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VRA arguments; the end of the affair


I have a piece in Salon about the Voting Rights Act case the supremes heard today.

Also, I’m closing down my other place. I’ll still report and comment on the law school mess here from time to time.

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  • Speak Truth

    It wasn’t that Congress thought that they needed legislation to correct a wrong. The real problem, stated or not, is the VRA treated the states differently.

    • The states themselves are different. Of course they’re treated differently.

      Shall I start complaining that it’s unfair for New Mexico to get more Bureau of Indian Affairs money than Massachusetts?

      • rea

        Not to mention, what in the 15th Amendment says Congress, in execising its expressly granted power to prevent discrimination in voting rights, can’t treat states differently?

        • efgoldman

          I think Nino’s view is that the 15th amendment is null and void. As is any other amendment he doesn’t care for.

    • Cody

      I’m not sure why seceding from the US in order to keep slaves would get a State special treatment.

      It’s not like they did anything wrong.

  • Aidan

    That’s quite the comment section.

  • I gotta tell you, Paul, I’ve never seen one person succeed at putting an issue into the public conversation the way you have with your writing about law schools.

    • Agreed, but as with NIH grants, medical schools and PhDs, the real problem is that there are too many faculty as well there are too many medical school faculty.

  • brianleitersrottingteeth

    Not to take anything away from Paul, but the situation with law schools was crying out for somebody like him. He grabbed the opportunity, but I think any law professor could have. Any law professor who began to write about the law school scam could expect hundreds of admiring comments for each blog post, and could expect to command an army to bust down the doors at any other blog with a comment section to attack whatever defense of the status quo was being offered. The situation had just become that bad. That’s why I think the law professors who envy the publicity Paul made for himself are so pathetic. It could have been theirs.

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