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I hate when that happens


Gerald Henderson

I’m a casual fan of the NBA, while my wife is a fairly hardcore Nuggets supporter. (Oddly she developed her initial affection for the team about seven years ago when she was working in the Denver DA’s office, within the confines of which the then-roster was known collectively as the Thuggets). So we watch most of their games on TV.

Last night the broadcast cuts into the game with highlights from Philly v. Charlotte, which among other things feature Gerald Henderson hitting a jump shot.

Me: Gerald Henderson is still in the league? He must be close to 40!

Spouse: Who’s Gerald Henderson?

Me: You know, the guy who used to be on the Celtics.

A quick check of the internets reveals that Gerald Henderson, formerly of the Boston Celtics, played his last NBA game 21 years ago. The guy hitting the jump shot is his son.

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  • Bill Murray

    That’s gotta make you feel old

  • Michael H Schneider

    “The guy hitting the jump shot is his son.”

    I had the same reaction when a pair of evangelicals came to my door. It turns out that they were talking about the SON of YHWH. Hooda thunk?

    • commie atheist

      It’s almost as if YHWH washed his hands of the whole mess and said, “fuck it, those people are never gonna get their shit together. Junior, why don’t you go down and give it one last shot? You’ll have to endure a little torture and temporary death, but afterwards you’ll be right back up here, munching on grapes.”

      • efgoldman

        “Grapes? Grapes?
        All that power and you want me to eat grapes?
        How about some nice Swiss chocolates? Or a great filet, maybe wrapped in bacon? Broiled stuffed lobster, lazy man style so I don’t have to screw around dismantling it? Yeah I know, its not kosher.
        Hell, there was a US President, refused in public to eat broccoli. Didn’t see any lightning strike him.
        Grapes. Sheesh,”

    • It turns out that they were talking about the SON of YHWH.

      Same thing.

  • scythia

    Whatever you do, you’re going to want to avoid watching the University of Michigan play ball for the rest of the year….

    • Richard

      Just looked. Wow. Two sons of NBA All-Stars

      • Popeye

        Yeah, and it’s too bad that Jordan Dumars had knee problems and had his career end in 2011. Jon Horford’s dad also played in the NBA.

  • efgoldman

    That’s when I knew that I was really getting old: When not one player in the major leagues was older than I, not even the knuckleballers.
    There was an interview in the paper this morning with Grant Hill, aorund the fact that he’s one of the old men of the NBA (40).
    His father is Calvin Hill, Cowboys running back in the glory days. I saw him play. Calvin’s two years younger than I am.
    I could go on and on, but I have to take a nap and then yell at the kids on my snow-covered lawn.

    • Richard

      Grant is the second oldest player in the NBA (and today he had a great second half for the Clippers shutting down Melo when it counted)

    • Sam240

      You’re not that old. Hiroshi Hoketsu competed in the Olympics last year, and he’s a couple of years older than you are. He finished 40th in his individual event. By coincidence, he also finished 40th when he made his Olympic debut . . . back in 1964.

      • efgoldman

        Just because someone else is as old or older that I, doesn’t mean I’m not.
        There are lots of us running around loose. Sometimes we even travel in packs. Sometimes we use these computer thingies. Sometimes we yell at clouds and pretend to be Grandpa Walnuts.

        • Uncle Ebeneezer

          Nobody likes getting old…but it sure beats the alternative.

  • Loud Liberal

    Time flies . . . whether you’re having fun or not.

  • JKTHs

    I’ll say that the junior Gerald Henderson hitting a jump shot is pretty rare.

    • Indeed. As a Duke fan I can attest to this. Meanwhile, Seth Curry, currently of Duke shooting guard fame, will probably not go nearly as high in the draft as Henderson did. And that’s despite the fact that Curry is currently right along side JJ Redick and Shane Battier in the top 5 3pt % in Duke history. Olympic high jumpers need to send their resume to dumb NBA teams like Charlotte. They’ll become millionaires over night.

  • patrick II

    Sadly, the same thing happened to me. I wondered how Gerald could still be playing after all of this time. That hurts.
    Even worse, I saw the grandson of a player (I forget who exactly) I once watched playing in the majors.

  • CaptBackslap

    Also, Michael Jordan turns 50 this week.

    • Mark D’ski

      stop cursing! this from an old Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

  • catbutler

    Been there a couple of times.
    I’ve either got to walk away from sports altogether or start following a bit more closely.

  • A Different John

    I wish I hadn’t read this, and I really wish I hadn’t read the thread.

  • Mike Schilling

    I did the same thing with L Brent Bozell. “That douchebag is stil around? He must be 90!”

  • rea

    I can remember seeing Omar Vizquel playing in the 80’s and then there was some kid with the same name–his grandson?–playing for the Jays last year . . .

  • quercus

    Speaking of the Celtics (or was that the Hawks?), you should probably avoid watching Hornets games. Unless they’re playing Boston, in which case the Rivers-related confusion will either be cleared up or made much worse..

  • JustRuss

    I watched a bit of the Washington game last night, I thought I’d wondered into some weird alternate reality time warp, because they kept talking about Shawn Kemp. Eventually they put up a head shot, of Shawn Kemp Jr. I saw his dad play fairly recently–which could mean 10 years ago. So, um, yeah.

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