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Today’s Medicaid Expansion News


With respect to the question of how badly the Supreme Court damaged the Medicaid expansion in the PPACA, a couple of items pointing in the opposite direction:

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  • Steve LaBonne

    As an Ohioan, I’m “encouraged” to see that there actually are even bigger assholes than Kasich, impossible as that often seems to us here.

    • NonyNony

      As a fellow Ohioan I know what you mean be “encouraged”. In the sense of “could be worse, could be like Florida”.

      OTOH – it’s just depressing to think things like “could be worse – at least our governor isn’t Lex Luthor”. It just shows how that sliding window of expectations benefits Republicans in the long run, I guess.

      • FLRealist

        Please – our governor isn’t Lex Luthor. He’s actually Lord Voldemort.

        • NonyNony

          You only say that because he has yet to pull out the green and purple battle armor to take care of Superman once and for all.

  • Linnaeus

    I’ve heard (though this may have changed in recent days) that Michigan is “still undecided” regarding Medicaid expansion. If this is still the case, here’s my guess as to why: Snyder is inclined to take the money, but he’s getting pushback from the Republican wingnuts in the legislature.

    • DrDick

      So is Montana, and our governor is nominally a Democrat, though he is starting to make Max Baucus and Schweitzer look leftwing.

      • JKTHs

        Wow, that’s even more a DINO move than anything Joe Manchin’s ever done.

  • Brandon

    Can states opt-in later? And once they’ve opted in, they’re in for good?

    • NonyNony

      I dunno. The stories about Kasich taking the money says that he’s insisting that it’s conditional – if the Federales don’t pony up the promised money, the state will roll back the expansion.

      None of the stories that I’ve read has said anything about whether that would actually be legal or not.

      • JKTHs

        They most definitely can opt out.

        • Stan Gable

          Seems like a “legally, yes but practically, no” kind of a thing. Opting out down the road would create an immediate (massive) deficit. That’s probably not something any sane governor would sign up for, even if they hate Medicaid with a white hot passion.

          • JKTHs

            If they opted out I assume they would just go back to the old Medicaid program so it’s not really a budgetary issue. It would be politically near-impossible to do though once you opt in

            • NonyNony

              I was wondering if it was actually legal for them to do that, or if once they took the expansion they were stuck with the conditions to keep the Medicaid funding that they were getting pre-expansion. As in once they take the money it all becomes “Medicaid” and the Feds can cut off the entire thing if the state doesn’t comply with all of the regs.

              IIRC, the Medicaid expansion was originally passed as a rule change to Medicaid for ALL of the funding that states would get, so the only decision states had was to give up ALL Medicaid funding or take the expansion. The SC said no, the states get to decide individually if they want to change the rules now to get that extra money. I wasn’t aware that there was a “backsies” clause at all that said that the state could take the rule change now then reject it later and the Feds would have to go along with whatever yo-yoing the state officials decided to do from year to year when allocating Medicaid dollars.

  • I haven’t looked closely at this, but why is this a decision made by Governors? In most states, budgetary issues are decided by legislatures: isn’t this a budgetary issue?

    • DrDick

      Not sure why, but it does seem to rest with the governors.

  • wengler

    It’s my understanding that the federal supplemental assistance that hospitals get will end with the Medicaid expansion, so aren’t these governors just telling their hospitals to go fuck themselves?

    • JKTHs

      Yep. The funding for uncompensated care in hospitals was reduced on the assumption that there would be less of it. Not taking the Medicaid expansion really fucks them over cause they get the reduced funding without a lot of the expanded coverage.

      • Steve LaBonne

        Maybe now those assholes will learn not to make campaign contributions to Republicans.

        • ChrisTS

          On the contrary! They know that their highly principled Governors were forced into this situation by the Kenyan mugger.

  • Hopefully the Dems in PA will pull themselves together and nominate someone who can make an affirmative case that she or he would be a better governor and that can provide some sort of critique of Corbett. You’d think that would happen as a matter of course, but sadly, it’s not the case.

    • ChrisTS

      God, please. I cannot bear another round of Corbett.

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