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Unresponsive Script



Have received word from several people that we’re getting an unresponsive script warning in FF.  We’re working on it.

The Management

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  • We have management?

    • rea

      You need to strike, then.

      • Book

        It’s a write-to-work blog, alas.

    • Manju

      Its worse than that. You are Management.

  • thought it was just me. FWIW, I thought it might be related to the most recent update of FF, it showed up right after I updated.

  • I just updated my SeaMonkey browser, and it shows up in it as well.

  • MobiusKlein

    http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js:5 , but you already knew that.

  • BlueLoom

    1:15 EST, still getting error msg. Using most recent FF update.

  • Steve LaBonne

    NoScript is your friend.

    • Those who don’t use Twitter can just put the whole Twitter domain into their adblocker.


    • hylen

      NoScript is your friend.

      Yup. Word to the wise.


  • Manju

    an unresponsive script warning in FF

    There’s a viagra joke lurking in there somewhere

  • Barry

    What’s worse is that Firefox keeps getting hung up, despite having an option to terminate the script in the future without asking.

    • Vance Maverick

      I’ve been using Chrome for work and FF for personal stuff — since this problem, I’m using Chrome for both, with separate user profiles. (I had tried the feature before, and hit some bugs, but now it’s working perfectly.)

      • Steve LaBonne

        IMHO Firefox with NoScript > Chrome > Firefox without NoScript. Nothing can beat not letting ANY scripts run unless you say they can. Adblock Plus and NoScript are the two things that make FF still worth using.

        • hylen

          Good summary.

        • Vance Maverick

          I like it. Quicker response even than Chrome. (Perhaps there’s an equivalent there? Whatever.)

        • Woodrowfan

          thanks for the suggestion. I’ve notice more and more websites hang FF. I added No Script. let’s see if that helps.

          I just don’t want to use Chrome, as I don;t trust Google not to record every single thing.

  • Michael H Schneider

    That’s not an unresponsive script.

    That’s a stalwart and principled insistence on abiding by traditional American conservative political and cultural values.

    Also: We can haz management?

    • Bill Murray

      this deserves several harrumphs

  • Looks like it might be the widget that allows readers to Tweet the post. You could remove that and see if the script errors continue.

    • STH

      The script errors will continue until morale improves.

  • Robert Farley

    One of the twitter buttons removed; script still there?

    • BlueLoom

      Script still there at 5:43 EST.

  • partisan

    Yes, I noticed the problem. Good to know that I wasn’t being punished for disagreeing with the blog on the constitutionality of same sex marriage.

  • Yeah, I still got the error, but the link to Twitter.com/share is still there at the bottom of the post, too.

  • Timb

    No problems with he Ipad

  • grackle

    script still there @12:56 PM 02/23 EST

  • bloviator

    Still doing it, not worth dealing with. Will check back in a week.

  • Hanspeter

    Seems fixored?

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