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Why Don’t You Take this Opportunity to Start a War?


In honor of the impending destruction of the Northeast:

Warning: Engaging in many of the activities depicted in this video will probably result in the loss of fingers, toes, and limbs.

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  • commie atheist

    Subtitles need to be in English. I never could understand what that duck was saying.

  • Jeffrey Beaumont

    I obsessed about this cartoon when i was a kid, and regularly tried to water soaked snow shells.

  • Rob

    Just more anti-battleship propaganda…

    • Jimme Blue

      “A Ship’s a Fool to Fight a Fort”
      Lord Nelson

  • Ni Hao Lao Wai

    Well, that’s what the PLAN gets for trying to start a war over Senkaku.

  • efgoldman

    Anybody hear from Loomis lately?
    Here in northern RI, roughly 18″ on the ground, windy as hell (although its worse to the South, where Erik is), and obviously still got power.
    National Grid reported at 11:15, 300k people with no power in RI and Eastern MA.
    Every once in a while there’s a blip. I expect one of those blips to be an outage. Power company says they can’t even begin work until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, because they won’t operate the bucket trucks in these windy conditions.

  • Hanspeter

    6 am in CT and it’s still snowing/windy with 2 feet on the ground already.

  • Rarely Posts

    This clip may be the best cartoon-violence porn ever produced (other than Itchy and Scratchy). I always loved it for the creativity of the violence and ice-consequences, but I now realize that it also appealed to my sense of moral justice as well. Uncle Donald is the unjustified aggressor, and he only gets his just deserts. The constant escalation is a consequence of his continuing assaults on the nephews, and their creative responses. They also win with their brains (clever weapons) over his brawn. I always found this clip emotionally satisfying in a way that the Tom-and-Jerry, Wiley Coyote, clips weren’t (what’s wrong with a natural carnivore wanting to eat?).

    • Hogan

      It’s a standard feature in Warner Brothers cartoons: you end up feeling sorry for the predator instead of the prey.

      • The Dark Avenger

        Or equally sorry for the pursuer and the pursued, as with Pepé Le Pew.

  • Bill Murray

    I hate it when I get blue bill

    I got the clap and the blue bill too
    the clap don’t hurt but the blue bill do

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