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I couldn’t understand conservative outrage over Google’s “Cesar Chavez” logo


Until I thought about what it looks like in their heads:

I’d be upset too if I expected something Christian like Easter eggs and saw that instead.

UPDATE: Turns out my sarcasm was prescient. Team Malkin for the win! Winners abound!

UPDATE II: And of course, [a] Glenn Reynolds [clone posting at Glenn Reynolds’ site] can’t help but add: “Twitchy.com notes that ‘Google’s Easter insult sparks Twitter backlash, mockery,’ as well it should.” It’s almost as if he doesn’t know that the entire point of Twitchy.com is to manufacture and amplify “grassroots” “Twitter backlash.” (Or like it’s in his best interest to pretend not to be a party to the scam.)

UPDATE III: When I added the words “Glenn Reynolds” to this post, Typepad’s “Related Posts” recommendations changed to:

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I’m not saying nothing about anything. I’m just saying.

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  • TribalistMeathead

    Mine looks like Cesar Romero, because I don’t know what Cesar Chavez looks like.

    • DocAmazing

      Hearts of romaine, juice of a lemon, anchovies, an egg…


      • Njorl

        That recipe was the second one to play all 9 positions in a single game.

    • +1

  • DocAmazing

    I guess I missed the week-long celebration of Passover at Redstate.

    • Mike Schilling

      Did you miss the commenters over at Dreher explaining that Google doesn’t recognize Easter because the Jews who run it hate Christians? I am not making this up.

      • sharculese

        I gawk at Dreher religiously, but I will never ever ever wade into the fever-swap of his comments.

      • Loud Liberal

        You should read the comments at The Christian Science Monitor. You might think that a majority of CSM readers believe that Cesar Chavez was a liberal, left wing, communist, Jew.

  • James E. Powell

    One thing we’ve learned over the years is that the right-wing hordes are not all that bright. Another thing we’ve learned is that they don’t have to be all that bright to be politically successful. See, e.g., the 2010 midterm elections.

    • LosGatosCA

      Low information voters cannot filter out misinformation.

      And most voters like lies that they are partial to, also.

  • Malaclypse

    I’m just disappointed Google didn’t run these.

    • Loud Liberal

      Bahahahaha . . .

  • merl

    As soon as I saw it I started laughing at the wingnut howls of outrage without even reading any of them. I can see it coming a mile away now.

  • merl

    How many of them thought that was the Arch-villain, Hugo Chavez?

    • Malaclypse

      Read the update.

      • merl

        I see, all of them.

  • Erik Loomis

    They all look the same.

    • Mike Schilling

      It’s not that, it’s just that none of them look like Americans.

    • Lego My Eggo

      I’d be hard-pressed to believe that wingnuts perceive any difference between a labor activist and a socialist.

      • LosGatosCA

        They aren’t even interested in trying. Throw in a Kenyan anti-colonial liberal fascist, too.

        • Jomo Kenyetta was a Kenyan and anti-colonialist and there were others from that era as well that fought against colonialism. But, I don’t think the terms “liberal” or “fascist” really apply to most of the African context. I suppose you could argue that the Portuguese regime under Salazar that ruled Angola and Mozambique was fascist. However, I am trying hard to think of any indigenous Africans yet alone Kenyans that were either liberal or fascist.

          • gocart mozart

            Adjust your snark-ometer Otto.

    • Loud Liberal

      I saw Julio Cesar Chavez.

  • cpinva

    it must just be exhausting, being outraged all the time.

    • spencer

      Worse than being a nihilist, I would expect.

    • DocAmazing

      Sí, se puede.

    • efgoldman

      it must just be exhausting, being outraged all the time.

      Its the only kind of emotion they have: hate, envy, outrage or fear. Its like some comedian’s punch line about heartburn: when it stopped, he was afraid the fire went out.

      • Sly

        Don’t forget the ever important “spite.”

        • Mike Schilling

          Our chief weapon is spite…spite and envy…envy and spite…. Our two weapons are spite and envy…and exaggerated outrage …. Our *three* weapons are spite, envy, and exaggerated outrage…and an almost limitless capacity for hate…. Our *four*…no… *Amongst* our weapons…. Amongst our weaponry…are such elements as spite, envy…. I’ll come in again.

        • Malaclypse

          Ressentiment. It all comes down to ressentiment, all the way down.

          • manta

            Ressentiment and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope

    • merl

      One would think so. I find it tiring just to be pissed off at something for an hour let alone all day every day.

  • Frank Cuffman, househusband

    I’m March Mad over this.

  • Decrease Mather

    My first thought was, if Chavez, why not Pernell Whitaker?

    • Stiv

      I just planted some sweet peas this morning.

    • calling all toasters


  • Josh

    In fairness, that wasn’t Reynolds, it was one of his guest bloggers. Not that it makes much difference.

    • SEK

      Not when his voice has been honed down to his style for so many years, no, it makes no difference at all whether it’s him or one of his clones. [Edited the original post to reflect the “change,” such as it is.]

