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The Third Lawyers, Guns & Money podcast: Lemieux and Campos on Dworkin


I apologize for the delay between Lemieux’s post and my uploading of the podcast, but being that we’re responsible folk, we actually went out and purchased the software I’m using to edit these podcasts … and once registered all the settings changed such that Other Scott sounded like Mickey Mouse on the tail-end of a righteous bender. Despite Loomis’s insistence that I upload podcast anyway, I decided to hold off until my co-bloggers sounded like humans who’d sobered up. Enjoy!

The Third LG&M podcast: Lemieux and Campos on Dworkin

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  • Eggomaniac

    I might actually pay money to hear Lemieux sounding like Mickey Mouse on the tail end of a bender.

    • JKTHs

      I second that sentiment

    • SEK

      It just seemed a little disrespectful, given the subject. But if enough people ask…

      • OmerosPeanut

        At the least, cut up the best bits as a blooper reel.

        • SEK

          As chief editor of these things, I’m not about to make my blackmail reel public. That sorts of defeats the purpose, you know?

  • Leeds man

    It’s not the same without frequent appearances of a martini glass.

    • SEK

      I’ve got another slated for this week, and Rob and I will be doing two more in the next month, so have no fears, there will be drinking. Although, on my end, not martinis. Not that there’s anything wrong with them…

  • ChrisTS

    Soooo, ok, being a pedant… but I find the failure to use the second comma in a three part series confusing.

    Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

    Trash away. :-)

    • We finally have an answer to the immortal question.

      ChrisTS does.

      There you go.

    • Malaclypse
      • On the other hand:

        I saw Rupert Murdoch, a responsible newsman, and a rabbi go into an elevator.

        The final comma causes my sentence to look like I’m talking about two people, instead of three – and that’s not even the biggest problem it causes.

    • SEK

      Soooo, ok, being a pedant…

      I will out pedant you. Ahem:

      There is one notable exception, though, that often trips writers up. The serial comma should not be used when you use an ampersand (&). Ampersands usually should not be used in the text of a book but are often used in titles, ads, and other supporting materials. If you are called upon to use an ampersand, remember that a serial comma isn’t needed.

      • Malaclypse

        It would be pedantic to point out that in the podcast title you wrote out “and” rather than using an ampersand.

        • SEK

          Damn it. Well, that’s only because that font doesn’t come with an ampersand, and I haven’t found one that matches yet.

          • Vance Maverick

            I hear it’s impossible to spell “gullible” in that font too.

            • SEK

              Actually, I’m not kidding. The version of Windsor Light Condensed I procured doesn’t have an ampersand included in it, and I’m not about to pay $35 just for an ampersand … so I’m been hunting for one that can pass. Suggestions are, as always, welcome.

              • Hogan

                A $35 ampersand? I am so there. FB me the instructions and I’ll get it to you.

                • SEK

                  It can be found here, but now that I’ve looked at the ampersand that comes with it, I’m not even sure I’d want it. Damn it, I’m going to have to go on the world’s first ever “Appropriate Ampersand Hunt,” aren’t I?

                • Wow, you aren’t kidding. That thing looks like it’s throwing off a cape. It’s like having your blog introduced by a magician.

                  Lawyers, Guns AAAAAANNNNNDDDD!!!!…Money!

                • SEK

                  It really is that terrible. (Though your description almost makes its awfulness worth it.)

                  I sort of wish I’d claimed it was an aesthetic decision from the get-go, because I’d have been utterly justified.

                • It really is.

                  Jazz hands! Jazz hands!

  • Walter Mitty

    Good luck with that!!

  • No visuals and no intro music?


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