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Kevin Maas, Call Your Agent!


The lineup the Yankees are going to be fielding until late May might have less power than the Mariners.

The Yankees could certainly still win the division, but they can afford this extra couple of game hit less than they used to be able to.

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  • efgoldman

    Looks like my prediction of age catching up with the Evil Empire(tm) has come true.
    Five or six years later, is all.
    :::salutes c u n d gulag:::

    • c u n d gulag

      I’ll race ya to the bottom of the division standings, efgoldman!

      If the Yanks end up last, I’ll buy you a lobster, if the Red Sox end up last, you buy me a pizza, with fresh garlic as a topping.

  • Uncle Ebeneezer

    I will give you time to gasp, yell, throw something, etc. celebrate.

  • Jay B.

    The Sox have probably the best every day lineup in the division. The Jays have the best all-around roster. The Rays clearly have the best rotation. The Orioles have, well, I don’t know. Best young talent? At least the Yanks have Youk and Hafner on the corners and Jeets standing firm at short.


    • efgoldman

      The Sox have probably the best every day lineup in the division.

      Say what?
      If every optimistic unicorn assumption about every hitter comes true, then they’ll have an effective lineup. I’d put them as the third best, and that’s very optimistic. And I’ve been a Red Sox fan since before Yaz came to the majors.

      • Jay B.

        Best everyday lineup. I’m not quite sure what Yaz has to do with anything, unless they can pencil him in an effective LF platoon.

        Whose in the AL East is better? The Jays? Maybe. The Yanks without Texiera and Granderson? The O’s? The Rays? — No. No. No.

        The team finished fifth in baseball in runs scored last year with injuries, a subpar Gonzalez, no Jacoby, no Crawford, half a year from Middlebrooks and then played two months with scrubs.

        Ells, Pedroia, Ortiz, Middlebrooks and Napoli — with bounceback years from Victorino, Drew — and power from Salty, Gomes, decent numbers from Ross (their new backup C)? They have a strong lineup, provided they stay healthy. Ellsbury in a contract year (with Bradley breathing down his neck) alone would make them better. With 80 HR gone from the Yanks lineup at the moment, I’m not sure how this is even a controversial statement.

        • Sherm

          The jays have a better lineup

          • spencer


            • Jay B.

              Ok, other than Reyes, who has a .20 higher lifetime OPS than Drew, who did they add? I’m serious. Encarnacion (sic) had a massively out-of-character career year and Lawrie may have underachieved, but their offense was one-dimensional (HR) and they added a better bat for SS, but not for any other position. They have the best all-around roster, I think, but what makes their lineup demonstrably better than a team who had a better offensive season last year, without having good years from anyone on their team, while that same team upgraded at three or four positions?

              • Sherm

                Melky Cabrera and bonifacio were added as well, and Bautista should be back from his wrist injury. Plus, it’s quite reasonable to anticipate progression from lawrie and Rasmus

              • Sherm

                One other thing, I really hope that you’re not trying to minimize the differences between Jose Reyes and Stephen fucking Drew. Reyes is a 30 war player for his career; Drew an 11 war player. And Drew has played most of his career in a hitters paradise. If Reyes can stay healthy on the cement surface in Toronto, he very well might win another batting crown this year and get 70 or so extra base hits.

        • efgoldman

          Ells, Pedroia, Ortiz, [!} Middlebrooks and Napoli — with bounceback years from Victorino, Drew — and power from Salty, Gomes, decent numbers from Ross (their new backup C)? They have a strong lineup, provided they stay healthy.

          Well let’s see…
          Ortiz is just starting to think about running the bases. And he’s 85 in baseball years.
          The only halfway guarantee that Elllsbury might replicate 2011 is that its his free agent year.
          Napoli downgraded his contract from three years at $30mm+ to one year at $5mm because of his degenerative hip condition.
          Do you know something about Victorino and/or Drew that nobody else knows?
          As I said, if every unicorn assumption comes true, they might be pretty good offensively.
          The only halfway sure thing in the lineup is Pedroia.

          • Jay B.

            Do you know something about Victorino and/or Drew that nobody else knows?

