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Foreign Entanglements: Israel and Iran Redux


On this week’s episode of Foreign Entanglements, Matt speaks with Gil Troy about the recent AIPAC conference:

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  • Ronan

    I’m not sure why Gil Troy expected it to be anything but ‘sweet and goofy’..and what the hell is his point when he compares not giving space for the palestinian perspective to ‘if you go to a feminist or gay conference would you expect to hear a misogynistic/homophobic position’..the US FP community is not a meritocracy it seems

    • William Burns

      So for Troy, it’s basically a Star Trek convention that advocates bombing Iran?

      • catclub

        Sweet and goofy to the extent they pretend Israel has zero nuclear weapons, while contending that Iran will start intimidating its neighbors if it gets the means to make a single one.

      • Slocum

        As punishment for the crime of Israel, the next AIPAC convention will have to also be a a furries convention.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Gil Troy insisted in 2008 that Al Franken and Sarah Palin were equivalently (un)qualified for the offices for which they were running, and that progressives’ refusal to say so just showed that BothSidesDoIt and that the only solution to all of our problems is Centrism.

    He then proudly repeated all of this in the spring of 2009 at a big, plenary panel at the annual Organization of American Historians Meeting in Seattle.

    I’ve had a pretty hard time taking him seriously since then.

    • John F

      At the same time, it is extremely disturbing that most polls suggest that Al Franken is about to be elected Senator from Minnesota. Franken is not only unqualified, he has been a destructive force in American politics for years. That Minnesota, a state once known for its calm, constructive, progressive politics, could take this aggressive, mean-spirited, Democratic clown at all seriously shows how far American politics have fallen.

      Except Franken has not been a “destructive” force, he can be overly partisan sure, but if you’ve ever seen or read an interview you’d realize that he’s FAR more intelligent than Palin and a lot fairer [to his adversaries] than Rush or Coulter.

      • brenda

        Bummer. He was one of my professors in university and taught a really interesting class on the history of presidential campaigning. It’s disappointing to hear this kind of BS tone argument out of him. Because the Republican Party wouldn’t be so wantonly, cravenly destructive if Al
        Franken had been nicer to Limbaugh?

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