      • calling all toasters

        Reynolds now only exists as a 10kb program file.

        • SEK

          That’s some benefit of the doubt you’re giving “him.”

          • calling all toasters

            What can I say– he puts hilarity back in the singularity.

        • Mike Schilling

          That big? Sloppy coding.

          • Warren Terra

            A lot of separately coded instances of “Heh, indeed”.

          • LosGatosCA

            Notepad is their IDE.

            Also, see Orca, too.

  • delurking
    • BigHank53

      Once again Dreher demonstrates that there isn’t anything that he can’t misinterpret as a culture-wide assault on Christianity. Make sure you read all the updates, including the link to (gag!) Steve Sailer.

      • delurking

        Rod has a big old hard-on for Sailer. They share the same belief that black people are inferior, although Rod pretends that he believes it’s just that they’re *culturally* inferior, whereas with Sailer it’s all genetic.

        Anyway, Rod’s always citing Sailer, and *always* approvingly.

        • BigHank53

          I usually stick to Mr. Edroso’s regular kickings of Dreher; I can’t stand to look at that much curdled potential. That he’s a fan of a self-admitted racist…it’s just depressing.

    • cpinva

      ah, The American Conservative, they put the stu in stupid.

  • SEK

    I somehow missed that this “story” was “broken” by an “investigative reporter” for The Daily Tucker who, it seems, Googled something today. I hate when I miss the more hilarious lead.

    • Warren Terra

      See, the problem with the Daily Tucker is that they just don’t try hard enough. Witness the article you linked: yes, it’s hackish, and yes, it’s dishonest (it doesn’t note that Google has in the past done an Easter doodle), but the Special Sauce, the part where it reaches for the Winger’s darkest fears, is where it cites a meaningless proclamation by Obama (last year) and starts portraying Eric Schmidt as an Obamaphilic Bond Supervillain, out to destroy everything God-Fearing Americans love. This is where the Daily Tucker makes its money, and it’s where they can really set themselves apart – but the writer didn’t mention Schmidt’s visit to North Korea. A visit that, for extra Conspiracy Points, happened about three months before North Korea started going utterly loony (utterly loonier?). Honestly, if the Daily Tucker is going to leave that ball just lying there, it’s hardly worth them playing.

      • Cody

        I have a hard time convincing wingnuts that Google is the devil is going to turn out well.

        Once they can’t Google anything, how will they exist!?!?

        Also, the irony of conservatives upset about a company doing things with it’s own property is great. It’s fine not to hire black people because they’re black – but WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO PROCLAIM EASTER ON YOUR HOME PAGE!!?

  • STH

    Nice wrap-up here.

    • Uncle Ebeneezer

      Did anyone else notice that there’s a Samie McArdle tweet on there? Related?

  • Mike Schilling

    How dumb do you have to be to think it’s Hugo Chavez’s 86th birthday? He died like a month ago!

    • efgoldman

      How dumb do you have to be to think it’s Hugo Chavez’s 86th birthday? be a TeaHadi?

      The question answers itself.

  • Warren Terra

    Honestly, even if the Google Doodle had been a pastel scene of bunnies and colored eggs – which Google has done before, in fact – there would be Wingers complaining that it wasn’t an animated GIF of Jesus (tall white guy, blue eyes) dripping blood from his stigmata.

    • And if it was an animated GIF of Jesus dripping blood from his stigmata, they’d then complain that the GIF of Honkey Jesus wasn’t damning Obama and George Soros to hell…

    • Matt McKeon

      If there was an Easter Bunny and a couple of colored eggs(both well known Christian symbols) it would have been fine. These guys are not theologians.

      • Dayenu.

        • Warren Terra

          Right season, wrong tradition.

          • Sorry, yeah. Conservatives never say “dayenu” because the goalposts are always shifting and compromise is never acceptable.

  • cpinva

    outrage, 24/7/365, the new white meat.

  • Didn’t even show up for me on google today. In Chrome, I do almost all my searching from the URL field though. And most of the time I don’t notice, don’t care.

  • There’s no way thats hugo. hilfiger maybe, but not hugo. but if it really is cesar chavez, someoe better notify meldrick tayor.

  • wengler

    Could be Eric Chavez, right?

  • chris

    Well, after all the time they spent arguing (if you can call it that) that one guy with “Hussein” in his name was somehow equivalent to some other guy with “Hussein” in his name, I guess it’s not that surprising that they would have the same problem with “Chavez”.

    Nobody tell them about John Wayne Gacy, they’ll have to burn all their John Wayne movie collections.

    • Michele Bachmann confused the two of them when she tried to run for President, talking about being in John Wayne’s home town, when in reality she was in Gacy’s.

  • William Berry

    Why are they using Google anyway? I thought there was a search engine made exclusively for yahoos.

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but the reflexive idiocy on display is simply astounding.

  • I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but the reflexive idiocy on display is simply astounding.
    i think so

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