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The Third Lawyers, Guns & Money podcast: Lemieux and Campos on Dworkin

[ 24 ] February 25, 2013 |

I apologize for the delay between Lemieux’s post and my uploading of the podcast, but being that we’re responsible folk, we actually went out and purchased the software I’m using to edit these podcasts … and once registered all the settings changed such that Other Scott sounded like Mickey Mouse on the tail-end of a righteous bender. Despite Loomis’s insistence that I upload podcast anyway, I decided to hold off until my co-bloggers sounded like humans who’d sobered up. Enjoy!

The Third LG&M podcast: Lemieux and Campos on Dworkin


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  1. Eggomaniac says:

    I might actually pay money to hear Lemieux sounding like Mickey Mouse on the tail end of a bender.

  2. Leeds man says:

    It’s not the same without frequent appearances of a martini glass.

    • SEK says:

      I’ve got another slated for this week, and Rob and I will be doing two more in the next month, so have no fears, there will be drinking. Although, on my end, not martinis. Not that there’s anything wrong with them…

  3. ChrisTS says:

    Soooo, ok, being a pedant… but I find the failure to use the second comma in a three part series confusing.

    Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

    Trash away. :-)

  4. Walter Mitty says:

    Good luck with that!!

  5. Erik Loomis says:

    No visuals and no intro music?


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