Unresponsive Script


Have received word from several people that we’re getting an unresponsive script warning in FF.  We’re working on it.

The Management

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  1. Erik Loomis:

    We have management?

  2. zombie rotten mcdonald:

    thought it was just me. FWIW, I thought it might be related to the most recent update of FF, it showed up right after I updated.

  3. rea:

    You need to strike, then.

  4. The Dark Avenger:

    I just updated my SeaMonkey browser, and it shows up in it as well.

  5. MobiusKlein:

    http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js:5 , but you already knew that.

  6. BlueLoom:

    1:15 EST, still getting error msg. Using most recent FF update.

  7. Steve LaBonne:

    NoScript is your friend.

  8. Dr.KennethNoisewater:


  9. zombie rotten mcdonald:

    what, are you going to throw yourself into the boiling water?

  10. Manju:

    an unresponsive script warning in FF

    There’s a viagra joke lurking in there somewhere

  11. Barry:

    What’s worse is that Firefox keeps getting hung up, despite having an option to terminate the script in the future without asking.

  12. Michael H Schneider:

    That’s not an unresponsive script.

    That’s a stalwart and principled insistence on abiding by traditional American conservative political and cultural values.

    Also: We can haz management?

  13. Vance Maverick:

    I’ve been using Chrome for work and FF for personal stuff — since this problem, I’m using Chrome for both, with separate user profiles. (I had tried the feature before, and hit some bugs, but now it’s working perfectly.)

  14. Substance McGravitas:

    Those who don’t use Twitter can just put the whole Twitter domain into their adblocker.


  15. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    Talk about a rabbit, stewing!

  16. Steve LaBonne:

    IMHO Firefox with NoScript > Chrome > Firefox without NoScript. Nothing can beat not letting ANY scripts run unless you say they can. Adblock Plus and NoScript are the two things that make FF still worth using.

  17. Linkmeister:

    Looks like it might be the widget that allows readers to Tweet the post. You could remove that and see if the script errors continue.

  18. Robert Farley:

    One of the twitter buttons removed; script still there?

  19. partisan:

    Yes, I noticed the problem. Good to know that I wasn’t being punished for disagreeing with the blog on the constitutionality of same sex marriage.

  20. Manju:

    Its worse than that. You are Management.

  21. Linkmeister:

    Yeah, I still got the error, but the link to Twitter.com/share is still there at the bottom of the post, too.

  22. BlueLoom:

    Script still there at 5:43 EST.

  23. Book:

    It’s a write-to-work blog, alas.

  24. hylen:

    NoScript is your friend.

    Yup. Word to the wise.

  25. hylen:

    Good summary.

  26. STH:

    The script errors will continue until morale improves.

  27. Vance Maverick:

    I like it. Quicker response even than Chrome. (Perhaps there’s an equivalent there? Whatever.)

  28. Timb:

    No problems with he Ipad

  29. Woodrowfan:

    thanks for the suggestion. I’ve notice more and more websites hang FF. I added No Script. let’s see if that helps.

    I just don’t want to use Chrome, as I don;t trust Google not to record every single thing.

  30. Bill Murray:

    this deserves several harrumphs

  31. grackle:

    script still there @12:56 PM 02/23 EST

  32. The Dark Avenger:

    NoScript works in SeaMonkey, and I would think works in MF.

  33. bloviator:

    Still doing it, not worth dealing with. Will check back in a week.

  34. Hanspeter:

    Seems fixored?

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