            Drew is an solid offensive SS and Victorino had a very good 2011, both had awful 2012 seasons, but one was recovering from a bad injury and look much better this Spring and Victorino is a bigger gamble, I don’t know why they made it, but if he rebounds and I think odds are better than not he will, he’s an offensive asset. These aren’t really secrets or take a giant leap of faith to believe. If he blows, they’ll hopefully bring up Bradley earlier and he’ll be a huge improvement on Daniel Nava/Ryan Sweeney almost no matter what he does.

            And yes, the Jays may be better, but the Sox can make a plausible claim to be the best too. Again, they were fifth in baseball in runs last year, above the Jays, O’s and Rays, and they played the second half of the season with no one.

  • If you are a little Red Sux or Mutts fans it will be the only celebrating you do all year :)

  • wengler

    They’ll just get an expensive rental. I’m sure if they paid out Morneau’s contract they could get him easily. 14 million is nothing to the Yanks.

    • howard

      Wengler, this is the key point: not any more. Young steinbrenner is not george, he doesn’t want to pay the luxury tax, and while the big money contracts for seniors play out, $14m is a lot for the yanks.

      Normally, i only have to worry about yank pitching but while i expect the pitching to be fine, the team is likely to score 100+ runs fewer this year.

      • Sherm

        Their ace is coming off elbow surgery. Their second best pitcher is 38 years old and coming off a career innings high. Their third best pitcher is 41 and hasn’t thrown 200 innings in a season since 2008, when he posted a 4.54 era. Their fourth best pitcher is experiencing back pain. Their fifth starter (nova) just plain sucks. I would worry about that pitching

        The bullpen is excellent, however.

        • howard

          Sherm, i’m not happy about the age of the staff, but i judge rotations on 2 questions: can they average 6 innings per start with a 4.50 era and can they throw 81 quality starts, and i think the answer is yes, so in conjunction with the pen, i think the pitching will be fine (not stellar, but fine); it will be the lack of scoring that will put a ceiling on their won-loss record this year.

          Could be a lot like ’65.

          • c u n d gulag

            Yeah, howard, I’m getting that ’65 vibe, too.

            Yogi was already retired, and fired as the Manager.

            Mantle, Maris, Tresh, and Ford, kept breaking down.

            And now, Posada’s already retired, and Mariano, Jeter, and Pettite are all coming off of injuries.

            If Cano walks at the end of the year, and the Yankees bring up Horace Clarke’s grandson, we’ll have gone full-circle.

      • wengler

        Hal’s a penny-pinching moron then. The Yanks are in the smartest, richest, most competitive division in baseball. They won’t get by on a core of crippled veterans no matter how short their porches are.

        • howard

          As the old saying went, there’s nothing as limited as a limited partner of george steinbrenner; he wasn’t always smart but he spent the revenues on the field.

          The younger believes in budgets, and i bet he likes proits, too.

        • Joshua

          Nobody is saying that Hal isn’t a moron. I can’t imagine why the Yanks would skimp, and I say this as a Mets fan. There is no reason for them not to blow it out, they make back that luxury tax 10 times over.

          But it is what it is. It might take some time for this to percolate through the Yankees-hating universe, but this isn’t the same organization. Ownership matters a lot and a lot of Yankees fans will see that for the first time in decades.

  • Given that they’ve lost an outfielder and a first basemen right after they let Nick Swisher leave town in the name of profit seeking austerity, I’m just going to assume that this is the first of many plagues the baseball gods will unleash on Trust Fund Hal and that the Yankees will finish fourth in the division (pretty sure not even the baseball gods can help this Red Sox team in this division).

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yeah, letting Swisher walk wasn’t a great move at the time and looks worse now.

      • howard

        When your priority is lowering payroll and no new long-term contracts, keeping swisher turns out not to be an option.

        • mpowell

          Sure, but having those as your priorities over fielding a good baseball team when you’re the yankees is really dumb. Maybe it’s not the GM’s fault, but that doesn’t make it a good move.

          • howard

            Joshua at 10:56 has it right; it may be dumb but it nonetheless is. If (worst case) the team collapses and attendance and tv ratings tank as a result, you might see a reconsideration.

  • Pretty sure Ichiro might as well just retire too…his number would be up next.

  • Mr Magoo

    I’m a Yankees fan. I also root for the house in Vegas.

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