky as National Champion.

  3. Sean Peters says:

    Ummmm. LGM has put up many, many posts on the immorality of the NCAA’s treatment of college athletes. How do you reconcile that with having a contest based on the results of “March Madness”? I’m not trying to be a smartass (well, mostly), I’m just interested in your thoughts. Is this event really something you want to be associated with?

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